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Dear friends,

Once I ran into a nice statement and it went deep into my heart and touched it. I stopped for a while and thought. It is typical of me to overthink when I find a reason for thinking. After that, I find it a good opportunity to put the pen to the paper or my fingers to the keyboard and let my thoughts flow on a piece of paper or the computer screen. Those sentences goes right below (Note: These words may seem repeating and boring. But these are the thoughts passed through my mind for a while and I felt like sharing them with you.):

“Some people assume that they have lots of problems in their lives. As a result, there is no time and energy left for them to talk to God and worship him. But the opposite is true. They are in trouble and misery since they don’t talk to God, don’t call him, and don’t beg him for his help.”

Well. Religion is nothing but a set of thoughts and teachings or a guidebook that persuades us and lets us know how to have a healthy lifestyle. I’m not pointing to a particular religion in this blog. I am talking about any religion that teaches us good traits and actions—a religion which is in favor of humanity and every positive action and behavior.

But why religions provide us with some rules and teachings and ask us to be obedient to them? Does God really need our worshiping? What are these religious teachings and rituals for?

These teachings and written words in scriptures are for us to know how to live a good life. Every sin to which we are warned by our holy books is unhealthy for us. Can you name a sinful act that is not against our health? Jealousy, arrogance, violence, cruelty, wrath, and et cetera are unhealthy for us, aren’t they? Each one may cause negative feelings to us or have negative outcomes in our personal or social life. Reversely, positive traits like generosity, kindness, affection, sympathy, patience, and so on, are more compatible with our nature (Al-Fitrah) as a human. We believe that God (literally speaking) has inhaled from His soul into the humans' souls. It is meant that we naturally like the positive traits at our hearts. And we don’t feel good when we do or face a sin. But we may fail to obey God and commit sin. Since it’s typical of human beings to get used to things they are dealing with routinely. Some feel neutral towards some sins and they don’t feel bad about them after a while. In other words, their hearts are dead and they cannot realize the negative feelings they experience after repeating and repeating sinful deeds.

To put in the nutshell, God doesn’t need our worshiping but we need it. There is no one kinder than God to His creatures. We believe that mothers’ or fathers’ loves, for example, are the strongest loves that are unconditional and heavenly. It will give an idea on how kinder the creator of these precious gifts (for example, love) could have been. He is the all-affectionate, the all-merciful, the all-benevolent, and etc to the human beings; and He encourages them that He forgives them if they truly and regretfully ask Him for His forgiveness.

That’s why He states:” اِن الله يُحبُ التوابين و يُحبُ المُتطِّهرين

If someone asks God for His forgiveness at the bottom of their hearts, God will purify them and their hearts as if they have not done that sin.

We have to keep in mind that He is always here and there waiting for us. It is our own choice to take the first step and call Him.

Thanks for reading.

Hurieh, July 7th/ 2016


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Comment by Hurieh yesterday

My correction: any religion!

Sounds like I lost my skills at commenting!

Comment by Hurieh yesterday

Dear Laboni,

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment.

Dear Baho26,

Thanks to you too. Yes, I agree. That's probably why I moved to writing scientific papers and stopped publishing blogs here lately. (winking)

I'm kidding actually. You know, I'm told that I'm great at writing scientific papres. (If you doubt this and assume I'm bragging, ask dear Paula please...hahahaha. So, I write and translate articles as a hobby (for me, of course). And I come here sometimes to ask our native speaker friends to read my texts and comment.

Anyway, I ask pardon from whom they got mad, offended, or bothered by my blog. They were only thoughts which crossed my mind someday. I want everyone knows that I didn't mean to question or denounce any religious. 

Stay happy and fine all.

Comment by Baho26 on Monday

thanks for sharing hurieh. but i think its not good to share about religion in this site. maybe some of people here were offended by your post.

Comment by Laboni on Monday

Nice blog.You beautifully described great thought in here. thanks for sharing.

Comment by WinnieThePooh on July 19, 2016 at 11:54

if someone believe on your bare word it would be perfect religion,
but reality shows a divergence in actual facts.

Religion let people kill other by stones (sharia court).
Flout women's rights.
Acquit killing people who believe other faith.
Religion inhibits progress. (easy to see if there are not secular states, there is not technical progress.
it is not need for religion fanatics who lead naive people in dark of the Middle Ages)
more then people religion then more they outdated (where are great scientists from islamic world, who do scientific success?, suspect they were intimidated or killed)
So, here i can see your glossy words, in real world i can see bad result.

Comment by bahman on July 9, 2016 at 13:30

thank you .

Comment by ELF-Noor on July 9, 2016 at 7:02

Nice blog, great thoughts.. agree with you in each point..

Thanks for sharing your thought with us...

BTW AG I wish for you that MAY your wishes comes true AND May your wish be stronger then her wish..  XD

Comment by AG on July 9, 2016 at 4:38

For trying to be nice, hehehehehe.... OMG, I am not even nice.... Never mind, I promise you that I will keep trying, hahahahahahaha:D

PS: wishing is something we are free with making it :) for example, I may wish I would marry the girl that I love.. but maybe she would wish to marry another guys :)) I can't rob her freedom and force her to marry me in this case.. but also she can't rob my wishing that I can only be free to possess :) plus, I think if she is strong enough towards the things that she wants to have, then my wishings can not do her anything neither good nor bad :)

if you are an atheist and you are convinced it's true... then I will understand if you wish me happiness from your point of view.. at least I care about the intentions more...  

I wish you could understand my wishing from this point of view.. if not, then I will keep them for myself and for Hurieh :P 

Now, leave it and tell me again :D what about this new trial? Good.. bad.. OMG, I started fearing your nervousness :X hehehehehe, wish you consider me as a friend regardless to everything as similar as I consider you :) 

Comment by Gerardo Gordillo Muñoz on July 9, 2016 at 0:52

About a religious theme!!

"But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg" Thomas Jefferson

Comment by MARY on July 9, 2016 at 0:02

Hello Hurieh,
You don't need to apologize; as I said, I don't have anything against you or your blog and I can see now that you didn't have any bad intentions with your words. I know you're a nice and respectful member here and probably I shouldn't have showed my 'irritation' in your blog. I don't like to put my nose in anyone's business and usually I try to avoid blogs or discussions related with religion. But on the other hand, I like the topic and I like to read about everybody's opinion here, and more than once I've read things like that line you wrote. Again, I don't have anything against your blog, it's ONLY about that line, but I know you didn't realize it could be offensive for some people.

Look, it happens to everybody: Sometimes we are so focused on our own 'world' that we don't realize there are things we do or say that aren't too 'appropiate'. I assure you I'm the first one with a super big mouth and I should shut up more than once. But it's good to learn from our mistakes and remember that we are not 'alone': There are more 'worlds' out there than our own.

I'm sorry if I made you feel bad Hurieh, my words shouldn't have been so 'harsh', but it's just that I was already fed up of reading similar text lines by other members here before and I paid it with you and that's not Ok 'cause you didn't deserve it. You see? we all make mistakes, but we learn... That's how it should be, at least.


AG, thanks for 'respect me' as you say.
But knowing I'm atheist you can omit that about the hereafter. The same way that, knowing you're muslim, I'm not gonna be like "AG, I wish Buddha and the Holy Spirit bless you". Do you get what I mean? But thanks for trying to be nice.

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