Choose the #5 blogs you wrote in EC that you like the most

Look down at your belly: What do you see? Yes, it's your navel. Let's contemplate it!
This is a blog to review our own activity and to find out all the cool stuff we've written in the form of an EC blog!

Think about some of these new (and kind of lost) EC members who are coming here for first time and don't know anything about you or your activity in EC, but you would like them to get to know it: Which 5 blogs would you suggest them to read from your list of blogs if you'd like them to know your 'style' and activity?¿?¿?

So, that's it: Share the links to your 5 fav blogs in a comment or write a blog about it and the reasons you like them, or anything you prefer...  But do it! >:/    Thanks! ^_^    (yeah, bipolarity mode: 'On') 

Okay, seriously, I'd be glad to check the blogs you're more 'proud of'... And probably other new members too! :)

Here I share my list:

Top #5 of my own blogs (of 127):

1- 20 Things you should say to make the world a better place.
A kid (the Kid President) showing to silly a*s adult ppl how to behave, suggesting us good kind habits... Thanks to him, now I also know what is a "corndog" :D
This blog got lot of views and was shared for an admin in the EC Facebook's site. I guess that was a kind of 'thing' or something since it's not common to see members' blogs shared there. But anyway... I think it was a very nice and cute stuff to share in EC:

2- Guess My EC Member. 
A game-blog I wrote dedicated to some EC active members, in a time when we were into playing lot of quiz games here :P

3- Picture, Movie and Message of the day. 
This is a two for one: Two blogs I wrote talkin' about one of the things I care (and worry) the most: Respect and care for animals and Nature. I've written more other blogs about this subject, but I especially like the messages of these two:  &

4- EC Animated!
A blog where I made animated gifs based on some active members' avatars. I wrote this blog just for fun and for giving a surprise to some friends. And also to make EC people laugh... because that last one thing is another of my fav things to do here.

( In this same subject I'd also add the blog 'Label Yourself':

5- Share Your sunrise and/or sunset!
Just what the title says: A blog to make ppl share pictures of sunsets/sunrises. Pictures taken by themselves, ofc. But it was also just a pretext to make us 'stop' and enjoy the beautiful little things we can see (for free) everyday.  It was also very nice to see lot of people participating:

Thanks for reading... and don't be lazy to participate! 

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Comment by Robbie on Tuesday

Hi, Mary!

How have you been? Thank you for coming up this kind of blog. I would love to bombard you with my writings so here is the link of my top blogs.

It would make me rude if I write all of my thoughts in the comment box so I decided to come up with my own blog. I would understand if I take a lot of your time checking out my list. Nevertheless, I appreciate your idea.

Wishing your 2018 full of creativity and happiness! :P


Comment by Tanya on Tuesday

Dear Mary, I will gladly take part. It has been hard for me to choose only 5 blogs but I managed to  succeed at last.

1. National Ukrainian handicrafts, some more history and architecture.

2. Kiev is on fire. Who is guilty?

3. My new writing challenge: to be up to.

4. Find the correct preposition.

5. Let’s discuss and estimate your fables.

Comment by MARY on Sunday

Thank you guys for picking and sharing your favorite blogs. I know it might be not easy when some of you have more than a hundred of blogs published, but that's why it's also a good exercise to review our own work and be more choosy. Thanks again for participating :)

Mishaikh, yeah, I guess our first blog is kind of especial, I'm also very sentimental with that.

I had a rough idea about your 'controversial' blogs, but I'm not the one who can say anything against controversial topics :P In any case, all your blogs are great writing exercises. Also, knowing that you're one of the most active 'bloggers' here, I know it must have been really hard to pick less than 10 blogs among... 380!

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your list.

Danny! How nice to see you around.
Yeah, I know I'm forcing you to be choosy, sorry! :D

I remember some of your blogs there, like the one of the English Abbreviations (very cool) Your 'Last Confession', or your EC 'Nightmares', haha... And I also like a lot the one about the American Synonyms. It makes me realize that I'm defenitely more used to American English than British...

Anyway, you always give us great blogs and activities so, yeah... the list for your should have been more long :)

Thanks a lot for sharing your list!

