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Do you want to be popular??? Do you want to have fans and feel like a SUPERSTAR? If you are dying to become a famous Top EC Member, just read carefully and follow my few tips :-) are not dreaming, guys, I am here to make you Super Famous EC member Number 1!

Sooo, let's get started, here is my "recipe"...

1. Firstly, you have to realize one thing. You need to dedicate all your free time to EC - yeah I am serious! You literally have to sucrify your life for EC! Just stock up on liters of coffee, kilos of ampthetamines or other "helpers" that will keep you awake because you should stay almost 24/7 online. Like it or not but this is the first basic rule!!!

2. Like we all know EC approves everyday several requests of new members. Sooo.... your task it to check REGULARLY and attentively, when the requests are approved. Don't dare to miss it!!! Immediately after noticing new accounts were approved, leave friendly comments on the pages of all the “freshman” and “freshwomen” :D and don't forget to ask them to be their friend! (Keep on your mind that "Activity" counts and will make you more famous ;) )

3. Logically a new member feels happy they were welcomed here and will send you a friend request. Yes!!! That's exactly what you have been waiting for because another important step is to create huge collection of "friends" - ehm let's not call them friends but... "clickers" because the word friend has different meaning  and in fact you don't care so much about them care about their clicks, likes and comments!

4. When your "Clickers list" consists of at least 100 people, your time has come!!! Now you will write your first blog. Yeah, I know not everybody is familiar with writing BUT it doesn't have to be any masterpiece, ok? Simply post a blog, then send a message to all your 100 “clickers” and ask them to leave a comment on your blog just with some excuse like ... "you are curious to know their opinions etc.” (this is important from psychological point of view, ok? :D ) 

5. It is time to wait and prove you are patient. However… guess what??? MIRACLE happened! Suddenly after some time you see so many "clickers" checked your blog, left comments or gave you likes! Yupeeeeeeeeeeee, isn't it awesome? Of course, they found it polite to react as you asked them to do it and gave them your hand, when they joined this platform! Don't forget that psychological feedback works pretty good! So now you feel like a Superstar to see so many likes and your ego is raising up to the clouds!

6. In case some of your "clickers" were disobedient and didn't leave a comment on your blog... go to the EC chatroom and wait there to catch them online! When your "prey" is finally send them private message to remind them of their duty! It usually works - especially if you bother them not just once but many times :D

7. Don't forget to apply the same strategy like I have described above also on the photos, the discussions or the videos you will post... remember, you have to be active to achieve your goal!

8. The last point - don't forget to leave comments on the blogs, the photos etc. posted by other EC members BUT nothing too long, just few words because it is waste of your precious time to write long sentences plus at the end of your comment ask the author of blog to check your page, your blog or your photo because.... clicking on YOU matters!

To sum it up, it is pretty easy, nah? Let me point out that I didn't write this on the basis of my own experiences even though time to time I was among EC Top Members but I am really too lazy and don't have time nor guts to do this all I have mentioned in this blog. In fact I even don't know, how I got to that one TOP chart as I just posted blogs, photos and left some comments on the blogs etc. I like - without purpose...

After all I think I am just a regular EC member, who learns English like you all here BUT who doesn't do things on purpose and that's why I won't ever be SUPERSTAR :D (ehm am I actually dying to be?)

Let me finish this blog with the song I like a lot, luckily the author of texts didn't make it too complicated to understand :D

I ain't no SUPERSTAR..

I am just like you are,

there is no spotlight shining on me ;-)

I ain't no SUPERSTAR,

I am just like you are,

don't need no diamonds or anything,

I do my own things...

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Comment by Mishaikh on March 20, 2017 at 11:24


This world is made of different colors.  Some colors we like some we don't.  If you do not like any color you do have all your right to call it 'you do not like it'.  

But the point is that no matter we like these colors or not, they do not cease their existence. They are there as an integral part of this world.

Would it not be wise if we just ignore those whom we do not like in spite of burdening of our heart.

You are most sensitive person Luci, with a very touchy heart and you know such hearts are hurt very easily. 

Just learn to ignore yaar, 

(yaar = friend).

Comment by Rose on March 20, 2017 at 9:36

I am really surprised. This discussion is still going on. And after soooooooooooo many explanations how we have to understand Luci's writing, is still so much misunderstanding here.

It's obvious that there exist a lack an knowledge about what SATIRE is.

