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Out for a walk.

Yesterday afternoon I went out for a walk with my friends. They were glad to walk. We went to the forest. This forest is near my town and there is beautiful view there. Next to the forest there is a football field where some young guys were playing football. We stood watching the boys playing. Then we decided to go down to the forest. I asked them them why don´t we walk inside the forest. We arrived at a small river and we sat down near the river. We heard the sounds of the water,the…


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Luci’s Writing Challenge: A Letter to Iran

Dear Lady Iran,

You are the kindest hostess for me

I like to be your guest forever

I like all the foods you make for me

They are the most delicious food for me

Your food tastes love and smells kindness

I like to live in your house forever

Your house is not modern, but for me It’s the most comfortable house

Stay happy for me,…


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Writing Challenge - A letter to my country

My dear love,

Do you have any idea, how much this world envy you for your beauty :p Trust me, you don't. :) Let me tell you, you are so gorgeous and trust me there is no better place on Earth to spend my life than you :)


It's been a long time since I am in love with you, ma beauty…


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Writing Challenge: Letter to Indonesia

Writing Challenge: Letter to Indonesia

My life is very peaceful nowadays since I was born in 1991 in Indonesia. Indonesia has many islands curl along the equator like a string of pearls. It is from Sabang till Merauke. “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” is our motto “United in…


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One Year on EC

It was on 1st October 2014 when I was searching for more explanation about grammar on Google that I found and joined EC. This kind of site was not familiar to me. I didn't know much nor really cared if there were so many benefits I could get from here. What I saw here was I could have my own page and I would be able to upload photos. I got comments and made friendship. What about you? I wonder how you could get here.…


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Luci's writing challenge (letter to your country)

Dear homeland,

Many centuries have seen you growing up, and wisely you took advantage from each and every culture, races, languages you coexisted with.

From the Romans who called you Hispania and taught you to vertebrate your body with the first paving roads and chanel the water to your towns.

The Muslins who called you Al-Andalus and taught you to improve your knowledge in areas like maths, art or medicine.

And the New World called America which taught you to taste… Continue

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Writing Challenge - A letter to my country

My Dear Country,

First and foremost, I will not sacrifice my life for you. Life is sacred and I have only one to live. So, please live in peace with your neighbours, respect them and let them respect you. Never think of going into wars with others. I am an ordinary citizen and not a soldier for you. Please don’t forget this if you want me to continue living within you.

You must respect me who am living and working within you. I need peace and respect, and I need to see this in…


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Writing Challenge: A Letter For The Philippines

Dear Philippines,

You are called the Pearl of the Orient seas as you are like a gem in the midst of the vast Pacific Ocean.  An archipelago of 7000 islands stringed together by lush tropical waters that on first view may seem so still and yet so dynamically pregnant with marine life.   Tropical green pastures and flora blanket every inch of your ground like tinsel wrapping for your fertile earth.  Your horizon gives way to an expanse of clear blue skies and shifting clouds that…


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Writing challenge: Letter to my country

Dear Bangladesh,

Let me say first that I love you. I was born and raised in your lap. I got my education and everything from you. So, you deserve my respect.

You are a riverine country. You have the longest sandy sea-beach with hill aside, mangrove forest.You have hilsha fish and jamdani sari and six different seasons!

Along with it, you have a…


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Luci's Writing Challenge (A letter to your country)

A Letter To My Beloved Country…….Pakistan.

Dear me, I am well aware that you are officially called Islamic Republic of Pakistan, republic in South Asia, marking the area where South Asia converges with Southwest Asia and Central Asia having Islamabad (City) as your capital, but Karachi (my Janam Bhomi) is the country’s largest city of 200 million population (unofficial).

Your present day was the cradle of the earliest known civilization of South Asia, the Indus Valley…


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luci's writing challenge: letter to Pakistan...

My dear homeland …..

 People say that you are land of emotional fools….they are true to some extent..(may be to larger) we love so passionately that we commit suicide when don’t see our beloved is going to be with us( and beloved sometime unaware…


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Writing Challenge: Letter to your country (Letter to Europe)

Hello everyone, 

I was asked by Tara Benwell - our admin to turn my blog post Letter to Europe into this month's Writing Challenge. So... what is the task?

Write a letter to your country, give it the title…


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Crystal River Wildlife Refuge: the Place Where We Live.

As I see, you like my stories about Florida so, I will tell you one more today. It is about the area where we live. Our town, Crystal River, is rather small with the population of about 15,000, located at the estuary of the river with the same name. There is almost nowhere to go or nothing to do here. Most of people…


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Day 3 - Walked 7 Kilometers in 80 Minutes

I booked for an X-Ray a few days ago for a regular health check and this morning my husband dropped me off at the street near the building where I had the X--ray done.

The radiographer's a lovely lady and we had a peasant talk. She's probably at her late 40s and she told me that she had got a…


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Day 2 - Reflection on Doing Too Much at a Time

Speaking about further developing my English language skills, I know exactly how to achieve it. The most effective way for me personally is to keep learning English on a daily basis. However, the reality is I couldn't keep it up. Now it's time for self-reflection on where I've gone wrong.

When it…


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That was a cheerful morning, at 8 o’clock. I was watching TV and chatting with friends. Only about 5 rooms or 15 meters far, I had left my room with the sounds of rock music on so loudly. So, I could hear all the sounds of music, TV and our charmed talking simultaneously. Really youngster! lol …


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People don't always see eye to eye

Yes, people's opinions may vary, or rather, people may differ about something.  That's to say people may accept or tolerate something which seems so intolerable to others. 

People come from different countries or nations with different cultural backgrounds, religions. They're educated or raised in a way which their parents or teachers think is right. You may call it 'brainwash'. 

So, how could you think all the people around the world should always see eye to…


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The wolf and the lady

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess. She had an enormous empire to rule over. The people were very happy under the princess’ rule and there was prosperity all over her empire.

The princess was very fond of adventures. Once she decided to set for the forests, alone. Everyone who was close to her tried to stop her from such an adventure, but she won’t listen to anyone and one day left to the forests without…


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Welcome to Florida!

When you drive highway 95 and cross the border between Georgia and Florida, you always see a big signboard "WELCOME TO FLORIDA!" with a picture of a lady walking her alligator on a string. And, yes, welcome to Florida, the land of alligators and wild nature, the land of contrasts where great modern cities and fashionable…


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I would like to ask some questions!

I would like to ask some questions regarding blog comments. We all like to get some comments whenever we post a blog here. Most of the members try to comment on the blogs they read. Therefore comments are an essential part of blogging.

My questions are given below:

  • Do you like to get some comments on your blog? If yes, why? If no,…

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