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Learning english by reading my favorite writter...

I always back to him, his great minds, never getting bored of his thoughts..

So.. lets start..  again..


"Is there anything more beautiful than a rainbow? But the man who is inside
it, cannot see it."

- :) ...   yeahh.. sometimes we are not aware good enough  of so many beautiful things in our life...


"During my time in prison, I never noticed a drop in my will to live, but I
often realized that I was finding relief in the fact that I was old enough to know that death was not too far away.

This thought brought me comfort.

I treasured it like a big secret. "

- my dear Mr. President..  :(

       NEW WORDS

  • relief - a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress


As it is raining.. Let's take a break.. just relax.. one nice song is here .. enjoy :)

yea.. here is also hot coffe for a cold day.. Nothing is more relaxing than sound of rain, hot room and hot coffee..  let me serve you.. milk or no? )  i hope you like it.. :)


Funny is a sober man among drunks. For in the company of drunks, the drunks are the majority and they set the standard of normality. In such company a sober man seems abnormal.

- yes really.. :)  There was situations when I used to feel same as sober man..

      NEW WORDS :

  • Sober - not affected by alcohol; not drunk

06.11. 2017.


Real men are not rough. They have emotions and they are not ashamed of
them. Homer's famous heroes, whose heroic deeds he described so vividly, do not hide tears.

When Patroclus saw his Achaeans killed before Troy, "tears streamed
down his cheeks like water down a rocky mountain." Achilles said to him: "Why do you cry, Patroclus, like a little girl running behind her mother and crying until the mother takes her in her arms?" And when Patroclus was killed, Achilles "fell on the ground.. . and cried, with such pain that even his mother Tehida heard him in the depths of the sea." Antioch cried, "shedding bitter tears."

Homer and his heroes are no less manly because of their tears.


31. 10. 2017.

Intelligent devil vs. good -natured fool :D

"It is better to deal with an intelligent devil rather than a good-natured
fool," says a proverb.

This is probably so because an intelligent rascal is guided by interest, thus being, contrary to a good-natured fool, mainly predictable. You know where you stand and what you can expect.

- :D    so true :D

25. 10. 2017.

True love only chooses to reside in a noble heart. Selfish hearts cannot love.

  • reside - obitavati, stanovati
  • noble - plemenit, uzvišen

13. 10. 2017.

Nietzsche was a very sensitive man, not at all like his own Ubermensch.

Atthe age of 44 he lost his mind and-according to biographers-the immediate cause was a scene at a Turin square, when the philosopher, upon leaving his flat, saw a carriage driver giving his horse a merciless whipping. He went to the animal, embraced it gently and cried, and then just collapsed. He lived for another 12 years, but he never returned to his senses.

We are what we are, not what we think or wish we are.

- Yes.. no matter who much someone denied existing soul..

  • whipping - mučenje


A clever man knows how to speak.  A wise man knows how to be silent too.

- yea.. :)

10.10. 2017.

" Two faces of things: A seemingly proper man may seem to be truly honest, and he can be a fearful Philistine who would not mind breaking many rules, but does not do that out of fear or weakness. Some condemn the tumultuous lives of others out of secret envy, because they are incapable of living that way. A weak person is usually unaware of this envy and considers it to be morality, which it is certainly not.

Two men, one weak and one strong but moral, seem to behave the same.Let us say, they do not drink or sin, the first due to either a lack of will or fear of consequences, and the second on principle, out of desire suppressed. It is difficult to tell which one it is, but one is certain: only the latter case is morality. The first is weakness, and weakness is not a virtue."

- wowww.. such amazing conclusion!!!  I always wonder about conection between morality and inner strnght...  This quotes opened my eyes.. Thank you dear President !! 

  • philistine - malograđanin
  • condemn- osuditi
  • tumultuous - buran
  • virtue - vrlina

04.10. 2017.

"Between sorrow and indifference, i will choose sorrow. "

- me too...

03. 10. 2017

" How big is disappointment? As big as hope was. Big hopes create big

- yeahh.. very true..

"A happy man does not have a life story. One may say: boring as a biography
of a happy man living in peaceful times. At least that is what it looks like. And is it
so? Is there a truly happy man? Is an average Swiss or an average Swede truly
happy today? Bauer and Ibsen tell us something about that."

- "boring as a biography of a happy man living in peaceful times." - cool :)

"Excessive reading does not make us smarter. Some people simply "devour"
books. They do it without the necessary intervals of thought, which are necessaryin order to "digest," to process what has been read, to absorb and comprehend it.
When people of that kind speak, pieces of Hegel, Heidegger and Marx come out
raw, unprocessed. Reading requires personal contribution as much as a bee
requires "inner" work, as well as time, to transform pollen into honey."


  • Excessive - pretjerano
  • devour - gutati, proždrijeti
  • digest - svariti
  • contribution - doprinos

NOTES FROM PRISON, 1983 – 1988 by Alija Izetbegović

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Comment by Roman yesterday

I agree with that quote about a rainbow! Humans often don't pay attention to everything good that happens with them, but they notice and remember only everything bad.

Comment by ella on Wednesday
yes,Roman.. it is very true..
Comment by ella on Wednesday
thank you,dear Paula,for visiting!

Comment by ★ღ ˚ Paula✰ •* ˚ on Monday

Great Blog well as what sounds like a very great man!!!.....thank you for sharing!!!!

Comment by Roman on Monday

Hi Ella! Thank you for this short history lesson! I didn't know about that! He is one of the millions of victims of communism.

No, I am not sleeping right now. Why do you ask? It is 05:45 pm here.

Comment by ella on Monday

Yes, Roman..

You see, my writter was first president of my country. I would like to describe his great personality in few words, but i am afraid it is impossible.. I wouldn't like to leave out anything of his characteristics, so i would say short: he was great intellectual, philosopher with huge morality.. He deserved that he is know as "King of wisdom"

But.. he lived in period of communism, and well known is that communists didnt accept any kind of speach or ideas who can confront to communistic's ideas, and it was enough reason that they arrest him and sentenced on 14 year of prison.

In time 1983-1988, he was wrtitting this book in prison.. It was his intellectual escape to freedom. He used to read so much, and wrote so much..  Stealthily, but he did..

He wasn't tortured brutally as his friends, but  he used to be on forced labor..

But, cognition that he will spend next 14 years in prison, was harsh.. He had outside wife, 2 daugthers and son.. Life without family was harsh..

Such incredible injustice of comuniscommunist regime was painfull.. 

And he wasn't able to move from small cell..

Fortunately, comunists regime was started to decompose, and at the end of 80 th. (1988.) my writter was pardoned and released ..

In 1992. he become first President of Bosnia and Hercegovina.








Roman... are you sleeping?  :D

Comment by Roman on Monday

Wait, Ella, I don't understand that last quote. He was finding relief in understanding that death is not so far? Did he mean that it was so hard and bad there?

Comment by ella on Sunday

Thank you, Luci, for visiting .. I am glad you like it and you are welcome to give your opinion.. any comment or so.. :)

Comment by ella on Sunday

Ohhh romann .. tricky one  ))

Comment by Luci on November 18, 2017 at 8:53
Ella, thanks for sharing so many nice, intelligent quotes... awesome blog with great idea abt updating it..looking forward to reading more :p

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