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Hi all how are you?

I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I do.

By the way I am suffering from stomache due to my period. I don't fast for 8 days so far.

What disease are u struggling with?

Please share.

Do you to doctor or cure it with medicine only?

I go to my doctor. She is so nice. In fact I teach her son English for olympic in her clinic.

Ok that's all. Have a nice weekend!

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Comment by Luci on June 16, 2017 at 19:30
Well... to go to doctor with period pain? I think many women suffer, depends on intensity of your pain. If you can't stand up, walk.. guess you should better see a doc to check you. However, I suffer every month not just from this pain but also from "mid-pain" as I was diagnosed with endometriosis and I just got used to it :D We are women, we gotta be strong and btw one day I guess you will give a birth so I just wonder how will you face this kind of pain...
What I just dislike is to post a blog - this actually isn't even a blog but some discussion, then disappear and not to react BECAUSE period and pain is gone and you already don't need audience that would feel pity for you...
Call me disgusting whatever but I think this is personal issue not public thing and I don't think it is even suitable to discuss on this website such topics... what will be the next? Painful intercourse?
Comment by Risty (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ on June 12, 2017 at 6:22

Dear Kurniati, as for me I don’t take any medication for this and decided to “feel” the pain, sounds masochistic? No. Haha! I believe menstrual cycle is a woman’s normal body process, it should not be painful. But in case it is, (and I also feel from time to time but not consistent) you should study your diet, and your way of life (e. g. are you physically active person?). If I suffered dysmenorrheal episodes for a particular month I will set a schedule to have an exercise for the next month (Walk /Run/ aerobics/ Zumba), I guess me being a dancer helps a lot because my body moves most of the time.

Watch your diet, eat vegetables and fruits often especially plum. When you feel that pain hot compress will help you to relieve that. Of course, how can I forget----DARK CHOCOLATES!

Another thing, I don’t take any medication because I don’t want my body to get used to this option. Knowing that most painkillers are not organic, thus, our body is designed to endure some pain, I think this one is part of those pains.

I hope you are well now and happy. Btw, this is a woman’s thing so you can make it by all means. :D

Comment by Nomi on June 11, 2017 at 20:55
Comment by MARY on June 11, 2017 at 1:31

Oh nice, now I look like an insensitive *sshole ¬¬
I'm sorry you guys have to go through a period with so many side effects. Fortunatelly, science can provide us with many diff kind of drugs to ease the pain. But it's also true that the pain is pretty much subjective. I might look 'insensitive', but it's just 'cause I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to complain when I feel pain, I can't see how that is gonna help me and I prefer to isolate myself and not to bother anyone. There is not any 'right' or 'wrong' philosophy on this, each of us is different and go through things in different ways.

But I'd like to add that to keep a positive mind is the best thing you can do to go though pain or any disease. I've seen people with cancer who not only do not complain at all but also keep a positive mind that is really loable. That's the kind of ppl I've always in mind when I've to go through difficult moments.

Comment by NotAClue on June 11, 2017 at 0:15

Hi dear Kurniati, Well, I'm one of these "hypochondriacs" too. During my period I have 3 days full of cramps and pain. I have to lay down for the time till the painkillers kick in. My blood pressure is even lower than usually, cold sweat, and I faint often. Funniest thing of all, I once hit my head so badly that I got 12 stitches. I also have my menstruation every 18 days and for at least 7 days long. So, I totally understand you.

In former years my doctor prescribed me oral contraceptive because of the pain, and during these years I had almost no pain at all. Only little cramps here and there. Nothing to complain! I don't know if your religion allows you that. But it helps many women with heavier pain during their period. I can't take them anymore because I already have to take very strong drugs because of a chronic disease.  

It helps me to take painkillers (ibuprofen 800) against the worst pain (maximum 2 times a day for one or two days), hot-water bottle on my lower abdomen, warm (not hot) bath (but it's a bit tricky because it also lowers the blood pressure). When I have no heavy pains, I walk a lot during the day. That is also good to rise a low blood pressure and the mood. (Especially with depression!!)

One last word, dear. There will be always people who don't understand you, lough at you, or don't take your pain serious. If depression or heavy pain during your menstruation ... Don't listen to them! Speak with your doctor, ask what might could help you. Read online about therapy or other things that can help you. And never stop talking to people!

Get well soon!

Comment by MARY on June 10, 2017 at 22:34

Oh btw, just a 'lil detail' to correct: The menstruation is not a disease. You are not sick. You're just a woman.

Comment by MARY on June 10, 2017 at 22:26

Ha! this is funny: I read the title of the blog and I thought (sarcastically) "uhm kurniati writing a blog where she doesn't feel good... let's see if it's about her period again", so I started reading and... Ta-dah! prize for me! XD 

Nice topic for hypochondriacs, Woody Allen would be glad to meet you!

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