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Tanya received a gift from Baho26
2 hours ago
Tanya replied to Luci's discussion Where is the logic?
"Lord, I don't know you, but let me tell you should watch your mouth in public. You can always express it in the personal message. Luci, yes, I agree with you as to the reason of not covereing HEAD but I like wearing a cowboy hat going to the…"
3 hours ago
Tanya replied to Luci's discussion Where is the logic?
"Luci, you know I am the same atheist as you and I don't visit church on Sunday. But I happened to be at some ceremonies I told about. Yes, our women put on make-up even going to church.Sure, we are used to not coving our hair (but meaning…"
3 hours ago
Tanya replied to Luci's discussion Where is the logic?
"Dear AG! As I have always been a sort of a peacemaker here, let me say a few words. EC is a free space where we can share our thoughts and ideas. Luci is non-religious as many members of this club, as me , my husband Danny and many others. So, in…"
3 hours ago
Tanya replied to Luci's discussion Where is the logic?
"Luci, let me say that in Ukraine and America women often wear hats going to church. As I said, it is not a must and no, I have never seen any nun at all! Trying to sound peacefully! LOL!"
4 hours ago
Tanya replied to Luci's discussion Where is the logic?
"Hi, dear Luci! Long time no see! I have been watching this discussion for a few days and let me say a few words, please. You know, I am non-religious European and I am a woman first of all. I am used to living among people of different nationalities…"
5 hours ago
Tanya liked Luci's discussion Where is the logic?
6 hours ago
Tanya commented on Tanya's group Improving Grammar with Tanya and Dan
"Dear Maryam, Mohammed, welcome to my group!"
6 hours ago
Tanya commented on Tanya's group Improving Grammar with Tanya and Dan
"Hi, everyone! Sorry fornot answering earlier. We are on vacation but it it is so rainy today and we have nothing to do but to stick before the screens. Wizar, your sentences are correct meaning the voices. However, "Money has not been kept by…"
6 hours ago
Tanya is now friends with jack, AFSAL, Baho26 and 3
6 hours ago
Sam joined Tanya's group

Improving Grammar with Tanya and Dan

My dear friends! Being a professional teacher of English grammar, I decided to start this group to help you improve your knowledge of the subject. Many members asked me to do it and I do feel like that! So, I am planning to start a few discussions where you will be able to ask me questions or to have some practice. I'd…See More
8 hours ago
maryam elhomsany commented on Tanya's group Improving Grammar with Tanya and Dan
"i want to learning english"

Welcome to the English Speaking World! I'll be happy to help you!

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Russian, Ukrainian
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Writers: St. King, J. Grisham
Movie: The Lethal Weapon
Bands: Scorpions, BackStreet Boys,country music
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(paraphrased Russian) Whatever you do you never do it in vain

The legend about Kiev founders


ONCE UPON A TIME there was a royal family of three brothers. One was named Kiy, the second was Shchek, the third was Khoriv and they had a beautiful sister called Lybid. Their parents had been killed by invaders from the East and they were searching for a place to make a new home. When they arrived at the beautiful place where Kiev is located now and saw seven majestic green hills rising above the river , Kiy chose the place as their new home. Kiy and his brothers built a boat and then sailed across the broad and mighty Dnieper River towards the high green bank on the western side. But what should be the name of the new Metropolis? Kiy's brothers and sister decided to name the new city KIEV in honor of their strong and brave elder brother, Prince Kiy. Thus it was the City of Kyiv that was founded on the last weekend in May, in the Spring of the year 482 A.D.


Kiy ruled on the hill which is now called Borichev, Shchek settled on the hill which is now called Shchekovitsa, and Khoriv settled on the third one which after him was called Khorevitsa. And it was thus that they founded the great city over 1,500 years ago. In ancient days this was the land of the Trypilians, Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, Alans, Antae, Roxolanians and the legendary Amazon women. The ancient Greek historian Herodotus, "the Father of History" wrote that Hercules himself had founded this land. According to the legend here was the very place, the Starokievska Hill, where the Apostle Saint Andrew, centuries earlier came as a missionary to Scythia. He had raised a cross on the hills of Kiev and predicted that here a great city would rise one day with many churches to the glory of God. And so the prophecy was fulfilled. Merchants and craftsmen from far and wide soon gathered by the Dnieper River and settled in the Podol, the lower town, which became the center of commerce. Kiev slowly grew through the centuries.

It was in 988, five centuries after the founding, that Prince Vladimer baptisized his Slavic nation. It was here, where the broad street Khreshchatik still marks the place, that the people descended from the hills into the Dnieper River to be baptisized into the Orthodox religion by Greek priests from Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire.


The main Ukrainian cathedral

Prince Vladimer built the Desyatina Church, and in 1036 his son, PrinceYaroslav, built Saint Sophia (Holy Wisdom) Cathedral as a sister of the famous Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. Saint Sophia in Kiev became the Mother Church of Ukraine, and for a thousand years the immortal gold mosaic wall of the Virgin Oranta has been watching over Kiev. The Mongol invasion of 1240 and many others since then did not destroy this "invinsible wall" of Kiev. St. Michael the Archangel, protected this saving remnant of Kiev golden age. It was in the year 1187 that for the first time in history the historic chronicles mention the new name “Ukraine” for the ancient name of this land, which was Rus.


