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People often debate the value of formal education. Some believe leaving school and going to work before graduation has advantages. Others believe success will come from staying in school. How important do you think a high school education is in today’s society? 

  In my opinion, the purpose of high school education is to develop skills that will allow you to find a good job or create wealth through your occupation. In that way, it is a kind of long-term investment that costs money and time.Like any investment, it has risks, you can end up with no job or being unable to make money using the knowledge you learnt at school and being forced to work in a completely different industry where you may be paid peanuts. There is a certain number of factors that can influence success after being graduated. One of them is being able to adapt to the demand of the industry you're intend to work in and to apply efficiently the theorical knowledge you learnt at school, and unfortunately that matter is not taught at school, it really depends on your character and adaptability. Another one is how passionate you are by your major, if you really love what you do, there is great chance that you'll be successful. but in reality, many young people don't quite know what they want to do after school. I think for indecisive people, staying in school may not be the best option. They should go to work sooner, figure out what sort of occupation they'd like to do and then have the adequate training. In another hand, completing a high school education may open you many work opportunities even in industries not related to the major you studied or can give you the possibility to continue your study during your career.

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Comment by moh abd ALRhman on November 23, 2012 at 13:17

hello thomas

I agree with you partially maybe  we do what we are love will success but  success way is to long and maybe we hold in the way that we think we will success in it but after time will discover we are not in the right side and I think as what I do I finished my university study and after that I was working what I love to work and if i will noticed there is no way to success i will trying to find job appropriate with my certificate I think it is safe way we should follow it

thanx for this nice topic 

Comment by Thomas on November 23, 2012 at 1:51

Hello Tara and thank you for your encouragements!

Ace comment ni∂α! Thank you! I really appreciate how structured your answer is. Sorry for my chaotic writing style, it's been a while since I've left high school;).

The reason why people go to high school probably depends on their own goals in life, but I believe for most of us, it's above all a way to improve life quality and especially in a material manner. Yes, Education and knowledge is a very important part of any society but why a formal systemic education should be the only way to get educated ? You can develop extraordinary skills and accumulate a great deal of knowledge through your life without setting foot in high school.

  We all have heard before that knowledge taught in high school/university doesn't fit with needs of industries and, in some countries the solution adopted was apprenticeship or internship. That's a great progress and it can work for some people but does it make you better a worse human being to complete your studies? Not necessary. Actually, school may even curb your mind and your creativity because of its rigidness and systemic teaching style. If Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg hadn't dropped out of school to pursue their projects, implementing their own non-academic angle of view, would they have been better for the society or better human being ? What about Emile Zola, a french author, who failed his baccalaureat, the french high school final examination, and now we are forced to study his novels in high school (I'm French), how ironic is that!!:)

Comment by nida on November 22, 2012 at 21:53

Great blog, Thomas!

I do agree with some points but I completely disagree with others. I don't know what has made people, who are against formal education/completing studies/finishing school, think that people go to school only to learn ways to earn money! Don't they think going to school makes people better human beings? Do they think there's no difference between people who complete their studies and the people who leave school earlier with their studies unfinished? Do they think life is all about earning? Don't they see that educated people receive more respect from society?

In my personal opinion, nobody else needs to agree with it, education is very very important. Education balances your life and widens your horizons. Educated people, at most of the times if not at all times, have better opportunities for getting good jobs. Educated people can manage their lives and families well. They can take better decisions for their children.They know more about latest technologies. In short, they can keep up with the times and walk in step with rest of the world. On the other hand, the uneducated people have limited opportunities in life. They can't even hope to climb the social ladder. They are not aware of their rights as an individual and are often exploited for lack of this awareness. And they always have lesser opportunities to get good jobs.

In today's world, developed countries have higher literacy rates as compared to underdeveloped countries. I personally think, it's not because the countries are developed so they have higher literacy rates, instead I think because they've higher literacy rates that's why they are developed countries. And you know that it's a huge difference in being a developed country or being an underdeveloped country.

I agree with some points. Like for example, many young people don't quite know what they want to do after school. The simple answer is "career counseling". I know that most of underdeveloped countries don't provide any such service to their young people. That's really a big problem and governments should take appropriate measures to provide such services to young people.

I also agree on the point that sometimes after finishing their studies, people don't get the kind of the job they deserve or are not paid enough so that they could live an easy life. But you know, there isn't anything that is PERFECT. This is life and you're here to take risks. And I think it's still much less riskier than being uneducated. Being uneducated is the biggest risk in itself.

Anyways, thanks for your nice, thought-provoking blog, Thomas! I enjoyed both reading and commenting on it.

Comment by Tara Benwell on November 22, 2012 at 14:40

You make some great points here! Great writing! I hope you will inspire other members to weigh in on this debate.

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