Hello, there!

Do you know what ‘Question Tags’ are? If you do, how often you use them in your speech? And, are you pretty sure that you’ve been using them correctly?

On the other hand, if you don’t know how exactly they should be used, don’t worry!

The following videos will teach you everything about question tags!

To my dismay, I often hear people using "..., is it?" as the question tag with the main
sentences of all forms and tensesFor example...
    He didn't .invite you to his birthday party, is it?     (It should be... did he?)
    You are going to Canada alone next week, is it?     (It should be... aren't you?)

    The .children haven't  heard  you  singing, is it?     (It should be... have they?)

[The term "question tag" is generally preferred by British grammarianswhile their
American counterparts prefer "tag question".]


 Video 1: Question Tags


Video 2: Exercise 1


Video 3: Exercise 2


Note: If you feel like doing the exercises given in the above videos, you can leave
your answers (not here). at our  EC video gallery where I’ve posted all the above
three videos. Just click on the hyperlinks to go there: Video 1Video 2;  Video 3 
Online Interactive Exercise:
This is an interesting exercise! All you need to do is click on the image below and
you'll  taken to the web page. Type your answers in the boxes and hit the 'Check'

button. Your result will be out before you can blink!

 NOTE: The above website has many interactive exercises on other grammar aspects. You could refer to
              the list there on the left margin!
            .More online interactive exercises on question tags             
           http://www.eflnet.com/grammar/tags.php                  (Type your answer!)         
           http://esl.about.com/library/quiz/blgrquiz_tags.htm     .(Say and check your answer!)       
           http://www.usingenglish.com/quizzes/233.html           (Pick the correct answer!)

            I’ve posted additional interactive exercises among the comments below.

            Just click on the link to display them.

            Six interesting online interactive exercises on tag questions


ORAL Exercise:
Complete each sentence with the correct question tag!


Now, I want you to have some fun! This is your chance to put the ‘Question Tags
into practice! Let me set the the ball rolling with my ‘starter’.



                               MineYour brother owns a restaurant, doesn’t he?    

                               Yours:  …………………………………….., is she?
Here’s what exactly I want you to do:
1.  Fill in the blank with your own words to round out the question tag.
2.  Write a new question tag without the statement for the next visitor.
     He/she will pick from where you left, and this goes on!
Rules of the game:
1. If the person before you left a ‘negative tag’, you MUST leave behind

    a ‘non-negative tag’ or vice versa.

                                              ..., don't you? .negative tag
                                              ..., do you?       -  non-negative tag
2. If you come again for a second try,  you  Mustn't  give a question  tag  that you
    already have left here before. HAVE FUN!


       Name of Participant              Total Question Tags

       1.  Scarlett                                               ..51    Winner of the 150th Question Tag! 
       2.  Asma                                                 . 36
       2.  Hani                                                   . 31
       4.  Charos                                               ..26    Winner of Supplementary Task #3
       5.  Prostomolotova Galina                   ...18
       6.  Marik                                                  .18    Winner of Supplementary Task #2
       7.  Arif Saeed                                         . 17
       8.  Sakshi                                               . ..13
       9.  Ha Nguyen                                         11    Winner of Supplementary Task #4
     10.  Anau.                                                     4
     11.  Rajesh                                                   .3    Winner of Supplementary Task #1
     12.  Bright-Rubies                                      .3
     13.  Deepa                                                  ..3
     14.  Hala                                                      .2
     15.  Ayushi                                                .. 1
     16.  Gabriel Sowrian                               ..53
                                       Total         290  
Our sweet Charos suggested through one of her question tags why not I post another exciting blog once we have 50 pages of comments on this blog.  Actually, I already have something in the pipe-
lineThat blog,  if the truth is told,  is going to be more challenging,  a great fun and absolutely
educational. So, guys,  let your question tags keep coming in!  The moment we hit  50 pages, the
blog that I just mentioned will be posted.  How about that?!  Thank you Charos for believing in me!

Our Target = 50 Pages

Yahoo! We hit the 50th Page today, December 7th. 2012      

                   Learn from my other blogs:


 Hello, friends! Guess what!
I've finished with my next blog. I can post it tomorrow
as we've already reached our target of 50 Pages!

Great job, guys! Let's Celebrate, shalll we?

 [Okay, the new blog is posted HEREDecember 8th. 2012]


~* GS *~
November, 15th. 2012
        Don't forget to click the 'Like' button if you find the information useful!

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Comment by behy on May 31, 2013 at 16:09

It was really helpful, because I didnt know we have falling and raising intonation for tag questions.I always used raising intonation.

Comment by Fahime on May 23, 2013 at 12:13

OMG! It's really wonderful cuz I learned a big lesson! huge thx my teacher...

MR SOWRIAN TEACHES ENGLISH IN A GREAT WAY, DOESN'T HE? (please read the question tag with a falling intonation)

Comment by selma on December 9, 2012 at 17:04

Hi Gab, Have you ever discussed this issue ?

   Am I not ? or Aren't I ? The link

Dear Gabriel, thank you for rising its importance, actually these tags should be still practiced for a fluent conversation, although it seems easy grammatically.

Comment by selma on December 9, 2012 at 16:08

Image by FontMeme

Image by FontMeme

Comment by Scarlett on December 9, 2012 at 15:03

Oops!!! haha... Dear Gabriel, Yeah, I guess so. It looks like after a big war of food, beer and music... but, how should I do? still sooooo sleepy ;)

Mine : You wouldn't recommend her about my bad cooking, would you?

Yours : ...................................................................., shouldn't he?

@ Rajesh,

Thanks anyway! But, you should be here at the party! we were missing such a professional dancer like you...lol... :D

Comment by Rajesh on December 9, 2012 at 13:42

Congratulations all! This is one of the most successful blog ever! :)

My big thanks to our teacher G for everything he is doing for us!

Comment by Gabriel Sowrian on December 9, 2012 at 4:11

          Mine.: Scarlett, you helped her with the cooking, didn’t you?

          Yours: ……………………………………………....., would you?

@ Scarlett
    Wake up, dear! We’ve to clean the house. It’s messy after that wild
    dance party last night!

Comment by Scarlett on December 7, 2012 at 15:43

Mine : We didn't have to make the "tag" for our party last night, did we?

Yours :........................dance...................................................., didn't you


Comment by Scarlett on December 7, 2012 at 15:39

Hello my friends!! How are you today?

Me fine, just a little bit like:

:)))....The music here recalls my memories of our great party last night :) I just want to dance again, again and again....:) miss you guys so much!! See you at the next party!!

My dear Gabriel, Let's make a deal for the next one, shall we ? ;-)

Have a good time for all!

Comment by Gabriel Sowrian on December 7, 2012 at 6:05

              Mine .: You've attented similar parties before, haven't you?

              Yours: ..................................................................., did we?

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