Game #9: Tongue Twisters from A-Z


Tongue twisters are sentences that use many words with the same sound. A common tongue twister is "She sells seashells by the seashore." Say it quickly a few times in a row. The "s" sound is difficult for some learners.

Tongue twisters are useful for English learners for two reasons:
1. You can learn new words.
2. You can practise your pronunciation.

Let's play a tongue twister game together. We will try to get through the whole alphabet, from A-Z! When we are done I will post all of the tongue twisters for MyEC members to try. (We may have to work together to make them grammatically correct. They don't necessarily have to make sense, though.)

How to Play:
1) I will write 5 words starting with the letter "A".
2) The first player to arrive will write a tongue twister using those five words.
3) After writing the tongue twister the first player will write five "B" words for the second player. The second player will write the B tongue twister AND leave 5 "C" words for the third player...
4) Try all of the tongue twisters that came before yours. Read them out loud quickly!

Note for advanced learners: When writing the letter list try to use words other learners may not know. Use at least one noun, one verb, and one adjective.
A: awesome, advantage, accused, alert, aardvark

Player 2:
"The awesome aardvark tried to stay alert after he was accused of taking advantage of innocent animals.
B: bask, basket, beast, brave, blaze
Let's begin! Here are the words for A: acorn, affectionate, anteater, acidic, activate

Who will be the first player?

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Comment by Zahra on December 6, 2009 at 5:35
PS- the last definition before my sentence is the definition to the word "underestimate "
and sorry if the phonetics are not shown properly ...
Comment by Zahra on December 6, 2009 at 5:33
unprecedented adjective
/ʌnˈpres.ɪ.den.tɪd//-t ̬ɪd/
never having happened or existed in the past

ubiquitous adjective
/juːˈbɪk.wɪ.təs//-wə.t ̬əs/ formal or humorous
seeming to be in all places

unanimity noun
/ˌjuː.nəˈnɪm.ɪ.ti//-ə.t ̬i/ [U] formal
the state of being unanimous

[T] to fail to understand how strong, skilful, intelligent or determined someone, especially a competitor is

The ultimate unanimity of the students debating on what to choose as a gift for the teacher who taught them not to underestimate themselves lead them to make an unprecedented decision to gift her back with a ubiquitous ribbon on which was written the teacher's own statement :"Who I am does make a difference !".

Next: wander ,wonder ,wound ,wind (v),wrap up .
Comment by Aali on November 29, 2009 at 13:39
A Tory member shed tears in ecstasy after he was awarded a torn tapestry for all the tearaway efforts he did to put an end to Iraq war.

Comment by Suela on November 29, 2009 at 13:35
Hi teacher ...
I think the possibilities of the words given here for each one are not being well exploited, since we are giving only one example. Because of this, I dared to write more than one. It is like a brainstorm. At least you can choose the " "less bad"

A sentimental, sarcastic snake was sipping sugar water

.It is sarcastic to say, but you are as sentimental as a snake sipping sugar water.

That sarcastic snake was sipping sugar water pretending to be sentimental.

It is sarcastic that in a sentimental story appears a snake sipping sugar water.

Sipping water with sugar is a sarcastic way to answer to that fake sentimental snake.

Althought sarcastic , he is sentimental and he likes to see snakes sipping sugar water.

Sipping sugar water the snake left a sarcastic , but sentimental lesson.

It is sarcastic and sentimental to say that snakes were sipping sugar water.

Sarcastically talking, sipping water and eating sugar is not a sentimental way to live.

Next : Tatty, thorn, threat, twiddle, twirl
Comment by Bill the English Teacher on November 28, 2009 at 15:34
It appears r is next in line. So here is mine.

Random rational and irrational thoughts roar in my brain like a rowdy, noisy rooster running and crowing through rough terrain.

sentimental, snake, sipping, sugar and sarcastic
Comment by Zahra on November 28, 2009 at 7:15
Hi Josef ...
Thanks for your contribution...We are moving from A to Z though ...But no problem ...
I make a sentence with the group of words you have offered...

Getting board on the praams to start the pilgrimage ,on principle ,was preceded by some practical precautions to prevent from the false fear of getting drown in the sea .

after the letter q :
Next : random,rational,roar,rooster,rough

Comment by Josef Essberger on November 28, 2009 at 6:46
The quite quarrelsome quadruple quelled without quantifying.

Next: practical, praams, precaution, precede, priniciple
Comment by Tara Benwell on November 23, 2009 at 14:31
Zahra: You taught me some British slang! I didn't know the expression "doing porridge" until now. It makes sense because prisoners typically ate a lot of porridge.
Comment by Zahra on November 22, 2009 at 9:44
Portraying a man doing 15 years porridge due to a dreadful act of shooting at an attic full of kids ,Dani ,though being plausible, pledged not to do any other pointless act of shooting with his gun in the country which he was used to !

meaning of the words used in my sentence :
porridge (PRISON)
a period of time spent in prison:.

portray: PLAY, act the part of, take the role of, represent, appear as; formal personate

plausible: DISAPPROVING describes someone who appears to be honest and truthful, even if they are not:

pledged : PROMISE, vow, swear, undertake, engage, commit oneself, declare, affirm, avow.

next group of words >>>quarrelsome,quite,quadraple,quell,quantifying
Comment by Suela on November 14, 2009 at 17:14
Almost oblivious she posted his obituary in front of obelisk of oak, as if she was obligated to do so.

portray,porridge,pointless, plausible, pledge

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