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Hello friends,

This time I am going to discuss some basic things in English. Though it is basic, but it’s really important for those who just started learning English.

 We always go to party, friend’s home and sometimes to parks, theatres, clubs, etc. What do we do there, when we need to start conversation there? Yes, we start by introducing ourselves. This is what we discuss and practice in this blog.

Greetings - When we start conversation with someone or give introduction, we start it by greeting them. We use these words as greetings –

Informal Greetings

Formal Greetings



Good morning

Good afternoon

Good evening


Informal greetings are used with friends or people of same age group or younger ones. Formal greetings are used with bosses, colleagues or people older in age.

Note –

  • It would be good to reply with same greeting and reply is must. For example –

Laura – “Hi Michael, how are you?”

Michael – “Hi Laura, I’m fine, thanks. What about you?”

To know about how they are? – It is considered good manners in English speaking countries, if you ask others about their well-being, we can use phrases like –

  1. “How are you?”
  2. “How are things?”
  3. “How’s life (How is life)?

Note – If you’re talking to strangers, you may or may not ask such questions.

The reply to above questions – Some possible replies to the above mentioned questions can be –

  1. I am feeling great. (Extremely positive mood)
  2. I am good. (Positive mood)
  3. I am fine. (Neutral mood)
  4. Not so bad/Not bad. (Negative mood)

Note –

  • Always say “thanks” with your reply. For example – “I am fine, thanks.”
  • And it is considered good if you ask the other person about his wellbeing in reply. For example – “I am fine, thanks. What about you?” You can ask –
    • What about you?
    • How are you?
    • And you?


Introducing yourself It could be in this way –

“Hello, I’m Shikha.” (More common)


“Hello, my name is Shikha.”


“I would like to introduce myself/Let me introduce myself, I am Shikha from India.” (More formal)


The reply should be –

“Hello, I’m John.”


“Hello Shikha, I’m John.”


“Nice to meet you." /pleased to meet you. /How do you do?, I am John from London.”


Introducing other people Some phrases to introduce others is –

“Shikha, have you met my cousin John?”


“Shikha, I would like to meet you my cousin/introduce you to my cousin John.” (Formal)


“Shikha, this is John.” (More informal)

The other person could reply as “Nice to meet you”, “Good to meet you” or “Pleased to meet you, John”.


What does it mean?

  1. How do you do? = A greeting can be used in first meeting with someone.
  2. What’s up? = What are you doing?
  3. What’s going on? /How’s life? = What is happening in your life?


You can find more detailed information on the internet about how to introduce in English. This is a really huge topic to discuss in single blog, so I recommend you to research via Google to know more about this topic.

This time, I am going to make my blog, an interactive platform to learn English. Hence, I am giving some exercises below to help you in practicing English.


Practice English

 I would like you to answer these questions –

  1. What is your name?
  2. Which country do you belong?
  3. Introduce someone to me. (It could be your friend/your neighbour/your favourite star, sportsman, etc. or it could be a hypothetical character)

For example – “I would like to introduce you to my friend, Rita. She can speak English very fluently.” (Please don’t give anyone’s personal information and don’t reveal their secrets)

Note - You need to be a registered member there, but don’t worry it’s free. Further, you have to wait for a while, because I moderate it. Hope you can understand why?


  • Write it! – If you don’t want to post in Voxopop, don’t worry, and simply give answers to those questions in the comment box below. (Or you can use Audioboo or Vocaroo also, it hardly matters what is your way of learning.)


Check this also -

Article on 'Greetings' by EC

Thank you!








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Comment by Shikha on December 16, 2011 at 13:38

@ Robbie, Here is my reply - "Hi Robbie, nice to meet you. I am fine, thanks. How about you? Well, I know Mr Bean. I used to watch his comedy series when I was a child." Thanks for the appreciation.

Thanks Kara

Comment by kara on December 16, 2011 at 9:07

thank you Shikha, its really Useful for us..specially in our daily life..:) 

Comment by Robbie on December 16, 2011 at 7:17

Hi Shikha! I'm Robbie, from the Philippines. How are you?

I would like you to meet Mr. Bean. He's a popular comedy icon. : )

This is another interesting topicSaying hi or hello to someone we don't know, is a nice icebreaker! I agree with you, this blog is perfect for new or elementary learners. Keep up the good work and continue to inspire us... : )

Comment by Shikha on December 14, 2011 at 13:30

Thanks Anele, when I was thinking about the topic for beginners' as a first step, this is what comes in my mind.

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