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"Happiness is a dead cell phone battery."

God really is the greatest artist. One looks at nature and you realize this.

It's all around us. In the smallest of things to the sound of songs performed by birds. The vivid detail and fragrance of flowers. The fragrant breath of pine, fir, cedar, and poplar trees. From the blue dreamy sky to the glorious mountains. You just have to open your mind and go out into nature and it will take you in. In it you can tap into your own self. One can get a real understanding of their own beauty. Peel back the endless layers of the beauty that God created in us.

This is one reason it's terribly sad to see people just staring at their cell phone screens. Walking aimlessly. They're missing the point. The big high definition picture. They want to live. They want to feel. All they really need to do is lift their heads. Walk proud. Look all around. How spectacular is this?

iPads and devices have their place. We could talk about the wonderful library one has at their fingertips. An endless resource of materials and knowledge to build our minds. Or we can talk of the 86% of people that use it for porn.

It's nice to get information in a heartbeat. But it's troublesome to see so many folks bury their lives in facebook and other social networks.

Technology is great when used properly. Or it can take one down a dusty back trail to nowhere if one isn't careful.

Just something to think about.

--- Copyright© 2010 Miles Patrick Yohnke - All Rights Reserved.

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Comment by Irina on December 5, 2010 at 7:18
Hello my friend! Thank you sharing your bright ideas. Everyone should protect and improve nature, to plant trees, not to cut down trees, not to pick flowers in the forest or in the field, not to do any harm to our "lesser" brothers- animals: not to throw wastepaper or hitter into rivers or lakes or anywhere.

I 'd like to be over by poem"My Motherland"

When down the Volga i go sailing,
And seagulls sail the sky above,
I hear a song of joy unfailing
To those green banks the land i love.
Comment by deuce666 on December 4, 2010 at 19:08
I love you for this phrase..."Happiness is a dead cell phone battery." You can't even imagine how much I want to throw my phone away sometimes. Have you noticed that when you take a picture of some very familiar place to you , suddenly you notice that it's very beautiful but when you see it every day it seems to you to be trivial and not interesting? Just stop sometimes for a while and survey this wonderful world surrounding you.

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