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Hi, my dear friends! You are right, I have been missing you so badly! Where else can I torture my students without being punished? Where else can I hear such sweet words? Where else can I have such a great Fan Club? Most of all I have been missing the possibility of laughing out at your mistakes although you have always enriched my collection. I was "spying" all the time.

Well, I can't say I am back as I will start working a new job soon and I have no idea if I will be able to enjoy your company as often as I did before. But I am back to tease you, to make fun of your mistakes, to share my nightmares and my dreams with you, to make you smile and learn.

As I am used to performing on the stage, I need the storm of applause now! Well, I AM BACK! Hahaha!

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Comment by Onee-chan on Sunday
Teacher Daaan,,,, congratulationssss!!! And I love your decision,,stay by your lovely wife. How sweet...... Like a fairytale... Hihihi.... *peace.. I'm serious... I'm happy for you. ^_^

You can share your nightmaresss..I'll be ready to read and comment,, but not to really sink here.... :D I need time to rest my brain. Lol...
Comment by Danny Clark on Sunday

Hahaha! I see you want me to write about my new nightmares right after coming back! "Language is so wide", "forget me in the present test".... Are there any problems?

Well, do you think people can't work in Kiev? Don't you know that I left my job at the UF? So, my wife decided to live in Kiev for some time and, as I don't feel like being single, I will stay with her. I have been offered a very good job with an American company here and I agreed.

Comment by Onee-chan on Sunday
Sure, I will eat all up. :D

Yeah, Teacher Dan. Language is so wide... That's not a simple task to master it. *alibi. Please forget me in present test. Haha.... I don't want to torture my brain now.

Wait.... You said you'll start working a new job. But, you're in Kiev... What does it mean...... :)))
Comment by Danny Clark on Sunday

Ohhh! You don't like dolls! Excuse me, dear! If I had known, I would have chosen something different! LOL! But I hope you eat cakes. It is delicious!

My dear, you all have been learning English for many years and still surprise me with your "pearls". How can I speak good Russian if I have been learning it for a year only? And I tell you, Russian is VERY complicated language. Of course, I make a lot of mistakes and they are often funny. But I am learning as I hear Russian speech round a clock.

Comment by Onee-chan on Sunday
How nice souvenir...!!! [rolling eyes] Thank youuuuuu....., Teacher Daaaan. Lol....

But, I skip that doll, :( sorry I don't keep dolls. :D :D

I see, so now tell me if there is still anybody laugh at your Russian speaking. Hihihi....
Comment by Danny Clark on Sunday

My dearest Oneeeeeee! So happy to see you again! In fact, I didn't travel. I came to Kiev with my wife and I am still here. As Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, here are a few Ukrainian souvenirs.

Here is a national ladies' hand- embroidered shirt.

Here is a very famous souvenir called Matryoshka (five-seven dolls in one).

And, at last, here is a famous Kiev cake.

Bon appetit!

Comment by Danny Clark on Sunday

Thank you, dear Expector! Having been teaching for more than 30 years, I am sure that most of students prefer humorous teachers to boring bookworms. EC members remember me due to my tough jokes and my humorous way of teaching. Those who don't like my humor or my believes just stay away. But it is their choice for sure.

Comment by Onee-chan on Sunday
Teacher Dan,,
Where is the souvenirs for me? You seem to have travelled to somewhere. And now you come back. Please don't bring question for me now. Souvenirs... Kkkkkk....
Comment by Danny Clark on Sunday

Thank you, my fair ladies, thank you, guys! Happy to see you all again!



Comment by Expector Smith on Sunday

Wow! Terrific! I'm glad you made such a comeback:)

Obviously, you're still so popular here - becuase they still remember that you beat your brains out teaching or helping them to learn English! You deserve a warm welcome like this!

Not all the native English speakers here are as willing or capable to teach or help them as you are, though not all the members here enjoy the humour or the way you teach. Anyway, you've been trying to help - I truly appreciate it!

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