Hello lovely EC birds!

Did you miss me? Don't tell me you didn't!! I even missed myself! XD

Okay, okay! no more jokes... you know I like to talk about MyEC stuff and members and that's why I'm writing this blog.

I guess most of us remember that old section where the EC admin chose the 'Star Members' every month. That section was removed and followed by the one we can see now, the 'Top Members', where members who have set their profile as 'public' and are active in the site (regardless that activity is meaningful or not) are chosen by a 'robot' to be listed as the crème de la crème of the site.

Well, I've never been a 'fan' of these sections, but I know lot of people here are into that and it can be used as a 'motivational' tool for some. The thing is that I never found 'fair' the way people are chosen, because only people who have set their profile as 'public' have always had the chance to be chosen, while there are also lot of very helpful and active members who have been always left behind just for being more cautious about their privacy (and plz, don't take me wrong here! I'm not speaking for myself; here I have other active members in mind which profiles are private. My profile is not public but I've ALWAYS said that I don't feel like being featured anytime, anywhere)

What I wonder myself is: Wouldn't be much better if the ones choosing the best members are the members themselves??? Is not that the most 'logical' thing? Aren't we pro-democracy?? :P

Okay, before going any further, I'm gonna play a lil dictatorship role first! :D
I'm gonna pick myself who I think were the 'STAR MEMBERS' of January and February! --'My Queendom, my Rules' :P

Because in January 13 she wrote as a professional journalist an awesome chronicle of the main things that happened the last year in MyEC:

"Blog Challenge: Memory of MyEC 2016"

And there she also encouraged people to do the same.

Also in January 19, she gave us another cool challenge that was followed by many people, where we all could improve our English language skills writing dialogues:

"Dialogue Challenge: Meet A Stranger"

For all that activity and for being always a nice cheerful member,
Onee-chan deserves to be the...


*throwing confetti*



Another EC lady (guys, take notes!) Because in the shortest month of the year, she took time to write 8 interesting blogs about very different topics and she also suggested 2 challenges. One of these challenges (February 20) was very popular among the EC members and made the blog section very active:

"Writing Challenge: My Story Behind the Picture"

Because of this and for being always a very active member, suggesting activities, encouraging people to write and discuss and for her humor sense that makes this site more funny, Luci is the undeniable...


*throwing confetti again*



And here is where my dictatorship ends and the 'democrazy' begins! March needs a brand new Star and that Star is among you all!

I suggest you to keep active and also to 'take notes' of who is contributing with interesting blogs, discussions, comments and activities in general... And then come here to vote who is for you the MY-AWESOME-EC STAR MEMBER OF MARCH!

But, for not making this a list of: 'I-m-gonna-vote-for-my-friends-to-be-star-members-no-matter-what-they-did', there is just one rule: You've to vote for any member giving reasons and examples of activities these members did during this month and why you think these activities were meaningful. Take as an example the way I picked Onee-chan and Luci: I didn't choose them because they are friends, but because they really did what I consider a very interesting activity during these months.

When the month ends, we'll see which member has got more votes and... voilá! We'll have a new STAR MEMBER! ^_^

I never liked the competitions and I hope this suggestion is not gonna be taken like that; I just hope this can be a chance to make the month more 'interesting', to motivate people to be active (take in mind that you can be a star member if you want, you just have to be active!) and also a way to notice and appreciate the work and time of all these members who do their best to keep the site alive.

So... That's all folks! You've 20 days left to vote and/or to be active for giving people reasons to vote for you! (logically, I suggest you to vote at the end of the month).

Let's get started!

Needless to say that I'm out of the polls, so thanks in advance if at any moment there is any lovely friend who wants to vote for me, but I'm 'out of commission'! ;)

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Comment by Elen on March 28, 2017 at 19:08

Oh my! I almost forgot that I have to vote!

Ok! My vote goes to Danny! Because he constantly gives us his test and his knowledge and help us soooooo much to improve our English!! His help is precious here in EC. I admire him how patient he is with us. He have so many corrections to make for each one of us and explanations to say to each one of us again and again! I am wondering how he finds the time to do that because of the daily routine and if he is tired of us or not yet. :/

Comment by MARY on March 25, 2017 at 1:32

Danny! Thanks for your super nice 'surprise', I loved it! ;)

Muskan! How cool to see you around :)
Okay, so another vote for Mr. Clark! Thanks for participating! :D

I'll collect all your votes in a blog and make a last call for voting and we'll see what's going to happen! ;)

Comment by Danny Clark on March 24, 2017 at 12:02

Thank you, dear Mary, I will wait. I hope, you will visit my page as there is some surprise for you

Comment by MARY on March 20, 2017 at 20:50

Danny, if you've already clear who deserves for you to be the Start Member of March, you can write your vote right here in a comment. But there're still 10 days left and who knows if someone else will go crazy with lot of activities and suggestions all of a sudden! :D

I'll start a blog like four days before the end of the month for asking people to vote if they feel like, and I'll 'compile' there the votes people are writing down in this blog as well. So, you can pick to vote right here, right now or to wait till my 'last call' to vote :)

