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There are a number of phenomena in human wold today which owe their existence to the unexpected and unprecedented advancement in science and technology; and one of them is electronic media. No doubt about the fact that media in its electronic form is one of the most incredible phenomena in this modern age in terms of providing cheaper and faster information to people. I must say that even lexicographers would flounder for words if it comes to say something in the praise of electronic media and its role in this present era. It is the window to unlimited information and knowledge for people from all walks and stages of life.

Despite all this there is a flip side as well to this modern age wonder which makes us to deplore over its invention. One of the most deplorable aspects of this form of media is that it exposes the ‘Joe Bloggs’ to glossy and glittering possessions of film stars, sports stars, business tycoons, etc. and allure them towards the dreams of such life. It does create a desire to rise but unfortunately it can not provide the resources to the underprivileged class which are prerequisite to achieve the success in this materialistic world. Mere desire for things can’t provide you access to them, howsoever strong and pure it may be. You need to have certain amount of support to enable you to achieve what you want to. If you think of getting things on the basis of desire only, it will be something like running an automobile on an uphill road without fuel and which every sensible mind will understand is next to impossible at least for a mortal man.

This unequipped and uncalculated pursuing leads the aspirants to failure and which consequently leads the kindled hearts to the deepest and the darkest layers of frustrations. When people get exposure to affluent life through media, they become extremely enthusiastic about it and start thinking of the means to get access to it. Countless youths of our nation who would have been the heroes of their own kinds, end up just as alcoholics or druggists and keep fluttering and swaying aimlessly just as dried leaves and blades due to their unfulfilled dreams which were created in their hearts by media exposure. I have reason to say that the media can educate, it can inform but at the same time it can mislead and misguide.

Another questionable and unjustified side of media is the disproportionate coverage to ordinary and undesirable events and incidents. It goes really disgusting when we see twenty four hour coverage of a Bollywood(Indian film industry) megastar‘s or a politician’s son or daughter’s wedding or divorce. Cricketing stars are also lionised and idolised by media. Sometimes even the perpetrators of as heinous crime as rape, extortion, murder and treachery become heroes through media coverage. All these things give reason to raise fingers at the most powerful and vital source of information i.e. electronic media. Of course media has to make us acquainted with what is happening in the world but that doesn’t mean that the wrong people and incidents should be popularised for the sake of television rating points.

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Comment by Nadira on August 31, 2011 at 6:55

wonderful  blog well presented.


Personally I feel electronic  media  is a boon for  educational  and  for good  entertainment. 

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