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Kenya has a new plan to stop HIV/AIDS

For a long time, Kenya had the “ABC” plan to stop AIDS. With the ABC plan, the government tried to tell people three rules. The first rule was “no sex.” The second rule was “don't cheat.” The third rule was “use condoms.” But, after many years this plan did not work and the number of people with AIDS went up and up.

Now, Kenya has a new plan and it is very different from the “ABC” plan. The new plan is called “SAVE.” First, it will ask people to have “safer sex.” The second part of…


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Cairo Time

Movie Summary:

Juliette is in Cairo and is waiting for her husband. While she is waiting for her husband, she starts liking Tareq. Tareq is a police officer who is with her when she travels inside Cairo.

My thoughts about the movie: Not many Canadian films come to other countries. But, when they come, they are usually great movies. Have you ever seen “Incendies” or “C.R.A.Z.Y”? I try not to miss good Canadian movies that come to me. “Cairo…


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Lots of prostitutes in the news!

Did you hear the news about the CIA and prostitutes? This week Obama went to South America for a large meeting with Latin American friends. During the trip, Obama's CIA agents had some fun with prostitutes. Prostitution is legal in Columbia if it happens in a “legal zone.” But, prostitution in the US is illegal in 49 states and legal in .....Read more

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Do People from Barcelona hate tourists?

Spain has one of the largest tourist economies in the world. The tourism industry started growing in 1970's when dictator Franco opened the country to foreigners. And now, more than 50,000,000 people came to Spain every year. Tourism brings a lot of money into Spain. But, some people are starting to think that there are too many tourists and there's too much tourism.…


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