About how many members you can vote, I know we all would like to say more than one name... but let's make it hard and pick just one! :D

Seeker, Okay! vote completed! :D

Thanks for participating :)

Hello Rose!
The vote is only for one member, but I guess it's also nice if you consider there're other members who deserve to be mentioned for their activity on March :)

So your vote goes for Danny, right? *Mary takes notes* and your 'special mention' goes for our dear Luci ;)

Thanks for participating! :)

Luci! hahahhaha I almost pissed myself laughing reading your 1 dollar suggestion XD

Okay vote completed for you too! I'll collect all the votes you guys are giving here in another blog the next week... but I feel is not gonna be a very close vote :D

Thank you all for participating, but remember there're still 11 days left! Don't 'rest on your laurels'! Go crazy & active! XD

Comment by Rose on March 20, 2017 at 18:50

Luci: I totally agree with everything you said about MR. DANNY CLARK

You  have said everything what makes him so valuable to us. He gets my vote, too.

If it's allowed to give more than only one single vote, then I will leave my second vote to LUCI.   She is one of the people here who make this page alive.


Comment by Luci on March 20, 2017 at 15:24
Seeker :o wooow omggggg ..m really surprised! Btw guys.... those who will vote for me...I am gonna send each of you 1 dollar !!! ;D
Ok...jokes aside...well...my vote goes tooooo..


I do aprecciate a lot his effort to make our English better, to teach us here for free, invest his time in scolding stupid innocent people like me and somehow forcing them to start doing sth! Danny, it is awesome to have you here and all words aren't enough to express my big thank you for everything ;)
Comment by Rose on March 20, 2017 at 15:19

Dear Mary, I'd like to vote, too. Can you tell me where we can place or vote?
And my second question is : Can we vote for more than only one single person?

Comment by Danny Clark on March 20, 2017 at 10:42

Thank you, dear Mary! I will surely vote if you tell us where and when. Besides, I have a question: should I choose only one person or I may name a few?

Comment by MARY on March 19, 2017 at 21:15

Kal, thanks for dropping by! but don't break the rules! I'm out of the polls! :D

! Oh my! You deserve to be the star of the month just for that so detailed comment! haha...

Okay, first thing to comment to your comment is... 'Your mother-in-law Luci'?? Wait!! I'm missing some chapters here! What's going on??!! XD

Second thing is that I disagree with you: Your English level is pretty good, I'm sure you help more ppl than you think with your activity here and you really deserve to be part of the first positions in the MyEC 'Top Member' list. And I'm not telling you this for flattering you, but because I honestly think so.

Third. "Please don't vote for me"?? No way! you're in the polls! :D Actually, while writing this blog I had two members in mind that I'd like to announce as 'Star Members of March', and these members are you and Danny! :P So I can tell already that my vote is gonna go for one of you.

Thanks a lot for writing down here your suggestions and also for giving already your vote as well :)

, thanks a lot for your nice comment. But plz, don't say you're not giving something back to the site! You give us your diplomacy, good vibes and humor sense! :D We all love that and appreciate it in those moments when a discussion here becomes too heated ;)

Hello Expector Smith! Yeah I agree with you.

Thanks a lot for dropping by!

Hello my lovely Eva! plz, don't say 'sorry', i love your 'novel' here :D

I agree with you that unfortunatelly, ppl who is active here is more or less the same... so I guess there won't be any 'surprise' in the election... Just like it happens in real life's politics hahaha... I'd like if one of these members who are active but have set their profile private can have the chance to be choosen as Star Member. But the funny thing is that I'm realizing now that probably there's not gonna be any big difference between the 'Top Members' and the members we are gonna democratically choose as 'Star Members'... And that's gonna screw my 'theory' XD

Oh Eva, I respect if you don't wanna be in the 'list' but... Look my sad face: :((((((((((( *and sad puppy's eyes*

How am I going to keep this site visible? Well, I guess I just could edit and 'refresh' this blog the last week of the month or make a new one reminding people that... They can vote!!! ^_^ And the way is very simple: to write down in a comment their choice (or to send me a message if they want their vote to be 'private' haha)

Thanks a lot for your comment, support and questions that might help others :)

A7... That's like... a hell of confetti :/

Thanks... *shaking confetti out of the hair*

! Nice to see you around, ofc it's very nice to read from you here! You know? I can tell already that I might vote for you ;)

Yes, you're right about a blog's lifespan here, I had that in mind when I started all this mess haha... I was thinkin' about refreshing this blog the last week of the month or to write a new one as reminder :)

Thanks again for dropping by! I also hope you feel like voting for a member in some days :)

hahaha Onee! Thanks to you but... you can't vote for the cat! XD

Comment by Onee-chan on March 17, 2017 at 3:54

Tell me why you are often absent these days...? :D You got a precious project again? Then. congratulations!! ^_^

Sometimes, I will be totally absent too. But, I read some post always. Leaving comment in the midst of dizzy activity is somehow not easy. :D

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