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how can we learn english?

" How can we learn english" is a easy question, but is also a big question. Nowaday their are have alot of million people study english as a second language. Many website set up to learn english. They post very much exams, tests, ect to help us. Teachers who can be a native person or dont native person teach us. Each website has different method to attract students, learners, teachers. They tell us some tip to study english. I think we know the ways to learn. But sometime we don't complete our plans, or maybe we have not enough strength to perform.

I just read the article. And their is have some tips to study english, i think it is so great and helpful. If you can do it, i sure you will sucess in english.

Don't fear when you speak english:

People feel not confident when they speak english. They fear that they can make mistake in english grammar. Or people can't understand what they said. As we know, speaking skill is very important. To almost people can understand, we have to speak clearly, therefore speaking with good pronounciation and correct grammar is necessary. But i know, when we comunicate with people, we can use the body language to express our ideas or we speak the easy sentences. It is good. However, you don't fear, you will practice more and more to speak as much as possible. This help us so much.

Record your messages, or you should leave your voice message in forum:

Nobody want to hear what they just said. But lot of people can listen your message, because they want to improve their listening skill, they also like to compare between your voice and their voice. They will comment your voice. Thus, you can know what do people think about your voice.

Listen as much as possible:

Listening english is very necessary, because if you can hear their ideas you will answer and communicate. You know, we have some ways to listen, maybe listen in radio, television, postcard, or CDs. Many people say: they don't like to listen because of boring. Therefore they choose to watch movies especially is watching with subtile english.

Practice test:

English grammar is important, it help you to make correctly sentences. If you do more test, you will develop your english skills. It also help you to pass some exams in your life student.


One of the most important to study english effectively is yourself:

you have to love english, because if you don't like studying english, you will not compete the all plans. You have to make schedule clearly, this help you to work.

In above are some tips to learn english. What do you think about it?

i hope, you will be good at english


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Comment by lovestar on September 1, 2012 at 1:40

Dear Wayne,

YOu are right, practicing is the best way to learn english, i think if you are basic english learner, you have never talked in english, but you work in foreign companies, where english is general language, and must use it to explain sth, you will be better after few months of working. 

For example, i am not good at english, special is grammar, but now i am working in mutil-company, we have to speak english to communicate everyday, it helps me to improve my english day be day. Therefore, listening and speaking is the best way to learn english.

Comment by Wayne on August 31, 2012 at 12:44

hello,lovestar,thanks for your post,as i think that practicing is the best way to learn good english,because when we were talking with others we listening to others too,

Comment by lovestar on March 4, 2011 at 8:32
thanks all for your commentation. Love is so necessary and important. But to maintain loving we can practice more and more, of course it will be come from real love

Comment by Martin :) on March 4, 2011 at 1:21

Hi! I think that one of the most important points from those that you mentioned is that we must love English! It is easier to do what we love:)

Thanks for the great post!
Comment by lovestar on March 3, 2011 at 15:18
i hope to see your comment!!!

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