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Mind Map - Active Voice

1. V/Vs
2. Vp
3. Will+V

4. Am/Is/Are + Ving
5. Was/Were + Ving
6. Will be + Ving

7. Has/Have + Vpp
8. Had + Vpp
9. Will have + Vpp

10. Has/Have been + Ving
11. Had been + Ving
12. Will have been + Ving

Only above parts you should keep in your mind if you always forget 12 Active voice sentences, this is representing whole 12 pattern of Active voice in the English language.
This is how you make a sentence using this map

Subject + Mind Map + Object + Rest

Ex: -
Using 1st pattern
We go there everyday/ she goes there everyday
Using 4th pattern
I am going there everyday

Here, you are given following tense for the above patterns in the map.

1. Simple present Tense
2. Simple past Tense
3. Simple future Tense

4. Present Continuous Tense
5. Past Continuous Tense
6. Future Continuous Tense

7. Present perfect Tense
8. Past perfect Tense
9. Future perfect Tense

10. Present perfect Continuous Tense
11. Past perfect Continuous Tense
12. Future perfect Continuous Tense

Mind map for passive voice will appear within a few days

Enjoy your self......

(V- verb, Vs- singular Verb, Vp- verb in past, Ving- verb+ing, Vpp- verb in past participle )

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Comment by Nadira on January 2, 2011 at 4:07
systematically presented to be remembered, awaiting for more:)

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