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An Experience about Feeding Baby Doves

A few days ago, I went to my friend’s house, it was windy and the wind had brought a baby dove into my friend’s yard, there wasn’t any bird’s nest in the yard, so we couldn’t put the chick back to his mother. We noticed ants attaching him, my friend said if we left him here, the ants ate him alive, she gently dusted the ants off and asked me if I could accept to look after the chick or not because she had to go to work. “ I like to look after a baby bird but…


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Attention Seeking Is a Personality Disorder!

     I have read articles about people who love getting attention by behaving inappropriately. Some may choose positive ways like creating a situation where they are praised or liked by people. And some may don't get bothered about the quality they get. Some get attention by creating a pity situation for themselves. So that people show sympathy towards them. They actually like to be…


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A Piece of Love Left On the Empty Bench

In silence,

I sat on a bench in the empty park

cloudy sky, gloomy morning, drizzle promising magical…


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         Some years ago, I found another way of traveling, yes cruising. Ships use to be so big. This last one I took could harbour 3900 passengers with a crew of 1200 people. The members of the crew are formed by waiters, cleaning service, enterteiners, cooks... and obviously the captain and people in charge to manage the ship. Summing up, they are like "small moving towns" where you can find everything you need;  restaurants, cafes, casino, a cinema room, discotheque, a library, swimming…


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The bottom line is 'love'

This is on the inspiration I got from Alice's Word Play-2 - 'Idioms on the word 'cut'

Sometimes I receive remarks that I always circle around ‘love’, means that the plot of my stories/blogs is always ‘love’ one way or the other.  Of…


Added by Mishaikh on July 20, 2015 at 6:00 — 12 Comments

Soporific Romance

Muskan gave some words inviting to use them in a story.  Here is my bid to make a short para using these words = nonchalant, coax, placid, whimsical, soporific and rapacious:

I was so nonchalant, took her love so whimsically, and didn’t realize she would turn to be so rapacious and possessive in love that she would not allow me to see or praise any other girl, and put me in public trial to make me…


Added by Mishaikh on July 19, 2015 at 16:30 — 24 Comments

Word Play 2 : Idioms on "Cut"

If you are determined to cut the mustard as a successful businessman in these cut throat times you have to surround yourself with the best in the business. To be considered as someone cut of the same cloth as the bestsellers of the business world is a clear cut way to advance in the ladder of success.

Never underestimate the power of good relationships, cut through the walls of red tape…


Added by Alice E. on July 20, 2015 at 3:00 — 15 Comments

It may have been the verbs that gave you away

English verbs are a very important part of speech - if not the most important one. No wonder some learners still can't use verbs correctly, even though they have learned all the basic rules of them. When you use verbs to make a sentence, you should take into consideration the following:

What structures are possible after a particular verb

Some verbs can be followed by an infinitive or the -ing form or 'object + infinitive' or…


Added by Expector Smith on July 17, 2015 at 8:30 — 7 Comments

Productive : A few Steps to be Sucessful

   Hello dear readers, have you ever felt you're being inneficient in your  routine tasks? I have. Thinking of that, I decided to share with all of you some quick tips on how to become a more productive person.

  The first issue is concentrated on how you deal with your To-Do List. Are you get used to…


Added by Daniel on July 16, 2015 at 20:30 — 3 Comments

What did I learn from chatting in main room

Although some members think that chatting is just for fun. I totally disagree with them because I learnt alot of things from chatting in main room. For example, I watched many great discussions about different aspects of life. The perfect answer for this question which I liked it was for unclescrooge's wife. She said that we can learn how to communicate with different characters so we know how to put ourselves into aproper place. moreover, we interact with people of different cultures with… Continue

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[√ ] Revisit childhood places or get lost trying to find it.

[√ ] Watch a perfect sunset.

[√ ] Wish upon a falling star, or a comet whichever it is.

[ ] Write the story of my life, maybe a small book with lots of big pictures in it to help fill up the  space.