Satire is an art form with which people, events or conditions are criticized, ridicule or denounced. Typical stylistic meanings of satire is the EXAGGERATION.
Satire often uses EXAGGERATION,  contrasts contradictions and values in an EXAGGERATED manner, DISTORTS facts, compares them mockingly to an ideal state. Nothing else has Luci done. In my understanding it contains sometimes even traces of comedy and it's humoristical. Of course, the writer or speaker always wants to make us having attention to a special point but this person don't want to insult someone else, just ask him to think over and to consider his behaviour.

Of course, Luci know that nobody can be online for such a long time. That's what  she wanted to say with her exaggeration "to stay 24/7 online". .. just for example... nobody can be so blind not to regognice it.  

As I wrote already in my last comment: No one blames always so vehement and passionate people they insult others in main room here. There insult people each other and they do it consciously and maliciously.... it's not a satire... it's reality.
I am really tired of mentioning that again and again. Just yesterday I tried to bring peace into such a discussion  ... but ... guess what my reward was!!!!!

Comment by Luci on March 20, 2017 at 8:27

Yeahhh .. they lived happily ever after :) well... why just u avoid my question and don't show me others who do EVERYTHING what I mentioned? Ehmm because there is nobody like this .. sad u ignore this and overlook it.
Anywayz.. have a nice day :)
Comment by Luci on March 20, 2017 at 8:23

but u didnt show me such members :/ got my point? Hope so... the point is I didn't mean anybody else...
Comment by Evangelina on March 20, 2017 at 8:02

Why you "stole" my word blablaring, LoL.

I would like to say something, after all it was me who came here and things turned in other direction.

I read comments...also Onee's comment and I must say, waaaooow, what a logical way of discussing, not like me all emotional. We all know Onee, and she is a very fair and reasonable person...she meant no harm writing as she did and we should also know that Onee, is not like that kind of person.

Also I agree with what Rose and especially what MARY expressed in their one of us is blind Luci, we can se, think and reflect and also reach to a conclusions, and who says they are that much different...I also saw that discussion, and I had to count to ten many, many, many times. MANY TIMES!

It is not about liking or disliking each other when leaving critical comments, I really hope things doesn't work that way...or I believe they don't. Where the issues arises, is when tings gets person related and denigrating. It is not about understanding or not understanding humor.

If you all want to discuss further then please just go ahead, my opinion is, does it serve any purpose? Did it solve anything? Did it change something? Is anything going to be changed?

No, right? Because of absence. So why are we arguing?

Let us just close it here, you all cute and beautiful girls, and focus on other tings. I hope everyone got what I was trying to say.

;-) wink, wink...
Comment by Onee-chan on March 20, 2017 at 7:10

Dear Luci, 

I hope you'll be patient with me... ^^

Mary said about an irritating post, that's why I responded it. 

Your blog is talking about how to be famous. 

That's it. 

Comment by Luci on March 20, 2017 at 6:42

I have never accused you of being blind supporter and if you can stand and say, you disagree with sth - it proves you are not blind sheep. I didn't mean anybody of EC members apart from this someone and honestly... Can you show me a member; who greets ALMOST EACH new ec member? Can you show me plz member, who has more than 2.000 ppl on friendlist? Can you show me a member who promotes in almost each of their comments themself? It is sth so specific that I wonder, why others would be offended as it isn't about them at all...I was just surprised you reacted that way on my blog and as Mary summed up my points you were like changed.. anywayz ok ...I can feel m not your cup of tea..
Comment by Onee-chan on March 20, 2017 at 5:48

I'm not a blind supporter nor a hater. 

I hope you are not confused with my comments.  :) 

Comment by Onee-chan on March 20, 2017 at 5:27

Luci dear, like I said in my first comment. 

I don't support anyone here. I just shared my opinion. I'm sad because of these words (in tips) ... You wrote what other people also did.. I feel not comfortable for that. Look,  I agree with your tips number 6.

I know you know that I will argue people without considering age or work... And if I don't agree with what people doing,, there will be only two choices for me,, cut the problem (not person)  or leave it. 

Comment by Luci on March 20, 2017 at 5:08
dear girl, you keep on shocking me..You know, I said nothing against you analyzing my each point because I just felt you wanted to prove here I am totally wrong and make idiot of me.. glad your friend Mishaikh supported you.. however, to analyze seriously sth like this - it is out of context, got it? I just want to say one thing - as for gaining respect. People tend to respect sb just because of their age, work logically if older teacher asks English students to do this or that..they will do it ;)
I just don't believe my eyes you were so hurt, that I critisized your friend and now suddenly you say loudly you disagree with this or that he is doing.. interesting...

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