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Main chat room

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mishaikh 15 hours ago. 11 Replies

I always show my inclination to visit main chat room, look below why:animalsesmailoh...ousamma.... keep me in your DuaSmookiekinsKi, fuck u and ur religionOussamahhhhhhhhhhhhProbonoKi, isnt it a…Continue

Birth Control

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Birth Control--Its Necissity?Lets discussContinue

Love.......the magic word.......

Started Jul 11 0 Replies

"Love ... magic word of infinite power, able to change the lives of all who practice it."Let's discuss.Continue

One Question!

Started this discussion. Last reply by beethoven Jul 12. 3 Replies

Does true love exist nowadays?Let's elaborateContinue


Always remember my love is not so hard that I would prefer it to my EGO.

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Mishaikh commented on Mishaikh's blog post Mother
"Because you will not be able to understand the reality if you keep yourself away.  This is the part of society.  The writers I referred are considered the top notches of literature world of Subcontinent.  Being a observer it does not…"
3 minutes ago
walker commented on Mishaikh's blog post Mother
"I see the bad in the society but don't approve it. Well, I expressed my view and you yours. Thank you for letting me express myself here on your blog."
32 minutes ago
Mishaikh liked Mohammed A. Amar's blog post A Persian Poem : If .. – BY: Fereydoun Moshiri
33 minutes ago
Mishaikh commented on Mohammed A. Amar's blog post A Persian Poem : If .. – BY: Fereydoun Moshiri
"Good attempt.  Keep it up."
33 minutes ago
walker commented on Mishaikh's blog post Mother
"What is wrong is wrong whether I am in Pakistan or England. Can't your 50 years old mature mind understand that!!! I curse such maturity that you suggested me. "If shit is around, accept it and spread it". Is this mature? No, this is…"
37 minutes ago
Mishaikh commented on shaikbadini's blog post "A young person with old mind"
"Dara, glad to see you learning Urdu. Avoid to take oath 'Khudaki qasam' This is valid no doubt, but it is not considered civilized to use it commonly. I hope you don't mind my clarifying it. I guided what I know."
51 minutes ago
Mishaikh left a comment for Miranda
"BE MYSELF Make this the heading of your home page. I like it."
1 hour ago
Mishaikh commented on Mishaikh's blog post Mother
"A girl goes to sex industry............... Give a suggestion (based on the story) any other place she would go. Okay I give you an Idea, suppose she go to a domestic industry, a garment factory, get job, seeing her helpless the supervisor kidnapped…"
1 hour ago
Mishaikh commented on Mishaikh's blog post Mother
"Read your Urdu literature I referred, then talk. Come out of house and see what is going on around you. I can write the name of the prominent persons here in this forum, but this is not my topic. My topic how to mend the society. You give any other…"
2 hours ago
walker commented on Mishaikh's blog post Mother
"A girl goes to sex industry and finds a nice partner, come on man, don't play dumb...."
2 hours ago
walker commented on Mishaikh's blog post Mother
"Hey, You projected her in a glorified way. You gave the lady an excuse. I don't doubt your intentions. But this blog is promoting prostitution more then addressing the problem. I can't believe I am having this talk with you. Allah knows…"
2 hours ago
Mishaikh commented on Mishaikh's blog post Mother
"Yes it is Gunah-e-Kabeera, but is it not prevailing in our country as well as in others.  So there should be a need to curtail it.............but how....................you give any suggestion besides the one I have mentioned in fiction.…"
2 hours ago
walker commented on Mishaikh's blog post Mother
"Mishaikh, First of all, prostitution is not work. It's a sin and haraam. I knew women who do sewing and make money. I will invite you to rethink over it. What you have mentioned is a great sin. We have no example where the Prophet (P.B.U.H) or…"
3 hours ago
fariba commented on Mishaikh's blog post Mother
"beautiful story.thanks for sharing."
8 hours ago
fariba liked Mishaikh's blog post Mother
8 hours ago
Mishaikh commented on Mishaikh's blog post Mother
"Realities are not changed merely closing our eyes.  There would require some measures.  Walker I have seen these things with my own eyes.  I have just put them in fiction with some measuring steps. If there would have been decent…"
13 hours ago

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All five books of Dan Brown, Set of J.K. Rolling, Stephenie Meyer (But do not like her vampire fascination, Dean Conz, lots of other books in Urdu (especially all series of (late) Ibn-e-Safi; Repeated dozons of times). I have a reading habit.
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Always remember my love is not so hard that I would prefer it to my EGO.


