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MyEnglishClub one of the most successful Ning networks

To all MyEnglishClub members:

Congratulations! You have helped make MyEnglishClub one of the most successful social networks running on the Ning platform. (2,000,000+ networks have been built on Ning to date.)

As you may know, runs on the Ning platform (unlike, and which run on our own servers). That means that runs on Ning servers, using Ning software and design.

As a result, we have limited control over the features we can add to MyEnglishClub, though in my opinion Ning do a great job and are one of the best social media platforms to use, perhaps even the best.

We recently received an email from Ning, which I paraphrase below:


We couldn't help noticing that is one of the most successful networks on the Ning platform.

If you have time and are willing of course, could you please share some tips or secrets about network running that could help newcomers to build successful networks as well and handle them afterwards?

Our priority is to add new features to the platform. Is there anything we can improve for you on our end?

Best regards
Ning Team


Although I shall be responding to this email in due course, I asked Ning's permission to share it with MyEnglishClub members, and to ask MyEnglishClub members to comment, specifically with your ideas on:

  1. what makes MyEnglishClub successful
  2. what new features you would like to see added

Please share your comments below and I will pass them on to Ning.

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Comment by Josef Essberger on Monday

Thank you Onee: I will take your questions up with Ning :)

Comment by Onee-chan on Sunday

Dear Sir Josef,

First of all, thank you so much for the display of Latest Activity. :))

For the feature of moderating blog. NO. It's no about who can comments.

The feature...

When someone adds a comment on my blog..
*Publish it immediately
*Wait for my approval

This comment moderation is only in profile/settings, which mean for all blogs. When a member write two blogs at the same time, those two will be moderated in 'wait for approval' or 'publish immediately'.

For A counter of number of comments on posts on member's profile.

I mean all comments of a member during his/her stay here. I'm not sure to differ comments on photos, videos, discussions and blogs, it's up to your discretion. This comments counter will make people know that a member was really active in MyEC, though s/he didn't post so many blogs or discussions or photos or videos.

I'm sorry for my poor language in giving suggestions. Thank you so much for your consideration. :)

Comment by Josef Essberger on Sunday

Thanks to Everyone for your feedback. There were lots of comments and they are all appreciated. I will condense them into a note for Ning containing:

  1. Perceived Reasons for Success
  2. Requests for Further Features

Thank you all again!



@Anah Sid >I would suggest there should be a feature of notifications, so that we would be able to notified of the things we do here.

In your Settings, under Email, you can adjust all notifications. Does that resolve the matter?


@Onee >The feature of moderating blog comments for EACH blog, not for all blogs. This is needed for quizzes, games, or puzzles.

Comments can be turned on or off post by post, regardless of your default settings. When you create or edit a post you can choose to allow comments for All, Friends or Me Only. Is that what you meant?

@Onee >A counter of number of comments on posts on members' profile

When I look at your profile I see a list of blog posts each with the number of comments. I'm confused :/

Comment by Expector Smith on Saturday


I'm glad you all have responded to the questions. You bet Josef will contact the Ning for improvement - your advice or suggestions will help make MyEC perfect or flawless, not just successful!

It is all of you who have helped make MyEnglishClub successful! Keep it up!

Comment by Onee-chan on Friday

Mary, I agree with you. I like to see the previous Latest Activity where we can see a few details of people's comments. 

Comment by MARY on Friday

Btw, congrats for the site. I like MyEC being a small/modest place and I don't mind if it doesn't 'grow' that much... Because I wouldn't like to see MyEC becoming another Italki (I left that site right after they changed everything for 'growing', and thanks to that is how I found (and stayed) in MyEC) 

Comment by MARY on Friday

Hey there,

I've noticed something have changed in the feature of the 'Lastest Activity' in MyEC's home page and I don't know if it's due to this thing about improving the site. The thing is that now we can't see details of the last ppl's comments so 'likes' and 'comments' are all 'mixed up'... I don't like that 'cause now I can't know whether I wanna bother myself checking someone's comment or not, and is not so easy/fast to spot the comments from the 'likes'.  I know this is not really a very important thing and probably nobody cares about it, but I liked how was the 'Lastest Activity' before (you know the saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it") 

Comment by Seeker on June 19, 2017 at 4:35

Congratulations! )

Comment by Anah Sid © on June 15, 2017 at 19:02

Congrats to you too dear founder of EC :)

This site is indeed very useful not only for beginners but for experts as well.

1. The reason is the friendly and healthy atmosphere and the helping material for not only learners and the teachers as well. 

I myself can admit that I learnt so many things from here. From blogs, discussion to the chat section everything compels a person to learn something. I am glad I'm user of this platform. 

2. I would suggest there should be a feature of notifications, so that we would be able to notified of the things we do here. 


I would end up thanking everyone including TARA she helped me a lot in learning English. 

Comment by Shekhar on June 15, 2017 at 17:20


Yes, A team was provided but present I couldn't see them. But I saw Robbie and Onee chan who are welcoming and giving useful links. It will be very helpful if is done by bots. I don't know about teachers and moderators until I read blogs and you mentioned in one of the blogs. 

Any dictionary is fine but happy to see MyEC own unique dictionary or translator. For it is leading a major role to learn English. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion "chrome extension". 

Thank you.

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