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Gossiping and Back Biting!

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Religion as an obstacle..........

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Why everyone is running after TRUE LOVE

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I have been seeing here on EC blogs and discussions forum that members are desperately waning to seek true love. WHY? lets discuss.Continue


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"I have written 5 blogs so far for this challenge. Waiting for commencement of June."
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"Thank you for your kindness.Be with us forever.Good luck,Have a nice day."
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" Welcome to the club Nimzaf, you will not be alone there.  You can find me there, too."
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"Its very kind of you, you so think about me.  Thanks."
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"Good thinking, nobody does."
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"It seems quoted from Sura Luqman (Qura'an) JazakAllah Khain."
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"Very well quoted. Jazakallah Khair."
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Mishaikh commented on Rhaani's blog post **My First Blog, My First try**
"Very well start.  You seem having grip on the language already.  This doesn't seem to be a first attempt. Anyway well done.  Keep going and never see back."
10 hours ago
Mishaikh commented on Hardi's blog post Is a 32€ bicycle chain better than a 17.90 € chain, when the chain is exactly same?
"You should know better, its your bicycle, you ride it.  Owner of a vehicle has already become half mechanic. Good luck."
10 hours ago
Mishaikh commented on sanjib's blog post Letter to a God...
"I don't want to hurt anyone.  I want to treat all equally. That's a typo, otherwise your English is up to level. Good blog.  Thanks for sharing."
10 hours ago
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"Mish it's so nice of you, thank you for your nice compliment...."
Mishaikh commented on Tara Benwell's blog post Writing Challenge: Bloggers Unite
"Hi Tara, I have written just now four blogs on your first top topics. I want to ask on June 1 shall I post all four blogs (separately) or post them one in a day? "
Mishaikh liked Tara Benwell's blog post Writing Challenge: Bloggers Unite
Mishaikh commented on MaYa's blog post Seeker's Paragraph Writing Challenge -- Habits
"You are not the only one I have seen all who have a cell having the same habit, there is no distinction between old, young and kids."

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Learner of English, Teacher of English
English level
Other languages spoken
Hindi, Urdu
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Favourite book, movie, song/band etc [in English!]
All five books of Dan Brown, Set of J.K. Rolling, Stephenie Meyer (But do not like her vampire fascination, Dean Conz, lots of other books in Urdu (especially all series of (late) Ibn-e-Safi; Repeated dozons of times). I have a reading habit.
My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]
Always remember my love is not so hard that I would prefer it to my EGO.


The Cafe

Retiring from the toiling day’s work I used to go to Café Grand. It is on Abdullah Haroon Road. If you go straight through Zaibunnisa Street in Saddar, you will find Café Grand just opposite to the back entrance of Hotel Metropole. From inside this restaurant is two storey, but second floor is sort of a gallery. The atmosphere of the Grand is one of the attractions for me to count it as the best. There was always been darkness in the café even in the day time. The lightning was so beautifully done that there is always a twilight just as of candles which gives a sensational tranquility.  The waiters move as they are floating on the carpeted floor. You can’t hear the sound of their movement but just the frisking of their uniform. 

The Music played in background was also my favorite.  It feels coming from no where but from everywhere. I feel the traces of tranquilizing effect sweeping in to whole of me. I always experienced an involuntary physical change that led me to note-able alteration in the acuity of tension I was in prior to coming to the café. 

Last week I went to the café and sat on the table I chose on the day I first came to this restaurant. This table is so placed in the corner that I can keep all the tables within my sight. I snap the passing by waiter and ordered my usual drink, coffee with some salty biscuits. I do not like creamy pastries or cakes. 

I threw a cursor look at the occupiers near me. Sipping my coffee and nibbling biscuit, I first look at the table on my right. This table always occupied by a girl. There was always girl, but everyday I saw new face. She was just sitting there, sipping her drink. I felt a sense of uneasiness, disturbed by some inner gloom. Once I had an eye to eye contact, I was shuddered to see the deep unknown gloom, as she was afraid that her innocence beauty was in peril. She was incessantly watching the watch wearing in her beautiful supple writs. 