[√ ] Fall madly in love…every day with my husband!

[√ ] Split a nutella, peanut butter and banana milkshake, I get the bigger portion of course.

[ ] Grow my…


Added by Alice E. on July 14, 2015 at 12:40 — 17 Comments

Romance with the nature

I have been in love with the nature since the time I can recall. The beautiful birds singing their songs, the cattle, the lush green gardens, the brown mountains and the limitless light blue sky that covers it all. The stars that twinkle at night and the Sun that brightens the days. 

It's sad that a man has been polluting nature in many ways. 

Have you ever took time to observe a buffalo regurgitating its food. I have done it so many times. It's so interesting and…


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Never Feel These Ways, It Will Not Work

 Love is always confusing for some people, even so, falling in love is when someone can really feel happy with love one. They protect each other and give happiness to his / her partner. Sometimes it is very easy for someone to fall in love, but on the other hand, there is a very hard feeling to fall in love for some people. But in fact, falling in love is a way to find your true love, and you need to ask whether the right people on your side now is your true love?

 Actually there are…


Added by Grace Ra on July 9, 2015 at 17:30 — 29 Comments

The wolf inside of us

We all have had a kind of conversation inside our head while we try to do something. Part of us encourages us to do it and the other part tires to prevent us from doing it. We may call it good and bad parts, positive and negative parts, angel and evil parts of ourselves or whatnot. There is an ongoing conversation between these two parts which helps us to make a better choice, although sometimes the good…


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How Blogging has changed my Life???

 Blog writing has changed my life tremendously…………………………

When I have joined this club almost two years back, I read many blogs on EC, I was moved.

 Afterwards, I recreated my school days hobby once again.

Now, I am in love with writing, I never get tired of it.

For me blog writing is the best way of expressing my thoughts, I enjoy a peaceful state of mind & relaxation while writing about my travel experiences and nature love.

I don’t always…


Added by Garima on July 9, 2015 at 7:15 — 7 Comments

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The idiom 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' means people don't always see eye to eye. That's to say something that you think is beautiful may not be regarded or considered to be beautiful by others. 

For example, many of us may have enjoyed the June blogathon (last month's writing challenge), while some may think it's pointless or meaningless to write so many blogs in such a short period of time. 

Some people may enjoy…


Added by Expector Smith on July 9, 2015 at 0:00 — 10 Comments

Interesting Story

Hi all,

You might hear of Cinderalla , The Sleeping Beauty , or The Charming prince . But what about "Joha"?

Joha is an imaginary character in some Arabic stories like the one I want to share . He isn't a prince, nor he is a an evil man, yet he is a simple man.

Now the story :

Joha bought a donkey to ride upon to travel everywhere he wants. One day, he rode upon

the donkey, and his son walked beside the donkey , holding some reins with… Continue

Added by Amal on July 8, 2015 at 8:50 — 20 Comments

They need opportunity

Recently I have observed a new perspective in movies. It was always like there were some nice people against those who were the bad guys.  The good ones were always good and the bad ones were always bad. It was like they were born to be villain. The new perspective in movies tries to see positive and negative features in villains. They would act so differently if they had a chance; I meant the chance of…


Added by setareh on July 7, 2015 at 9:33 — 14 Comments

V is for Varoufakis!

The Greeks surprised the European polibureaucracy in Brussels by letting the people speak—an outrageous dose of democracy from a country said to have been its birthplace! And the (now ex-) Finance Minister of Greece was largely to be thanked for it, much to the annoyance of the European elites who are trying to bail out the banksters. …


Added by Josef Essberger on July 7, 2015 at 9:30 — 5 Comments

Photo Challenge: MyEC Photo Chains

Hello everyone!

You may have played or are familiar with solitaire by cards or words, but what if it's played by photos? This time our photo challenge…


Added by Grace on July 6, 2015 at 15:30 — 13 Comments

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