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Caution! Could be disturbing for unfree minds!

I wrote it on facebook, but I felt like posting it here too, so:

You are right- in this world just insane people can be happy and cheerful. I've chosen the insanity and with it happiness, joy, luck. And I am a student of life. You've chosen sanity and maturity and with it misfortune, fear and hell. You are a student of death. Our tastes are different! So you can stay clever and appropriate for society and try to please others, but leave me alone with my insanity and unpredictability, don't try to convince me or change me and tell me I am wrong... I can promise you this; what ever I've told you, one day you will know it was the truth, and then you will remember my words again ^^ It always was like that and it won't be different here.

It was Peter Pans fault XD I was in love with him back than, so I promised him to stay a kid forever and not become mature ^^ I always disliked the false world of adults! I've always prefer being in a world of fairies and unicorns and aliens and magic and helping animals than in a world of people who do not know unity and love, who understand nothing from being true and loyal, who are just able to pretend...

Your whole upbringing system creates a fission through the middle of your awareness. You have to show the society, the crowd, the world a certain face- because your true face, they do not need to see, rather it is not allowed to show your true face. You are just allowed to show the face, that society created, that people want to see, that people like and can deal with, a face that is for their ideologies, their tradition acceptable- and your true nature, you have to keep for you and suppress.
That fission becomes so insurmountable, because you have to be most of the time among others, you have to deal with others. And because of fear you stay appropriate. Certainly the mask you wear becomes more and more a part of you, more than your true self. And one day you will forget your true being, as you've forgotten to listen to your hearts...
The society arouse in everyone of you certain fears- the fear of rejection, the fear of get laughed at, the fear of losing the face (ho that's a fitting phrase thahaha), etc.
You have to adapt your self to nothing but blind, unconscious people that live in a world of illusions and you are not allowed to be yourself. That's one of the first traditions you have ever learned and that always was in every corner of the earth...

And you're doing the same with your children, with people around you, with people you like, with animals... They want to stay up a bit longer, you say no. They want to play a bit longer, you say no, eating time, as if the food would go lost. You are taught that you have to obey orders, taught to be unhappy, so you teach your children the same stupid things. Not just your children, your dogs and horses etc
But trust me, we know what is the best, we know if spinach is what our body needs right now or if we just want to sit and look at the stars at night, we still can hear our hearts, till you teach us to suppress them and listen to orders and rules. But our voice inside is the one and best leader! Every animal can hear it, every kid too, but mature people, no... They need their mind to lead them... The mind can't quote all possibilities, the heart can! For example, after deleting a few i have here around 300 people, so there are 3 ways of reacting, in a good, in a bad, in a neutral way and the possibility of even never see that post. and also thousand ways of each of that type to react. my mind wouldn't be able to knwo what will happened after posting that. But my intuition already know who will read, who will inbox and who will like or dislike, without knowing any of the facts i wrote down right now...)
A good relationship between people, between parents and children, between humans and animals is like that: one do not need to play mighty, one have to allow everything, trust, when something happened be there, help if you can. What ever has to be will be, a simple human can't stop it from occurring! If you stop it once, it will occur later, and if you manage to stop it then, well it'll comes again...

Ask yourself; Why do people prefer living the life of death? Is it the comfort zone? Is it because you don't know that you could be immortal, till you say; it is time to move on? Is it fear? Is it fear of the unknown? The "worst" that could happened is dead, so why do you fear anything at all? Why don't you face and deal with your fears? Why do you like to destroy and teach others such shit? I've wrote about it a time ago, but now again: You can lie to yourself about having fears or not, but look in the mirror and the fears you have are written on your forehead! The horizontal wrinkles there are a physiognomiecal sign for a person with fears...
Have you seen your eyes? No fire that burns, no light that reflects at night (except you are drunk or on drugs, than a small reflection occurs), no reflection of the world around you at all, no possibility of getting lost by one look into your eyes, because they are just shallow and don't own depth, most of you wear dead eyes, you've caged your souls to the utmost... This is actually very sad...

Btw. this false face you all wear is created to make you controllable, because of it you are not happy and unhappy people are the easiest to manipulate. You can't make someone who loves life and is happy make obey any orders or rules...
When you manipulate, there is a rule; make their heart yours, by giving things their heart desires and they'll do everything for you... just saying, because all this allegedly free willed people seems to not know this... ♫♪♪ XP

If after reading this, some of you wanna change: Go jump from a high building or air plain (bungee/skydiving/...). Face the fear that you will experience the first time, observe it to the utmost, hear your heart and feel your blood floating, notice your thoughts, etc. apply the monitoring to every other fear that iwll occur, because after noticing true fear, you will know when it shows.
Do things you would never dare to do, even if you feel stupid. Who cares? You will never see the people again, and if, when they make fun, well actually they are the poor one, to pity, so just smile at them and show them the proud of a king even if you just have fun with your dog and jump around... they will get flustered and think about it and then perhaps hate you or envy you for your courage, when they are smart they will follow (thahaha good joke, i am on earth, almost forgot that ><) But if they envy or hate you, they are not worth your time! You are in a elevator and feel like singing? - sing! You are at the shopping mall and hear music and feel like dancing? - dance! Never but! Or just surround yourself by kids and learn from them... So much ways to come back to life!

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Comment by Chesa Art on February 19, 2014 at 9:20


Comment by Sniper Venom on February 14, 2014 at 13:54
But not all the situations can be like each other so that they take the life so...
For lots of ppl, the hell is just in their house; no kid can live like this.
Most of d times life makes u adult; wether one wants it or not.
Comment by Chesa Art on February 5, 2014 at 11:45

Then perhaps for you, it is not the time to know it yet.

Comment by rysperski on February 4, 2014 at 15:53

Oi threre,

  Hmmmm....after reading all that, I still don't know for sure if insanity is an advantage or a setback.....and for whom....

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