The Cafe

Retiring from the toiling day’s work I used to go to Café Grand. It is on Abdullah Haroon Road. If you go straight through Zaibunnisa Street in Saddar, you will find Café Grand just opposite to the back entrance of Hotel Metropole. From inside this restaurant is two storey, but second floor is sort of a gallery. The atmosphere of the Grand is one of the attractions for me to count it as the best. There was always been darkness in the café even in the day time. The lightning was so beautifully done that there is always a twilight just as of candles which gives a sensational tranquility.  The waiters move as they are floating on the carpeted floor. You can’t hear the sound of their movement but just the frisking of their uniform. 

The Music played in background was also my favorite.  It feels coming from no where but from everywhere. I feel the traces of tranquilizing effect sweeping in to whole of me. I always experienced an involuntary physical change that led me to note-able alteration in the acuity of tension I was in prior to coming to the café. 

Last week I went to the café and sat on the table I chose on the day I first came to this restaurant. This table is so placed in the corner that I can keep all the tables within my sight. I snap the passing by waiter and ordered my usual drink, coffee with some salty biscuits. I do not like creamy pastries or cakes. 

I threw a cursor look at the occupiers near me. Sipping my coffee and nibbling biscuit, I first look at the table on my right. This table always occupied by a girl. There was always girl, but everyday I saw new face. She was just sitting there, sipping her drink. I felt a sense of uneasiness, disturbed by some inner gloom. Once I had an eye to eye contact, I was shuddered to see the deep unknown gloom, as she was afraid that her innocence beauty was in peril. She was incessantly watching the watch wearing in her beautiful supple writs. 

After few minutes I found a commissionaire standing by her side. He slightly bowed and whispered in her eyes. She abruptly stood and followed him. Before leaving, she once again turned and looked at me. I again felt an electrical shock. It was just a fraction of a moment. Her eyes were gleaming with tears. I felt that they were saying “isn’t there any one who could save me, even you!” 

She turned her face and walked away, staggering like a person is taken to be crucified, head down, shoulders bowed. I felt myself empty from inside, as empty as I was no more. I sat there for few moments trying to gather myself, and then left the café. 

On my way back I felt a deep dejection within me. I was feeling that I was nothing. My condition was of like a person who could save a dying person but did nothing.By mishaikh

Mishaikh's Blog


Posted on August 1, 2015 at 6:33 27 Comments

She was once again waiting for the customer sitting in the lobby restaurant of a five star hotel sipping her coffee as usual.  Hotel management knew about her and allowed her to sit there and if any interested guest of the hotel wanted to have a company of a girl, a waiter provided her the room number.  She was paid by the hotel later weekly.  

She was…


Walking in the moon-lit night

Posted on July 26, 2015 at 4:30 16 Comments

Walking in the moon-lit night

I am walking in the moon-lit night alone no one with me but your memories, it reminds me the same night the same lane, the same trees, on both sides as they were escorting us guarding us waving hither and thither with to blow of wind, as they were dancing in joy seeing us together.  Yes on the night I was not alone, you were with me, arms in arms closed, so…


How I wrote the blog "Watcher'?

Posted on July 23, 2015 at 7:00 13 Comments

How I wrote the blog "Watcher"?

It was sometime in January 2015 when I was in USA, I was at my laptop  (it is actually my wife’s laptop, I do not have one, I have desktop), EC was opened and I was browsing the pages.  I saw Honey Bees activities, "Let's discuss: CREATIVE WRITING 10: THE WORLD GOES MAD".  Dean Coonze novel I referred in the blog was also lying on the table, which I had already finished.  I looked at the activity proposed by Honey, then threw a…



Posted on July 23, 2015 at 6:30 12 Comments

I wrote this in Honey's 'activities' "Let's discuss: CREATIVE WRITING 10: THE WORLD GOES MAD" sometime back in January when I was in USA. That was extempore. I am posting it here for the reading interest of my EC friends:


It was Sunday, I woke up late, as usual I called my dog, "Watcher, hey boy come on up!" He came up running to my bed, "Hi, MI, good morning at last you woke up!"

I was shocked, and thought that I might be still in sleep and…


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Anah Sid ©

Thanks a lot Sir, for congratulating me! :)

At 13:39 on July 23, 2015, _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_ said…

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thanks) I returned back :) 

At 6:56 on July 23, 2015, _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_ said…

Mish, thanks for the compliments :) go to my Skype and you'll enjoy it everyday :) And here I hid the first one for the objective reasons :D

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Dear brother,

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At 10:39 on July 20, 2015, ŔOŜĀĻĺŇĎ said…

yeah you are right.I am now thinking seriously of writing a blog about the change that has happened to me after joining EC.Thank a lot for you comment.

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