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Challenge # 2 : Chatting with Multiple id's and verbal abuse

It is  refreshing indeed  to  see  a new format  at  the chat room  making  it more difficult  for those of whom to make  problems  on the mains

There are many good  advanced  and  fluent  speakers  who keep away  as  there is only  aim less chatter and  natter  most  of the  time. Of course  no one  can be  serious  all the time  and can be expected  to . I may be  wrong  correct  me  if  I am so and  it  would  be  ideal if  you could  share as a  blog an interesting topic you had  chatted or read on the mains. Today I had  a pleasant  surprise  to chat  with our  Administrator  Tara  Benwell  and  we members  discussed  ablout   food  under the heading  # Food chat .  there  are many who intervene  so  as  not  to make  it confusing  #Food  chat (heading  or any other  heading ) is  used  after  the comment . We  spoke  for a great of  length  of time where  members  gave their  view on the specific  subject

I came across  the other day a member  with  multiple id so  I reported  it to the Administration  as  no  sincere member  will have  double  or  multiple  id unless  he/ she is  bundle of mischief  :)
Have  you had  the experience  of  such  members  if  so  do report  I will not  ask  you to mention  names  as that is  atrocious  :)
Verbal  abuse  is not good  manners  at  all , more  important  it  reflects onthe  individual  and furthur more  it  should  reflect  bad  on My EC  chat  moderated  room , as  this  is not a place  to throuw ones  dirty  linen (proverb)

Have  you had  any experiences ? If so do share  it  with  us and do  keep in mind   you have  the privilege  of  ignore  button  to push  the individual  away , be  it  on private or at the mains  as I understood  from our  Administrator Tara Benwell's  Blog  ref

One  should  keep in mind to be nice  on  the mains  and keep it  English  Only  on the moderated  chat ,so that  it will be  a chat  well received  and  gained  :)

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Comment by Bimal on October 14, 2012 at 19:47

Dear teacher,

Yes, teacher, I fully agreed with you! What I realized that some people don’t have better understanding about the “purpose” of EC. They must realise before all that EC is an Educational Site. Some just enter into EC site to have a chat with somebody else for fun. The main room is a junior part of EC, but there are so many things on EC to be learned/studied. Really, we have to use main room as a supplementary tool for our English learning. When some people are given a chance, they misuse it and keep “the up side down”. EC members are mature people, and they can’t be infant! So, they should be able to understand the difference between ‘’the freedom of expression’’ and the ‘’freedom of asses’’.

Good Luck!



Comment by Nadira on March 19, 2012 at 16:05

@Expector Smith
It is indeed  apleasure  to be appreciated  , thank you Doctor :)

@Anaou It is my pleasure  any time  , thank you  :)

@Hala   Absolutely  learning  a language  through entertainment  and fun  is  far more effective  for the learner and also the lover of  English  and thank you dear  for leaving your sweet  trace.

@Muhammad Kauser Alam Thank you for the appreciation 

@Music  Happy to note  it   and thank you Mu
@Hello kyuri
thank you for your sweet  comment and appreciation .
My pleasure and thank you for your  appreciation 
Thank you dear
Dearest  K  my pleasure  and thank you for the appreciative  comment :)


Comment by Yasemin on February 27, 2012 at 19:35

When I see those members, the first thing I do is to warn them, then report them. But, I haven't met people who use more than one ID. In fact, I can guess who have several IDs to abuse the site, but I can't prove it, yet.

Thanks Nadira.

3ihpo5jw7z3iu Comment by 3ihpo5jw7z3iu on February 25, 2012 at 8:50

hello Mrs.Nadira

thank you very much for this useful blog at the first. I would like just to add a little idea....

not all who have double IDs are annoying members... coz I know more than one here who have double IDs. and all of them are very active and precious here... one of them has been disturbed very badly till she decided to change her ID and to use another one... and as a result she is using both of her IDs now, and she is very active and useful here......

anyway, the main idea is "Verbal abuse" and unfortunately it exists in a way or another...

I appreciate the efforts of EC teams to keep this place clean and  useful for the learners... I remembered once there was a newcomer in chatroom, but unfortunately she was disturbed at the first time she was here in EC... alas I didn't see her anymore after that... it's a very bad and cruel manner to inspire our newcomers such these problems when they come at the very beginning....

thank you again... and best wishes for EC and its precious team ^_^ 

Comment by Muhammad Kauser Alam on February 25, 2012 at 4:45

good job.......

Comment by Hala J.M on February 24, 2012 at 16:50

It's a useful  way to make the chatting room a place to communicate in an interesting  topic .

I  appreciate what you always  do to make EC more helpful in a creative new way, and of course dear you are not wrong ,we can't be serious all the time .I think teaching the language with some intertainment and fun is so important .

Thank you :)

Comment by Anau on February 24, 2012 at 3:55

good think Nadira, thank you...i m one of learner want to improve my english. and i think by talking about specific and topic focused could made our english improv. Thank you Nadira...hope could best friend with you.....:)

Comment by Expector Smith on February 23, 2012 at 11:14

Great job, Nadira! I hope we can make the chat room a pleasant place!

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