Centuries later, in 1492, the Cossacks of Ukraine, the famous Zaporozhians, came into history as defenders of the Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian nation from Tatar, Turkish, Polish and other invaders. And as Taras Shevchenko, the great poet, said in The Dream: "The First (Tsar Peter, The Great) racked my country dear, The Second (Catherine , The Second) gave the final blow, That brought my land to utter woe...


Shevchenko's "sad Ukraine" has now been reborn in the world "family of free nations". And this city of Kiev, the capital of the ancient Rus, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world today, has become the great gold-topped capital of democratic, free and independent Ukraine.



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Danny's Challenge: Travel in Time

Posted on June 7, 2017 at 15:00 15 Comments

If I could travel in time, I would return to 70's or even 80's in Western Europe and America. I'd like to be at the begging of our feminization. I don't mean the country of my origin as our women have been independent and equal for more than 100 years. Well, a few previous generations of Western women made the revolution in attitude to us. Now, we enjoy our being free and independent, our being equal and even superior. But why have we started considering men as a tool for making sex and…


Indifference Kills!

Posted on June 5, 2017 at 14:00 32 Comments

Well, I have been a member of EC since 2009 and many of you know me well enough. And I tell you, before joining EC I searched through all the network. There is no site like this! I am happy and proud of being one of its members. There were active and passive periods of my being EC member, but I have always been  aware of what is going on here. I believe, you don't think I am postng this blog because Danny is my husband. I am posting it as we both are teachers.

Teachers are to teach…


To Danny's Challenge

Posted on February 2, 2017 at 14:31 13 Comments

If somebody wears a gold liripipe on his biretta, it is just a tribute to his doctorate degree, but nothing more for me. Our same mortarboards sit next to each other in the closet and I am sure that my biretta always asks her companion what its master is up to. And, I tell you, his master is always up to something! To be a good chemist is a true temptation! He always knows the right mix to make a man get drunk or to make a lady feel excited. He is a great…


Happy New Year to Everyone!

Posted on December 29, 2016 at 16:40 12 Comments

My dear friends! I am really sorry I can't often be here now. But I'd like to tell you, I love you all! I love you jokes, your kidding, your mistakes and your reaction to our corrections. I love your being so curious, positive, smart and alive! Dan and I stick here because you are better than many of our real students…


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At 3:46pm on July 28, 2017, Baho26 gave Tanya a gift
At 17:41 on June 17, 2017, Seeker said…


I am fine. Thanks for asking!

Yes, I know Danny had left since I have read his last blog. Actually, I have not words to describe his selfless work for EC. I would like to hear from him again. I am not telling you this formally but really, it is my fervent wish. 

At 4:40 on March 29, 2017, Q.CuIT said…

Hi Mrs Tanya, i want to learn group your English, you can add me in skype: quangcucntt , thank so much

At 8:24 on March 19, 2017, Onee-chan said…

Please share with Teacher Dan, one house a piece of cake. :))))

Wish you a wonderful Sunday, Teacher Tanya. :)

At 19:59 on March 8, 2017, A738a said…

At 20:07 on February 10, 2017, Bijan said…

Dear Tanya,  

Thank you for liking my blog. 

Best wishes,

At 14:14 on February 1, 2017, Arisha said…
Thank you ma'am for accepting my friend request
At 6:01 on February 1, 2017, Onee-chan said…

Dear Teacher Tanya,

A glass of mango juice for your health ...

Hasil gambar untuk mango juice

At 5:51 on January 29, 2017, Risty said…

At 7:31 on January 4, 2017, Peppo said…

I am sorry for my belated greeting xD


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Where is the logic?

Started by Luci in General Discussion. Last reply by Luci 23 minutes ago. 86 Replies

Hello guys,I am little bit confused ..You know, I have come across many times videos on Youtube or pictures of muslim girls with covered hair BUT with heavy layer of make up. I mean they post tutorials etc. and I really wonder where is the logic as…Continue

Age vs. L♡ve ~

Started by Amani~(Opti)~ in General Discussion. Last reply by ✰乂❤‿❤乂AsH 20 hours ago. 16 Replies

A sudden question that comes to my mind ...can love be given to sb else or avoiding it according to age ; if young or old O.o

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Do you have the 6th sense?

Started by shanaz in General Discussion. Last reply by David 23 hours ago. 9 Replies

Do you have the 6th sense?How can you tell if you have it?How can we improve our 6th sense?Continue

Giving yourself a gift ?*****

Started by Amelia in General Discussion. Last reply by Diah on Monday. 10 Replies

Have you ever though about giving yourself a gift ? What is a reason for that ? What gift will you give yourself ?I will give myself a gift as a reward for my hard working and perfume will be my gift ..…Continue

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