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I know that most of you are here to learn English, the thing we have in common. And English Club is growing so fast thanks to many efforts made by all of us. You Will agree with me that we are making EC alive by our presence and activity.

For that I would start by thanking all those who are sharing their time to make it possible.

I will try to sum up some rules or let's say a piece of advice, I hope you can do with that in order to be a good MyEc member.

 1) Plagiarism:

Since you are an ec member and wants strongly to remain, it is a promise you will give to your fellows to never copy any work or writing from other sites and pretend it is yours.

You may find things intersting to share with all of us. We are all glad to be informed of news but dear member, just do refer to it as belonging to its author, poet, writer and if you do not know just mention unknown. But the best way is to rewrite it in your own words it would be a great challenge for you.

Here is the link to Tara's blog it will make it more clear.



My English club is an international website where you can communicate and share views and ideas of different subjects: science, politics, religion, human believes, poetry, literature and so on.

You may come across with strangers who are here for another purpose and will ask you to give them information about you in real life, address, email, phone number and so on.

Never trust them they are here for a hidden purpose. Please read Nadira's blog you can understand much better.

3)Being disturbed:

English Club is an open site where you can learn and have friends. It has a chatroom where you can exchange talks and be in real life situation, also to keep in touch with your close friends. Sometimes people are talking in main about private subjects which anyone who comes reading will feel embarassed. Some are using their own mother tongue in public which is not allowed. This is an English site to improve English. Some use insults too, ignoring the persons who may be reading that while enjoying the chat with their family and kids.

I wish they go in private chat and speak freely to make it easier for others.

If someone disturbes you or makes indecent comment to you just report him/her by following this link.

4)Facing some problems:

If you face a technical problem in signing in or out. Some troubles on your page. Wanting to add music, photos or videos. You can find sollutions by clicking this link.

5)Missing a friend.

Some friends decide to leave EC or just have some rest, and I wish they can keep their pages saved and nothing will be deleted when they decide to go, as a memory of them being a golden member of MyEc, someday.

But it happens they leave and you are so sad and wants to show your friendship love and missing to them.

English Club provides you with a place where a word can be left espeacially for whom you miss.

The wallwisher

6)Commenting blogs:

I have to start by myself who admit it is a neglect from me too.That I should leave comments more often on blogs and especially for those which are left with no comment.

Members do their best to write blogs and share them with us but they receive any note about that even no critic.

So I guess they may feel demotivated after that.

Let's promise to leave comments on blogs which are showing comment yet, to make people feel more welcomed in here.


I hope I helped a little the newbies to be at ease in MyEc and feel free to add any suggestion which you may find useful for the sake of our beloved EC.

Your loving Ec friend Nebia.

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Comment by Nebia on March 13, 2011 at 17:31
Thnk you my dear friends Natasha and Alexandra.
Comment by Alexandra on March 13, 2011 at 7:57
So many useful information! Yes, MyEC is growing so fast, that sometimes I feel puzzled about what blog to chose and as I have not much time, I usually run away without saying "hello" to the friends. Silly of me:)))
Comment by Natasha on March 11, 2011 at 8:34
It's very helpful, thank you! :)
Comment by Nebia on March 3, 2011 at 13:40

Thank you for all your comments my dear friends. I hope I helped some persons by gathering works who were existing before that my blog was published. I tried to make it easier for the new members. A way for me to be a bit effective and useful.

Thank you my friends for correcting my typing mistakes there were many oh!!

You saw only grewing!!

I corrected some but may be you can find more. I am happy to be taught things I didn't know.

Like Advices!!

I didn't know that it was uncountable noun, thank you Tara.


Comment by Dreamer Ḿǻ₦ on March 2, 2011 at 20:34
thnks Tara for your Advice :)
Comment by Tara Benwell on March 2, 2011 at 18:26

Excellent, Nebia! You have worked so hard on this and have done such a nice job here. I'm sure members of the welcoming committee will send newcomers your way. This link will be long lasting! 


Note: Advice is not countable (not "advices"). Suggestions is countable. And for Dreamer (comment below), be careful of your use of advise (verb) and advice (noun). These are all very common errors. :) 

Also, check the spelling of the progressive form of "grow" in your intro. 

Comment by Dreamer Ḿǻ₦ on March 2, 2011 at 16:33
my Dear sister you should be a moderator in EC , I worry why you are not !!I will ask Tara to give you certificate with Nadira and Nadyah becuz you deserve it as we all love you in EC and listen to your precious advise , I was so sad when you left last time and asked Atika about you , I am happy to see you back now with a great spirit and motivation to make EC better and people feel comfortable here , thnk you so much sister :)
Comment by rose on March 2, 2011 at 7:09

Thank you dear nebia for these good advices.great blog too.


Comment by Irina on March 1, 2011 at 20:51

Hello Nebia! Thank you for  your instructive blog. This information is very valuable and intelligible for us. We will interact each other. 

        Thanks for sharing bright advices.

Comment by Lynne on March 1, 2011 at 18:13
You are welcome Nebia. I just do hope your being a front to this old problem will be helpful to all not only to those who have a strong stomach. ^_^ Honestly, I will be happy if ever everybody observe this rule then I will come to see the members using their own photos as avatars. :)))))) no more hiding...^_^ ... I understand that pictures in the internet are also works of other people. But still you will see that a lot of people still use other person's photo they could see in the internet. To tell you the truth some of my pictures were labeled as owned by another person but, since the photo is really mine I have proof that it is really mine. I really cannot understand this rule of plagiarism. if there are people who follow, there are also people who will not follow. I think if they don't want there works to be copied they should not post any of their works here. If you copied I think it's proper to identify the author, (that's a form of promotion, for the author) but, do people follow?
Good luck to all your good endeavor Nebia. I am on your side.

a friend,

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