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My ten-year-old daughter was excited to take this month's writing challenge, too! She wrote this story tonight. She surprised me when she said: "It's a love story." 

A Love Story by JP

a length of rope
a strange light shining in the dark
a full restaurant
a divorced couple

About a week ago, a young man named Bob brought his wife, Lindsey, to a restaurant. He wanted to do something special with her because that night was the night when he was going to announce that he loved somebody else. Yes, it had to be the night, because though he had been trying to tell her for weeks, he kept putting it off. And he had already circled the date on the calendar to let her know that night was date night. The restaurant was very full.

"This place is packed!!!" Lindsey yelled over the noise. Finally, one family finished their dinner and the table opened as soon as it was cleaned. The couple sat down and Bob started to explain his wish for divorce. Lindsey covered her face and ran off before Bob had finished. Bob punched in Kate's number on his cell phone- Kate was the girl he'd fallen for. Her voice was muffled over the phone, but Bob could make out the statement that declared she agreed to meet him at the cinema to watch the new movie: Supermodel Fake. At the cinema, Bob realized that he felt bad leaving Lindsey behind for a girl he only picked because she was super-pretty. Kate acted very indifferent and stuck-up at the movies, so Bob wondered why he picked her, especially while he saw the movie was about someone who fell in love with a supermodel that only cared about herself. Bob even caught himself imagining Kate's face on the pretty supermodel in the movie. That night, Lindsey haunted Bob's dreams. He dreamt that Lindsey's face was captured in a strange humongous glow in a world of darkness, and he had to find a path towards her. He woke up screaming and wondering where Lindsey had run off to. He wanted her back, and he got out bed to have some breakfast before searching for her. A note lay on the tabletop:

'I ran away to the Street of Despair. I have no money or chance of getting a home. It always rains there. I miss you. I hope you and your "perfect girl" are very happy together.' ~Lindsey

Bob decided he had to get Lindsey back. And he had the perfect plan. He followed directions to the billboard factory to get something done. Then he rented a helicopter. He tied a slip knot at the bottom of a very long rope- it was about 10 feet long. He texted Kate and told her he was breaking up with her. Bob took the helicopter up over Despair Street and hovered right above where Lindsey was standing. He opened the trapdoor and let the rope tied to the billboard dangle out the bottom of the helicopter. In huge letters the billboard read:


Lindsey's jaw dropped and Bob let a rope ladder down from the helicopter. Lindsey climbed it, and Bob and Lindsey remarried and- just like fairy tale endings- lived happily ever after.



Thank you to Marisa for sharing your Giant Storymaker.

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Comment by Nadira on February 14, 2014 at 16:22

Happy  ending  :)

Comment by Carlos Andres Rodriguez on February 2, 2014 at 22:23

Ohh excellent story, with of course a happy end!!!. You daughter has a great talent like her mother.



Comment by Expector Smith on February 2, 2014 at 0:18


I enjoyed reading this love story - I love the ending.

Comment by Eric on February 1, 2014 at 8:44

Tara, a mother's work is never done. Hopefully, the Canadian winter is treating you well. My own unseasonably warm weather has put a bit of a high pressure front upon all of our members in the spirit of teaching and kindness. May the trade winds blow in your favor. Creativity is never an easy task. The very best of the writers here can speak fluent Chinese while posting with a Russian accent. Some often do so with a bit of a Scottish Brogue. Either way, we all have the ability to write and create beyond belief. Fairy tales are just a beginning to the story.

Our good members know how to write stories that are much better than Hans Christian Anderson's. Perhaps Josef had the right idea back in 1997?

I'm sitting upon your own eight o clock position. The six is well guarded. Hindsight is always 20/20.

There's my sarcastic "two cents worth" for an old friend who knows me well. :)

I always appreciate the sentiment posted by an administrator..."Carpe Diem". It means, "Seize The Day". :)

Comment by Robert on February 1, 2014 at 1:58
So cool I love ,,love stories .. Thanks short and to the point .the grass is not always greener on the other side .. Hee hee ..

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