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Customs of Spring Festival's Eve

Spring festival is the most important festival in China. There are lots of traditions in the holiday. You can just follow them despite of the fact that you do not learn the culture behind them. But if you understand them well, you appreciate them more. The followings focus on the relative important customs of Spring Festival’s Eve.

Reunion dinner - Eve of Spring Festival is very special for family reunion. By tradition, all relatives have dinner together based on the units of family.…


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Happy Lunar New Year

Let us move back to 5,000 years ago. Babylonian introduced three calendars based on three natural cycles: the solar day, the lunar month and the solar year. In fact, before the invention of artificial light, the moon played a significant role in social activities. It’s waxing and waning was much more vital than the passing of the seasons, especially for those living near the equator where four seasons are not obvious. Thus, the lunar calendar is much more suitable at the lower latitudes. In…


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Language is a path

I discovered something interesting on the ability of language. I have to say that language is a path to a different world.

My parents can only speak Cantonese fluently, so they only live in Canton. In other words, they never migrate to another province. I can speak mandarin effortlessly. Therefore I move around China, from south to north and vice versa. Some of my friends who are from countryside migrate to other countries after they acquired the ability of using English fluently. For…


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Read your thoughts aloud

I managed to think in English while I prepared for IELTS examination. I believed it to be the best method to practise English twenty four hours. However, I encountered some issues. I noticed that even I organised my thought well in my mind, I could not speak well when I open my mouth. I suggested the reason behind this was the pronunciation. I could not make sure my motor skill served as perfectly as my thought. Just like swimming or other sports, you may imagine the precise action before…


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Yoga, aerobic exercise or strength training

I have practised yoga for four years, which ever made me consider it to be the only exercise I should keep on doing giving the fact that my routine was not interrupted by frequent business travels. After I moved to Jiamusi - a small city in north east China, however, my mind was changed since forty minutes yoga exercise every day was insufficient to keep me healthy. For instance, I had been suffering from knees pains - I guess it is a kind of arthritis - after I stayed there for seven months…


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Suggestions on migrating between subtropical and subarctic climate

Sometimes we have to migrate from subtropical to subarctic climate and vice versa. When I talk about migration here, it should be at least living in that area for one year, so that you have the opportunities to experience four seasons continually. I will discuss this on both sides.

First of all, I would like to talk about the condition that one move from subtropical to subarctic just like me. The recommendation on this criterion is to figure out the part of your body which is prone to…


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Bilingual or monolingual

I ever read an article about the benefits of bilingual, which makes me overwhelming for the fact that I believe I am a bilingual. After I read the whole text, however, I lost the enthusiasm. It is said that it does not matter how many languages you learn but the depth of another language matters. I have to admit that I only master the listening and speaking of Cantonese although it is my fist language. And I am good at reading, writing, listening and speaking in Mandarin. For English, I can…


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IELTS preparation: review your life in English

It is as reviewing your life in English since there are so many topics to be prepared in IELTS speaking test. You went back to your childhood to read the stories again when you prepared for a fairy tale topic. Or you recalled the people and events for relative topics. Sometimes you had to explore the area that you are not familiar with. Taking me as an example, I am fear about the topics on arts or fashion. I am afraid that I even cannot speak well in my native language, not to mention in…


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IELTS wrting topic: relationship changed in families


With divorce rates and family breakdowns increasing globally, it is generally accepted that families today are not as close as they used to be.

Discuss the causes of this problem and offer some possible solutions to it.


 In the past around a century ago, marriage failures and family separateness are rare but it is normal nowadays. Since there are so many people complain about their family life and admire the past ones,…


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Writing Practise of Cambridge IELTS 8 - Diagrams Description

Hi my friends,

This is my first blog on Englishclub. I need some feedback on my writing practise.

The following pictures not only illustrate the process of cement production, but also display the stages and method of concrete production. Because cement is used as one of the raw materials while making concrete, cement production will be described prior to the concrete production.

According to the diagram, there are four main steps to produce cement. First, limestone…


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