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I believe that music is important in our lives. In modern day life we are surrounded by music at various times of the day. At times we may hear no human-made music, but still hear the music of nature.

Some may argue that the "songs" of birds, insects and frogs are not music at all but just communication. To that I respond, What is music if not communication? It can be the communication of excitement or sadness. It can be communication of joy, longing, or a religious message. Regardless of the content, I contend that music is a form of communication, not just with animals in the wild, but with humans too.

Who has not heard a mother singing softly to her baby? Haven't we all heard a person walking alone as they hum to themselves some comforting tune. I have my own opinions as to why music is important to people, but I really want to know what others think about this. It is present in every culture, no matter how remote and "untouched by civilization".

Do you think music is a form of communication for people? If not, what do you think it really is? Do you believe it is important for most if not all people?

What makes good music and what makes some music not very good? I am sure you have an opinion if you think about this question.

Can music help you learn a language if you learn to sing the words of songs? I have been told that most people remember things that are in the form of songs or chants more readily than words not in such forms. For me that does seem to work well.

I would really and truly love to hear your opinions. I know you all have some opinions on music and this is a good chance for you to practice your English by commenting here. There is no need to be shy if you are still a learning to write in English. All learners make mistakes and that is how they improve their language skills. Maybe you can use some words that are new to you and expand your vocabulary.

I also ask that you consider posting a link to some favorite music of yours in your comment and telling all of us why it is a favorite. Why do you think music is important or not?

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Comment by fatma on June 26, 2011 at 16:37

live without music is like food without taste so in my point of view music is important in our live not enough  but it is also a part in our live so it allow us to expresse our feeling (sadnesse ,joy, love...) it also extend it . music could also be the way of unwinding that many person resort to :)and cause  their is different kind of music their is diffrent effect in our mood so we find house,rock ... 


Comment by Sonya Oganisyan on October 30, 2010 at 13:19
I believe we couldn’t live without music because it is smth natural that expresses our feelings: sadness, happiness etc. It also influences us too.
I agree that music is the form of communication for people. Like one
look can say more than words so the music has a power to make people closer. Music preferences can tell us about a person much because he chooses it not by mind but by heart, and so his real personality comes to light.
What makes good music and what makes some music not very good? I would be banal but every music with evil and cruelty ( especially songs with oaths) is not worth listening. In my opinion, music should ennoble soul , but not to get it down.
Listening to songs is extremely useful for learning language. It develops sense in word formation (can I sai it in such way? )and expands our vocabulary.
I play the piano and I find people who are musicians pretty nice people in their majority.
Thank for attention!
Comment by Mr. Bob on October 27, 2010 at 19:57
I agree Nazie. Music really is a way to make our selves feel better. No need to apologize about reading this after it was written. That is why our blogs are kept available so everyone can get a chance to read them. It is good to see things from before you joined or you could miss some interesting posts.
Thank you for your comment. :)
Comment by rose on September 12, 2010 at 0:15
Hello Bob
Yes, I believe music is important....Music is the language of the world
It helps people to communicate with each other...and helps to know the other country's culture. for my country there are many folk dance bands travel outside to present their dancing and although the foreigners didn't understand the words but they enjoy the show....through this show people know about our country.
Do you believe it is important for most if not all people?
Yes it is...for me it plays a vital role in my affects on my mood feelings ..when im listening to music feel so happy weather it classic or dance.
Iam so sleepy now cant write more.
thank you Bob for this nice subject.
Comment by lamegogo depari on August 16, 2010 at 9:26
Hello Bob, how u doing sir? wish always under Bless of GOD amin.
well, i really like music. Music can make my head or heart feel comfort & peace. from i was young and until now, i can't doing my duty without listening the music. yes, it can call i can live without music. hehe

I have experienced at my old office. My first entry there is no speakers on the computer, oh GOD... I can't think and head dizzy. I finally decided to buy the speakers and put on my computer. :D

have a nice Monday Bob,
Comment by Irina on August 15, 2010 at 19:45
Hello Bob! I can so you name.Your theme is very interesting for me. Music is very important to me And I 've always spent a lot of my time listening to music. As a teenager, i had a very good hi-fi system and a lot of tapes, I think of many different types of music: 60's and 70's music, some modern music which i liked and classical music. In the classical field I appreciated and still appreciate very much today, the baroque composers, such as Bach, Vivaldi, So as I am from Russia and I like the music of many composers from the late romantic period Mussorgsky, where listeningto music to pick up ideas and melodies, techniques and playing styles.
I've tried to enjoy whatever music I' ve been presented with, in different situations, and I think that this has widened my musical taste, and also made me more open- minded to music which I wouldn't otherwise have listened to.

Comment by Mr. Bob on August 15, 2010 at 17:19
Hi Manuela,
I agree about the stimulative as well as calming influence of music. The mother does not start singing a Heavy Metal or loud Rap song to help the baby to calm down and sleep. Likewise, these forms of music may not be appropriate for the mental patients in a ward where they all tend toward some very excitable manic or delusional symptoms.

But, if you are wanting to get up quickly and prepare for some strenuous event like a marathon; go into battle, or to mentally strenuous debate or argument to defend your client in a court of law; the soft soothing song for the baby is not the thing you need.
Comment by Forget-me-Not on August 15, 2010 at 7:46
Hello Bob,
Yes, I believe music is important, it soften le world we in live in, and most of all, it is a great communication tool. For exemple, when traveling i always carry my mp3 with hundreds of music in and very often, i share it with people i meet on my way.
Musicotherapy also help some people to improve mental, emotional or physical health. It is also used to calm down some mentaly ill patients or to stimulate other.

What make good music or what make some music not good ?

That's not an easy question to answer! For some people, a music will be good and for other it will be bad. If we talk about a song, i think lyrics are as important as the melody. Talking for myself, i would say that the good music is the one that moves my body and soul.

Thanks for this very nice topic.
Comment by Pandapotan on August 15, 2010 at 4:33
I think so. I think that music is one of from communication for people. Communication must be good so the good music can understand easily and can be a good connection with the composer and the listener. Music can express the gladness, sadness, agony, struggle and the other expression of humanity.

If you ask, Is the music important to humanity? I will answer yes, like a nationality song is important to its country, like a mother sing to her baby until sleep, like a song is sung in wedding ceremony and each other, like a man express their love to his girlfriend or the opposite and each other that many thing can express with music.
Comment by Mr. Bob on August 15, 2010 at 3:49
Thank you also for your comments Expector Smith. I don't know if you saw my comment to mohammed a few hours ago about lyrics being difficult to understand. If I want to sing a song I am learning I sometimes want to sing a word that does not make sense. That used to be a big problem before the internet. Now you can find the lyrics for any song (at least all that I've tried). There are sites in many languages for this but you may have to check ore than one to find your lyrics. I now do a web search with a string of lyrics form a song and then make a copy of them. Many times they have a few small mistakes, but that can be because there is another version of the song. Check those links below if you have something you want to know the words to. Thanks again for your insightful comments.

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