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Before I get started, let me begin by saying how good it is to once again have the time to chat and post with my good friends here. EC has always been a great source of personal inspiration. The chance to watch and experience new learners grow into linguistic proficiency is amazing and something I wish more of my fellow countrymen would take the time to do.

Here's ten things in no particular order that come to mind when thinking of MYSELF. The…


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Thanks a lot!

Last month I posted a lot of blogs for Tara’s writing challenge. Other was doing the same at the same time. I spend most of my time in writing my blogs and reading other blogs as well. I read some awesome comments on my blogs too in which I found some great words of praising and admiration. I regret, I could not reply since I was busy in writing more and more blogs. So I am writing a separate blog for all who posted their nice…


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Big Difference

One day,my friend called and told me about her bad unforgottable experience.Last month she went to another city to teach there.She told me that one night she had to cook the dinner .She cooked it and then she and her roommates ate .After the dinner ,she left.One of her roommates said "you have cooked such an awful meal ".She told me that they hurted her with their words .

I remembered a story narrated by someone (I forgot his name now )about the prophet mohammad -peace be upon… Continue

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Moving House

Moving or "Moving House" is something that many people do in their lifetime. I know many people are born and die in the same house, but in the modern world we may have to move for our jobs or to be near family members who moved.

I have moved many times, but it never gets easier and it never is any fun. If you have had to pack up and move to a new place you may understand why I don't enjoy moving. These are some of the steps that I don't enjoy.

1. Packing - carefully putting…


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Walker's writing challenge" MYSELF"

I love walking in cool weather rather a bit cold, when cold breeze touches my face.

I love swimming and playing badminton. I can never imagine life without music. What a dull life it would be! I enjoy listening to music. I love looking at people’s faces in crowded places. I love observing young and…


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Quantity or quality?

Yes, the amazing, strenuous June Blogathon is over. It's time we waved goodbye to it. That doesn't mean you'll never talk about it, though. In fact, we need to reflect on or ponder over it. 

Some members don't think it's a good idea to write so many blogs in such a short period of time. They felt overwhelmed, and didn't have time to enjoy or relish all the blogs, which sounds just like they bit off more than they can chew. They think…


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Positive and negative sides

I am damn sure someone will want to strangle me after reading it, some may do agree! Well, I am going to say something about last month's writing challenge.

To begin with, I must  say  the positive sides of it.

1. This  writing challenge motivated us to write more.

2. We tried to think more, did brain storming, found various topics to write…


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MyEC Bloggers United

We did it! Our June goal was to beat the MyEC record for most blogs posted in a single month. With all of your help, we achieved this (and so much more). The last time I checked, we had published 625 blog posts,…


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Writing Challenge - Bloggers Unite - my last blog for June Blogathon


Mishaikh some parts of this text are not clear to me and I think it can be written in better way but I don’t…


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A big cheesecake for everyone!

Helloooo!!! I want to congratulate you for all this hard work you did this month to break the record! It was a nice experience and I believe we will remember it for long time! I wasn’t so active like other members and generally I am not so active blogger. Someone here said that everyone deserve a big cheesecake, so I thought to make this blog to treat you cheesecake :D :D

Sooooooo... Congratulations to all!! To active and not so active members! For blogs, comments and likes and thank…


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Walker's Writing Challenge: Myself "My Loves"

I love to …Dance! I dance when I’m cooking, I dance when I am taking a shower, I dance when I’m teaching (and my preschoolers love it and so we all dance together!) I even dance when I’m watching TV (it’s my excuse for exercise) I dance whenever my arthritis knee would allow and so far it’s every day so I don’t complain.

I love my…black coffee…I take it…first thing in the morning…before my eyes are even open…keeps me sane during hectic days…my best…


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Subsiding - the hustle and bustle

We've already crossed the finish line - we've smashed the record 580 blogs. We've set up a new record, and made history! That's incredible or unbelievable! 

580 blogs a month seemed to be unobtainable or unreachable, but it turned out we mede it to more than 580 blogs. According to the statistics, we now even have reached more than 600. And, we still have one day to go until the end of this month. 

Now, the hustle and bustle is subsiding. In fact, some members…


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Writing Challenge: Bloggers Unite


Hello All…

This is maybe my last blog this month. I’ve been reading a lot of wonderful blogs. They are so inspiring and giving courage. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I wasn’t very active, just…


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You are victorious!!

Victory is for those who don't get intimidated by the huge challenges. Victory is for the dauntless. Fear of failure only holds you back from what you might achieve. 

I had given up on this blogging challenge once. I thought we were not going to make it. But Seeker, Expector Smith and Mishaikh never abandon the ship. Blog by blog, you guys made it so far. 

One day when I came online, I read Smith's motivational…


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Walker's Writing Challenge: Myself

As part of the June Blog Challenge, Walker recommended that we write posts about ourselves. Here's my response:s

10 Random Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I love to run! In the summer I try to jog for 30-40 minutes every other day. I don't run marathons or races, and I don't time myself. I'm not…


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Writing Challenge: Bloggers Unite

My 50th blog

My personal goal was to write 30 blogs this month. I am delighted I am writing my 50th blog of this month. I am thinking about the subject of the blog. Should I write about inspiration of Tara? Should I write about other members who participated in this challenge? Should I write about my future…


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The King and The Prisoner

Hi all, I just can't let myself being absent at the last seconds of this wonderful challenge. You're so amazing, friends. This is the 582nd blog of June Blogathon.

Here is just about a puzzle question. But it was very hard question for me to answer, so I…


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Writing Challenge: Bloggers Unite

Blogging Mania

This month was just awesome! Blogging ideas were flowing like a stream. Every thought of my mind was calling me to become a blog. Was this blogging mania? Hahaha!

This month I am supposed to write more than 50 blogs. I…


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What is Fluency?

I feel delighted whenever I speak in English. Actually every learner of a foreign language should feel proud since he is making sentences in a language that is not their native language.

Now the question is how easily and early we make sentence in English. It depends on our practice. With constant practice, a learner make English a part of his subconscious mind just like his…


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Writing Challenge: Bloggers Unite "Snapshot Stories"

  The good thing about blogging in a community is that your blog will not merely be words on the pages of a website but through the reciprocal actions of the community it will be transformed into a dynamic platform alive with interaction, learning and most of human connection.  

So This blog I make now is an invitation to interact with me through "Snapshot Stories"  Post a snapshot from your life and tell us the story behind the picture.  Here's…


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