ANGRY WORDS ( A game to play in the EC main room )


A game to play in the EC main room

This is a simple game to improve the vocabulary background of all the players.

In this word game the leader passes some clues:

1-      Some sentences to show the usage of the word

2-      The part of speech that word is belonged to

3-      Frequency of the usage  

4-      Combination of the word with the other part of speeches

5-      If it needs some other  hints

Players should fill the blank with the word.

How to play

Leader's hints :

_ _ _ _ _ _ / 6 letters / (verb, noun)/ Frequency = 5


Used with adverbs:

"They quickly _ _ _ _ _ _ed to make a decision."

"Everyone _ _ _ _ _ _ed around."

"She carefully _ _ _ _ _ _ed the necessary items."

"She _ _ _ _ _ _ed the people together."

"The train rapidly _ _ _ _ _ _ed speed."

Used with verbs:

"Her plan started to _ _ _ _ _ _ momentum."

Used with prepositions:

"They _ _ _ _ _ _ed around the fire."

"They are _ _ _ _ _ _ing for a meeting."

Used with nouns:

"A crowd _ _ _ _ _ _ed around the stage."

"Demonstrators _ _ _ _ _ _ed in front of City Hall."

"She _ _ _ _ _ _ed her bags and got off the train."

"He _ _ _ _ _ _ed his composure and continued to speak."

"They _ _ _ _ _ _ed the harvest and store it in the barn."

"We need to _ _ _ _ _ _ wood for a fire."

"They are still _ _ _ _ _ _ing evidence in the case."

"Her ideas are _ _ _ _ _ _ing a following."

"The runner began to _ _ _ _ _ _ speed."

"They are _ _ _ _ _ _ing data for their project."

The answer is GATHER 

Goal of the game :

As you see after following some examples of the usage of a word it will be easy to guess its meaning and this is the best method to  learn the meaning of  words.

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