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Do You Want To Be a MyEC Star Member?

At the end of every month, we feature seven MyEC Members as Star Members. A picture of these members goes into our monthly newsletter. A picture is also placed on the EnglishClub homepage.

Being a Star Member is a great way to bring attention to…


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Writing Challenge: A Page from My Biography

Before you read this, pick a number from 1-300, and write it down.

This month, we are going to work on writing a page from our biography.  A biography is a book or article about a person's life. What is the most interesting part in a biography? Some people think the…


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MyEC Bloggers United

We did it! Our June goal was to beat the MyEC record for most blogs posted in a single month. With all of your help, we achieved this (and so much more). The last time I checked, we had published 625 blog posts,…


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Walker's Writing Challenge: Myself

As part of the June Blog Challenge, Walker recommended that we write posts about ourselves. Here's my response:s

10 Random Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I love to run! In the summer I try to jog for 30-40 minutes every other day. I don't run marathons or races, and I don't time myself. I'm not…


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What's In a Number?

As many of you know, we are trying to reach the goal of posting 460 blog posts this June. I just noticed that we have posted 399 blog posts. That made me so happy! It also made me think about posting my next blog. I realized that if I wrote and published my next blog post really quickly, I would have the 400th post! But, that would be breaking one of my…


Added by Tara Benwell on June 23, 2015 at 19:00 — 11 Comments

7 Secrets To Blogging

1. Use a Short, Catchy Title 

A good blog title is the first thing you need to capture a reader's interest. Your blog title does not need to be a complete sentence. It does need to be spelled and formatted properly. Use a capital letter for the first letter in every important word in your title. If you aren't sure which words to capitalize, use a capital letter to start each word in your title. Do NOT type ALL IN CAPS in your blog or title…


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Writing Challenge ~ Bloggers Unite

Why English Language Teachers Should Blog

I have been blogging with English language learners for about six and a half years. Before MyEC, I had blogged on other platforms; however, I quickly realized that blogging with EnglishClub members would be different than blogging alone. Blogging in this community has taught me that all English language teachers should have a blog that they share with their…


Added by Tara Benwell on June 5, 2015 at 19:00 — 17 Comments

Writing Challenge: Bloggers Unite

Calling all bloggers!

This month I'm going to give you a challenge inside a challenge!

First, I want to challenge MyEnglishClub bloggers to set a record for most blog posts ever published in one month. The current record for MyEC blog posts is 460 posts (May 2011). To beat this record, we need all active members to publish at least one…


Added by Tara Benwell on May 28, 2015 at 15:39 — 126 Comments

Mother's Day Collection

This month I challenged our bloggers to write about mothers and mothering in honour of Mother's Day (May 10, 2015). Our growing writing collection is dedicated to the moms of all MyEC members as…


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Writing Challenge: Mothers

For this month's Writing Challenge. Dedicated to my lil' neighbour KF, born a few hours ago to a lovely new mother and good friend. 

Advice for a Brand New Mother 

Congratulations! Your baby has finally arrived. Here is some advice for you on your first Mother's Day!

Hang Out with Your Baby



Added by Tara Benwell on May 6, 2015 at 19:30 — 10 Comments

Writing Challenge: Mothers

Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, May 10. Last year many of you wrote beautiful pieces about your fathers for Father's Day. We even made a Father's Day collection. This month, I'd like to do the same for and about mothers! 

Here are some possible writing topics to explore in May. I…


Added by Tara Benwell on April 30, 2015 at 12:30 — 12 Comments

What's Your Leprechaun Name?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Are you on Facebook? Head on over to EnglishClub's Facebook page today to find out your leprechaun name! My leprechaun name is Timid McBlarney.



Added by Tara Benwell on March 17, 2015 at 15:30 — 17 Comments

Writing Challenge: My Eponym

We have a new vocabulary reference section on EnglishClub:Eponyms. An eponym is a word (usually a noun) that comes from a person's name. The person may be real or fictional/mythological.

Many English words are eponyms. You probably know some of them, such as…


Added by Tara Benwell on March 11, 2015 at 18:50 — 12 Comments

Writing Challenge: Fairy Tale Awards

Happy Fairy Tale Day! My daughter's grade five class is doing a fun activity this week called The Golden Wand Awards. The students each have to pretend to be a fairy tale character. The characters have been nominated for Fairy Tale Awards in a variety of categories. Each character has to have an acceptance speech ready in case they win! 

Would you like to play along? 

Your Task 

1. Choose a category below that interests you (e.g. Best…


Added by Tara Benwell on February 26, 2015 at 18:00 — 11 Comments

Writing Challenge: Weather Chat

How's the weather today? This is the first line of Jonathan Taylor's new Weather Song.

When it comes to small talk, the weather is a popular…


Added by Tara Benwell on January 27, 2015 at 16:07 — 14 Comments

Writing Challenge: MyEC Holiday Cookbook

Happy Holidays! If you haven't seen me around MyEC for a few days, it's because I've been busy baking, cooking, eating, and celebrating the holidays with my family and friends. One of the best things about holiday time is enjoying delicious food that we only make once a year. This month, let's teach each other how to make a dish, dessert, or snack that we enjoy on special occasions. If enough members join this challenge, I'll make a recipe eBook or slideshow out of our…


Added by Tara Benwell on December 28, 2014 at 20:00 — 14 Comments

Short Story Challenge: The Blogger that Saved the Day

Here is my (very short) story for Luci's (very) Short Story Challenge. I'm afraid it is a tiny bit longer than 70 words. Tough challenge! 

The Blogger that Saved the Day

It was…


Added by Tara Benwell on November 28, 2014 at 14:56 — 17 Comments

The EnglishClub Learning Song: Video Challenge

Hi everyone, 

Have you heard the NEW EnglishClub Learning Song that Jonathan made for us? 

It would be fun to make another version of this song with the help of MyEC members. Do you have any ideas? Here are two ideas.

  • a karaoke version with MyEC…

Added by Tara Benwell on November 12, 2014 at 16:30 — 10 Comments

Writing Challenge: Costume Party

For this month's Writing Challenge, we're going to write some simple riddles. I believe we've done this activity before on MyEC, though it was quite a while ago! 

Your Task

1. Think of a costume that you might wear for Halloween (or a costume party). 

2. Use a few short sentences…


Added by Tara Benwell on October 28, 2014 at 20:19 — 16 Comments

Writing Challenge: Advice from the Internet

This month we are going to practise giving advice. I want to challenge you to experiment with "personification". This is when you give human qualities or characteristics to something that is not human. 

Your Task 

1. Choose a "thing" that you want to pretend to be. You are going to write from the perspective of this thing. It can be a living thing, but not a human. 

2. Open a new blog post. Use the title: Writing Challenge: Advice from a/the…


Added by Tara Benwell on September 28, 2014 at 22:30 — 26 Comments

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