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(2) Surmounting

1、The Movement of Polarities

On the one hand, the time only exists in the material world. Time generates form the motion of matter. There will be no time without the motion of matter. The food and vegetables stored in the fridge can be kept long because their motion has been greatly reduced. If a car drives 10,000 km a year it will be scrapped 30 years later. However, if it drives 30,000 km a year, I will be scrapped in one year. If a man works hard day and night, ponders day and night, seeks the immediate interest, desires for things eagerly, and finds it difficult to control his temper, he will have shorter life. If he has peaceful mind and peaceful life, he will have longer life, thus surmounting the time. 

On the other hand, because the antiworld has no time, we will make full use of the antimatter energy to break through the limit and constraint of the time. The spirit, consciousness, thinking, belief and soul of human beings are all the antimatters. If we live in the world of these antimatters, time will have no impact on us and we can surmount it. 

The spirit, consciousness, thinking, belief and soul of humans are connected with the whole Negative Universe (the antiworld). “The achievement will be made by your thinking” (by Xue Binyi), “The art of application lies in the heart” (by Taoists), “Tao abides in non-action, Yet nothing is left undone” (by Lao Tzu), “Mind rises from no certain things.” (by Sakyamuni), “The richness lies in the heart rather than the worldly belongs.” (by [url=]Mohammed[/url]), “Your heart is where your treasures are.” (Jesus). We will go where our heart is. Only by understanding the meaning of the above words, we can surmount the time and reach eternality.

2、Go Against the Time

What is going against the time? We see the time as a train and we are sitting on the train. The train move forward and we run backward. When our speed is the same as that of the train, the time halts or we stop the aging. If we run backward faster than the train, we have entered the negative time and can become younger. The speed we talk about is not the speed in the material world. If understand it with the speed of the material world, we can never run faster than the time.

Going against the time is just boating upstream. For the common people, it is difficult because people live in the material world and their tongue, mouth, eyes and nose are manipulated by the materials. In particular, they are heavily constrained by the worldly society, such as the money, fame, beauty, power, the burden of sustaining the elderly and the family, and the daily affairs. And going against the time violates the natural laws, which is an almost impossible task for the common people. They don’t understand it and have no time to practice it. If doing improperly, they will suffer from heavy losses, able to handle their daily affairs or attain the younger age. 

Going against the time is a reverse approach of thinking of senior level. It is quite suitable for the self-improving people in the Buddha and Tao temples. Considering the acceptance of the worldly society, I will not explain it in details. If we are destined to meet, I will explain it to you face to face. 

Time is impartial to everything in the Universe. Hope Allah, ancestor of Buddha, Yahweh and the Greatest Creator will bless you so that you can surmount the time. 

The movement of polarities and going against the time are to lengthen the life so that you have enough time to refine and improve yourself, change the life track and develop your life into the structure in the higher level. When the flesh body dies, the spiritual body of our life and enter a completely new world along the Z axis and through the time-space.

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Comment by rysperski on June 19, 2017 at 15:36

Oi there, folks

  LOL, Zenith, you have been so much active here, aren't afraid that your time will run out in a wink of an eye?

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