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Confidence is a feeling that makes you think that you are capable of doing something with ease and calmness. It makes you optimistic and pleased with yourself. It can also be a plus for you to enjoy doing things and enjoying life. But confidence is not the feeling where you think you are superior to others. That is not real self confidence.

I'd and like to discuss confidence from this angle and how confidence influences success. As you know, there are a lot of important factors for achieving success. Some factors are out of your control, even if you don’t realize the critical factor. But you must know that confidence is always crucial for your success. So many people can be more confident, most parents can manage to make their children feel more confident by praising them. But as a matter of fact, a lot people feel that they are not confident enough. Why? Maybe most people have a wrong idea about confidence. What is confidence? Most people will answer that confidence is when you think that you are better than others. Confidence is that you feel that you are the best one. Do you know why there are so many people lacking confidence and so many people thinking that they are not as good as others? It's because many people think that they are better than others before.

If you think that you are better than others, you must come to the conclusion that you should be more successful than others, that you should be the most successful. This is a problem. As you know, confidence is not the way of success, confidence doesn’t mean success, it doesn’t equal success These days, a lot of success is due to your outstanding ability. IQ is an important part of your ability. You inherit most of IQ from your parents. Therefore, your confidence can’t change it. For some, success that is primarily dependent on IQ, makes you think that you are better than others and can make you feel more frustrated.

Ultimately, self confidence is a feeling that makes you think that you will do better after your efforts, a feeling that you can know more over time, a feeling that you can change yourself to adapt to the environment. Confidence also concerns your own attitude to life., Being calm and analysing yourself leads you to know know what your weaknesses and what is your strong points are. As you know, psychological analysis always has an important influence on success. So confidence should make you being strong psychologically. The purpose of self confidence is to maximize your ability and future potential. Remember that self confidence has nothing to do with other people because it has to come from within yourself.
Good bye , Mohammed Al-Falleh

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Comment by Mohammed Al-falleh on October 8, 2009 at 20:34
thanks arture for this nice word .
have anice time .
Comment by Artur on October 8, 2009 at 19:23
Congratulations... very good text !!
Comment by Mohammed Al-falleh on September 23, 2009 at 15:21
Dear, FMN
Thanks alot for this nice share.
Everybody have different opinion about the confidence
i am with you of if the parents does not interest and support of the children confidence , they will decrease the level of child confidence by himself .
thanks again for your comment
Have Anice time .
Comment by Forget-me-Not on September 22, 2009 at 21:03
Hello Mohammed,

I think self confidence is something we already have when we are very little children. Parents have a huge role to play about this. If they always tell their child not to do this or that because he/she is going to get hurted, or because it is not going to work, the kid will lose his/her self-confidence. Kids need to be supported in what they do, they have to be pushed to do more and not to quit after a try.
They have to be told they are good in what they are doing (but corrected if they are doing wrong). Then while growing older, they will keep their 'little child's self-confidence'.
I don't think the IQ has something to do with self-confidence. Many people who have a high IQ have serious problems to get adjusted to people around them, even more when they are in school.
And yes, i agree confidence helps to be psychologically stronger.

Self-confidence is very important in someone's life, it makes everything easier, because to believe in oneself is the key of many succes.
Thanks for this post .


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