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I really want to improve my English grammar. Please help me!

Hi everyone, my name is Scarlett. I have a big problem now.

Today, I received from one friend so many comment about my grammar, he said "that's too bad, you have no any progress in English grammar" . I'm really disappointed with it. I'm very confusing, How to improve my grammar? I practice grammar in some sites on internet, but, maybe have not any improve about it.

How to use it smoothly in write, in chat and all...

How to write the paragraph with right tense, structure, and the connect words? very difficult to get it. 


I'm really hope to receive your guides dear all my friends in MyEC! Please correct my paragraph above..


This is the correction of teacher Anele. I want to send her my deeply gratitude.

Hi everyone, my name is Scarlett. I have a big problem now.

Today, I received from one friend so many comments about my grammar He said "that's too bad, you have no any progress in English grammar" . I'm really disappointed with it. I'm very confusing confused How will I to improve my grammar? I practice grammar in some sites on the internet, but, maybe have not any improved at all about it.

How to use it smoothly in writing, in chatting and all...?

How to write the paragraph with the right tenses, structure, and the connecting words?It's very difficult to get it. 


I'm really hope hoping to receive your guides dear all my friends in MyEC! Please correct my paragraph above..

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Comment by Scarlett on September 2, 2012 at 7:27

Oh, my MOUSE sis!!!!!!!

Hahaha... It's accidental in the nickname you give me, because it's same with my nickname I received from my friends in my place...:D .... Ok, and then you will become my MOUSE sis, hahaha....

I understand your mean dear, you are right, Learning can not be in hurry... we have to keep practicing always... Thank you very much for your comment dear my MOUSE sis...hahaha

Comment by mitran on September 1, 2012 at 11:02

And till now...I will call you ; CAT. Oh, What a nice nick name!

Comment by mitran on September 1, 2012 at 11:02


So proud of you, dear Sis. Don't worry, no one laughs at you (just like me, they will : kekeke...hahaha...OMG). Me too, I hate Grammar and you can see ...I always make mistakes...Learning English cannot be in hurry.....Today, I cannot remember it but...tomorrow...I can....Understand my mean Sis?

Comment by Scarlett on September 1, 2012 at 10:42

Dear Zahra,

Thank you very much for your guides and your correction. :) don't worry, I'm always optimistic..... and I determined to improve English! thanks for your encourage words dear friend!

This is the first time I've known about "tag", yeah, I will take advantage it hihi, please don't laugh at me! I'm poor about knowledge of blog... something else in internet.. what's a shame!  

I study a saying of someone that is "everything you do. Do it with love!" :)

Comment by Zahra on September 1, 2012 at 9:55

Hi dear Scarlett.

Dear, you should not be easily influenced by the negative vibes you receive from people/situations/environments/etc. Please be strong, determined and uplifted. You are on the track of learning, and of course, if you notice carefully, you've improved along the way of learning English.

Please be optimistic and do not be sad with whatever others say about you. Be confident and happy. Be optimistic and do not let pessimists judge you. You know yourself and your achievements better than anyone else.

Try to make your learning process fun and joyful. Take it as a hobby, not a have-to-do thing. 

Anyway, as you asked us, I try to let you know about some notes. Please take it as a friendly comment, not a bad destructive warning!!! OK, dear?

"I hope to receive your guides, all my dear friends in MyEC!"

"How to use it smoothly in writing."


PS- Please try to include the tag "corrections" in your blog posts whenever you need the teachers' help to correct your writings. I am sure they would help you out.

Besides, try to visit the learning stuff provided in EC for us, learners. You can find many useful grammar lessons there, as well.

Good luck.


Comment by Scarlett on September 1, 2012 at 9:44

Dear teacher Anele,

There is wordless to express my gratitude for you, dear...

From your correction, I saw so many problems in my grammar, preposition, relative clause, tenses... and something in structure. I know It is just a part in my big problem. I have to practice so much. 

I know you are very busy. So, I just want to say thank you so so much for helping me. I'll try my best to improve my grammar, I hope you just can find a little mistake in my essay next time... :P

Many thanks for the lesson of "article THE". It's very helpful for me...  :)

You know, I like your attitude, you are my friendly and enthusiastic teacher... and funny... :D

I hope you are always healthy and successful. Keep Smiling in all your time... :)

Comment by Scarlett on August 31, 2012 at 15:56

Thank you very much for your kindness... I'm happy to make friend with you all... 

Comment by Scarlett on August 31, 2012 at 15:46

Dear Ha,

I don't know how to say thank enough for you. I admire you about your skill and diligent in learning English. You have helped me with all your enthusiasm since the day I made friend with you. I've learned from you so many things. so, just want to say thank you so much dear my friend.

I searched in google and found out Effortless English. this page is very great. I can learn on it so much. thanks for your suggestion. I'll be with you. Hope to see the improving one day in near future :) Please support me.

Happy learning dear. Let's go ahead together!!! :)

Comment by Scarlett on August 31, 2012 at 15:35

My dear Anele,

I'm very happy to hear from you all kindness experience. hihi, I can imagine there is voracious reader girl from you. I love book, too, but just read in my language. You know, I've found out my mind is very keen on learning English since the time when I've joined in MyEC. I found that I can self-study with my hobbies, there is not problem with finding and signing up to language class out of school, because I'm working and have not much time to do it. I know everyone have their own business, but it's not easy to control the aim without plans. so, I hope to learn from you and everyone.

Actually, there is always difficult in the beginning. But, All help from kind teachers, nice friends here make me happy, give me strength, and encourage me learn more. I feel that I'm very lucky, and desire to improve English soon. Thought, it makes me tension sometimes, makes me confused on using MyEC page. But I determine to learn and never give up!

Yeah, I checked Junco's link and listen it, I found it is very helpful. Absolutely that enjoy myself in learning is the best way to learn more.

About reading, you are totally right in the helpful from reading, I will try to get habit in reading and apply in real conversation, writing, speaking, thinking... any skill like the guides of Nafis. I wish you will always beside me and correct me dear teacher. (May I have your correction for this paragraph?)

Wish you have fantastic time in life! Many thanks again! I love you teacher.

Comment by Scarlett on August 31, 2012 at 15:34

Dear my teacher Anele.

Send to you my deeply thanks for spending time to correct me, I'm really happy to see my mistakes there, 

May I have some questions for this paragraph?

1. Confuse: can i use it for continuous tense?

2. How will I to improve my grammar? : can I write as: "I don't know how to improve my grammar?"

Thank you for reminder me about using "the", I will study it thoroughly.

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