After few minutes I found a commissionaire standing by her side. He slightly bowed and whispered in her eyes. She abruptly stood and followed him. Before leaving, she once again turned and looked at me. I again felt an electrical shock. It was just a fraction of a moment. Her eyes were gleaming with tears. I felt that they were saying “isn’t there any one who could save me, even you!” 

She turned her face and walked away, staggering like a person is taken to be crucified, head down, shoulders bowed. I felt myself empty from inside, as empty as I was no more. I sat there for few moments trying to gather myself, and then left the café. 

On my way back I felt a deep dejection within me. I was feeling that I was nothing. My condition was of like a person who could save a dying person but did nothing.By mishaikh

Mishaikh's Blog

Writing Prompt, the word "English".

Posted on May 26, 2015 at 17:34 8 Comments

When people move outside of their native country, it is essential to learn the language spoken in the new country,  we are lucky that we do have a universal language, i.e. English.  The world has shrunk and there are now ample opportunities and need for people all over the world to interact with each other.  A language that is suited as a universal language must have a few characteristics; it must be simple and easy to master.  It must be…


Writing Prompt: "should"

Posted on May 24, 2015 at 8:30 10 Comments


You should come and see what has happened to me since you struck me out of your life.  If you come you should bring all your courage to see me.  It shouldn’t be nice at all.  Friends say one should have a hard heart to bear this pain. I did have a broken heart.  I should have been careful and didn’t trust you while you declared your love in the first place.  I should have closed my heart, but…


Two short paras for Seeker's "Paragraph writing challenge-1"

Posted on May 24, 2015 at 8:00 9 Comments


The rose is rightly called "The Queen of Flowers". It is pretty to look at.  It is very sweet to smell. It's many kinds and colours.  It is used for making garlands and bouquets.  The nature has created this beautiful flower with thorn to protect from the unorthodox pluckers.  Anyway, some pluckers, however, call the courage to  pluck the roses with…


Seeker's "Paragraph writing challenge-1"

Posted on May 24, 2015 at 8:00 4 Comments

Listen, I believe in your love, I know you love me, but I do not have any trust in the attack of changing time. So if it happens to hate me, and the delicate petals of my heart become thorns to you, then do not remember the time we passed together, because the poison of memories does not allow the wounds to heal. Never hate those chats we did sit together for hours, because the chats are the innocent link between two…


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At 7:53 on May 30, 2015, Nimzaf said…
Thank you for your kindness.Be with us forever.Good luck,Have a nice day.
At 15:13 on May 29, 2015, Ratu said…
Mish it's so nice of you, thank you for your nice compliment....
At 15:42 on May 27, 2015, Ratu said…
Mish, I have nothing to say, is it a compliment? Hehehe anyway thanks mish
At 7:58 on May 26, 2015, Nimzaf said…
No Mishaikh I'm not Niem Zafar.when you read other way you get my name.
By the way, thank you so much for your kind response for my note.
At 1:19 on May 26, 2015, Onee-chan said…

Dear my friend, Mishaikh.

Sometimes I hate people who are so arrogant toward the others and underestimate the others. 

I wish I could write my thoughts in blogs. But I'm waiting for my coming holiday. Oh, bro, I want to let you know, yesterday I deleted all my music files in my laptop (17GB) :D. Have I had a progress? hehe...

At 16:21 on May 25, 2015, Nimzaf said…
Dear Mishaikh I can see that you ara a very active and bright member of our EC.your each and very comments I use to read.lots of words I learnt from you.I hope that you will help us to improve our english knowledge.
Thank you Have a nice day.
At 15:57 on May 22, 2015, Jasmine said…

white Roses From Jasmine ;)

At 10:40 on May 22, 2015, Jasmine said…


At 5:07 on May 22, 2015, _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_ said…

At 4:44 on May 21, 2015, Ratu said…

just want to say HI

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