#1 Exaggeration or awful or something

Learning a new language is an art.We have so many languages in the world.Each and every language has its own unique nature and importance.Sure we are fluent in our native language.We can mould and alter the words and sentences in any way since we aware of our native language well.But English is an international language that everyone must know and communicate with different kinds of people.

Suppose, If a learner is studying a new language. The person needs motivation and boosting words and should tell him/her the significance of the language in a vivid way. We are very fast and active in our native and sometimes talks like a blue streak. But coming to English, We need to think in native then translate it into English.It takes time and feels bit shy and nervy due to lack of confidence.

A learner is learning English day by day and forgets his English due to the lack of practice.Then realized one day and trying to repeat and repeat until he got that particular topic.Then it’s time for apply his English in chatting.He was making text with all with simple words and he doesn’t know more.By observing all chatters, he is chatting more and more to learn something and enjoying fun too. He improved a little after few weeks and unfortunately, he is trying new words and sentences next one stranger did comment on him “ Your English is awful and horrible, you better leave this place.”.He was upset for few days and then trying to learn new vocabularies and phrases. Again another stranger commented on him “You don’t have a sentence structure and offended him”. But one fine day one person came and jazz up his mind like a rainbow in the sky. He is encouraging and correcting him whenever the learner asks him doubts.

Learner thought he got a good friend and with his inspiration, he used to read and asking doubts when he encounters any problems in English.His friend address learner’s question. He used to do self-learning and so many people degrade him by their words. But learners took them as a challenge and sometimes he used to correct others. A few are thinking he is not making any sense and others are appreciating his strenuous effort.

After few months he came and text with his friends and one of his friends again commented on his “ His English is very peculiar and no one can’t get what he says” and other person replied, “ It doesn’t mean that he sounds harsh, Let him be”.

But the learner didn’t upset of these comments and just think it is best for something.Though he shouldn’t give up English anymore.

After learned a few expressions,he talked with an English teacher with full of idioms and expressions what he knows.Teacher suggested him, “Don’t use idioms or phrase cause people may not aware of these” Learner replied “ I did with only you sir since you know all these things  and I won’t use these many phrases with strangers.”Teacher replied “ haha ,You wanna be a teacher?”.Learner said “ One is never too old to learn,I’m a student forever.

Learner used to correct his friend’s English when he finds mistake. It helps to both him and users as well. Some are thinking it may be exaggeration or something. But no one can denies his enthusiasm towards learning and earning English


Friends, What do you think if a learner say (beginner) uses many words and phrases with you? And what do you correct and motivate him ? What are the boosting and encouraging words you are giving to other learners?

Thanks for reading.

Note: Please correct my mistakes.I should fix to learn from my mistakes.

Have a nice time.
Thank you all.

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Comment by Shekhar on June 12, 2017 at 3:04

SNR, You are welcome.

Hope everything will be well for you. 

Comment by Shekhar on June 11, 2017 at 17:12

Sorry for the delay. 
Thanks for liking and commenting on my blog.

"A piece of cake " Nice expression. 
And we can't say we would always stick to the good side. We have to see the two sides of a coin and admit right things. 

Yes, Speaking is bit harders than writing.
Thanks for your encouragement and hope you too write a lot and develop your skills.
Good luck to you. 

Comment by Shekhar on June 5, 2017 at 8:21


Thank you for your wonderful comment

Comment by Miracle on June 5, 2017 at 6:28

Good Firth Blog 

Comment by Shekhar on June 4, 2017 at 5:53


My pleasure 

Comment by Shekhar on June 4, 2017 at 5:53

Comment by Shekhar on June 4, 2017 at 5:43

Rosemary ,

Thanks for commenting me. It's nice to see your comment. Yes, you are right. "Empty vessel makes much noise ". It is common that some students take it as subject and may not focus on learning. As you said, Many online courses are offering us to learn language by paying some amount. But all the students may not bear the amount. However, Ec is giving best shot we are happy for that.

Yes, Mistakes make man perfect.Mistakes are common but help a lot to set on a right path. It's a trite truism that, some of the learners are feeling down with some annoying words. And chatting helps to improve our writing skills if we set certain goals and it gives fun too. 

Some people have a high grasp power. They learn the things at ease. And some takes time and it fully depends on interest, ability and devotion and utmost important it is to practice thoroughly.

Thanks for your encouragement. I think we have the same wavelength in these to help others and gain and share knowledge. I will also try to leave a comment on other blogs and it is handy to read and realize different opinions. Your English is nice and you can correct me as a learner. 

At first, I'm afraid to write a blog.By seeing blogs I just give a try. I also happy to read your comment, Thank you very much.

Comment by Expector Smith on June 4, 2017 at 3:35

Yes, you can, Shekhar!

Comment by Rosemary on June 3, 2017 at 18:40

Comment by Rosemary on June 3, 2017 at 18:34

      A nice blog . Actually  learning  is a long life process  . If a person claims that's  he knows  everything he really  knows nothing . When it's comes to languages learning  , the problem  lies  in treating language as a school subject.  Thus students learn nothing and get frustrated  . Any language of world is a living creature  that's must have living features  . To obtain all languistical  skills we need to talk in English  even with horrible mistakes  . Because  , mistakes  will put us on the straight path of learning  and lead us to perfection  . Those who aren't  making mistakes aren't learning.  Caring about chatters opinion is complete  madness coz they are killing time in chat rooms or women  and men stalkers.  They aren't there to learn . However  , if anyone wants a help  , he should gets himself a professional language teacher and pay for him . Which most of us can't offord  to do it . Depending on our own efforts  , getting ourself exposed to oral items,  reading and writing.  Talking  , talking and talking  English all the time will help us alot .

      :) I like to help others  but I am not that perfect  in discovering  grammatical or style mistakes  . I always comment on other members blogs or discussions I think they are helping me :) by giving me a space to but my English words on their pages  

         I enjoyed reading ur blog alot :)

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