Hey Onee! Tired already to write all my 'nicknames'?? haha... Well, don't blame you! :D

I didn't know some of your blogs. The one of Expector's challenge is very funny to read... cool one! :D And the one of the invent word is very funny too... I need some of your words there!! hahaha... I think i remember that challenge but I can't remember to read your blog...

Anyway, I love your selection but I'd pick more of your blogs! You have shared very good stuff here :)

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your list.

Oh, lazy spaniard in da house! Hola amigo Estanis! ...or as Dara Gino would say: 'hola mi guapo amigo!' XD

Okay, okay, 'stop the comedy'! Thanks for dropping by and sharing your links too :) I know you don't write blogs very often but when you do, they always worth :)

But... the good thing about you writing few blogs is that I remember the blogs you shared (I can see my comments in two of them) so... What else can I say? :)

Very good stuff, but you've some other blogs you'd have added too... Learn from me not to be so humble! :D

Comment by Estanis on December 10, 2017 at 12:50

Undoubtedly Mary style... Although time consuming this time.
By other hand you made me reread your five blogs, part of some replies here and browse the comments. It feels good anyway :)

You know I'm not a good blogger so I'll just select this three ones:

(nostalgic mode)

(poet mode)

(just one year ago!) suitable for this season :D

Comment by Onee-chan on December 10, 2017 at 10:08

Dear MARY Conseula,, :))

Here are blogs I like the most. Expecting you and dear friends here take a visit and share their view, in case they haven't read them. ^_^ Thank you.

1) I Want You

This is my old poem and old story, but I like the SUPER melancholic words in the poem. :D

2) Writing Challenge: New Enthusiasm

This is the blog for Expector's writing Challenge. I really like this encouraging blog. :)

3) Writing Challenge: Invent a Word

This one is also my favorite, because I invented some English words, and sometimes I use it somewhere so people will also use it. LOL..

4) Cleft Sentence: Reflection

I wrote this blog in order to make an important short message to the world. Peace greetings! LOL...

5) In the Classroom: The Universe

I made this blog so seriously. I just love it.

Please visit them, my friends....^_^

Comment by Danny Clark on December 9, 2017 at 15:28
Comment by Danny Clark on December 9, 2017 at 15:02

Dear Mary, it is a great idea! I believe many EC members will join you. We all write blogs for others to read them. However, to choose only five from almost 150 is not easy for me. But I will try to do my best to give others the right idea about my activities on EC as well as about my personality.

Thank you very much for the given opportunity!

Comment by Mishaikh on December 7, 2017 at 14:59

Here is another one which I count to be in a controversial category:

Comment by Mishaikh on December 7, 2017 at 14:39

Mary your idea enticed me.  Here I am:

Why I like this blog of mine?  Because this is my very first blog I wrote many years ago and posted on the other forum.  I posted it here on April 3, 2014 in response to one of Tara’s writing challenge. Everyone loves more his first-born baby.

I used to visit a very cozy café with my friends and sit there for long.  After a long time I learned that the café was a pick-up point for those high ups who did not like to reveal themselves and the girls were escorted to their places. The idea of ‘Café’ was born long after when I started writing, and posted it on another forum, a lady from Italy sent me massage, “MI, tell me about this girl more, I want to help her!” I was shockingly delighted how a real impact I have created in the very beginning of my writing.  I explained to her that though such things are happening everywhere but my story is a fiction.

There is another reason for making it my one of the favourites, that the Admin of EC has put it on my front page. It is there since I posted it on October 30, 2013. Lady Anne, as I remember correctly, said it happened to be her favourite of my blogs.

I posted it in replies to one of Tara’s writing challenges.  This based on a true story which I read in a columns of local Urdu Newspaper long time ago.  This story was also published in a college magazine, where my wife was a principal.  I posted it here on EC on February 1, 2014

This is one of my most controversial blogs. There are others, too like:


Following is the blog I like because it was banned by Tara because of a controversial word, which In Tara’s opinion might offend a class of people. She allowed me to post this blog when I changed the word. 

I can give links of many more, I have written so far 380 blogs posted here on EC.

I hope readers would enjoy, even reading again.

Comment by Onee-chan on December 6, 2017 at 23:58

Great idea, MARY..! ^^ Sometimes, it is very useful and entertaining to read old blogs....

I won't be lazy to participate, but at this moment.... ^^

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