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  • CrEaTiVe EnGlIsH

    180 members Latest Activity: on Thursday

    Oh hi there! This group was created in order to improve language skills in unusual, funny and thematic way! I welcome all people who want to join…

  • Female Skypers

    337 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    This group id for female skype users. It is created for muslim women who can not talk to males openly and are not able to improve their english…


    4975 members Latest Activity: 7 hours ago This group is dedicated to all people who are Skypers and would like to Exchange Skype IDs for Improving their English.

  • Class 13 Marketing - Liaoning Technical University

    42 members Latest Activity: Jan 3

    Only for students from Class 13 - Marketing from Liaoning Technical University in China.

  • Let's speak English

    5334 members Latest Activity: on Friday It's a group which is created for practising English. We can use simple ways to improve our language.

  • Practice English with Tanya

    1543 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday Dicussing different topics, sharing ideas, improving grammar and vocabulary

  • Anime Group

    238 members Latest Activity: 6 hours ago

    For those who are interested in Anime and Cartoons. ^^

  • Find a Learning Partner

    3050 members Latest Activity: yesterday A place to find an online study partner. Create and meet your learning goals together.

  • Improve your Speaking

    1246 members Latest Activity: yesterday Just for serious and active people - . If ur active, join us, if not please do not waste your and my time - this group will depend mainly on…

  • William Shakespeare's Quotes

    35 members Latest Activity: on Thursday

    Hello all members! I think somehow, everyone knows William Shakespeare. And to some extend, we all have at least ever heard one…

  • Infographs

    112 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    This group is designed to show information by using infographs. Internet world leads to explosion in information and this group will show the…

  • Worldwide English Teachers (WET)

    44 members Latest Activity: on Thursday

    Worldwide English teachers with devotion and passion to teach are welcome to join us! Let's share and learn from one another! We welcome both…

  • EC Cooks

    45 members Latest Activity: Jun 2

    Do you like cooking? Are you interested in exchanging the recipes? If you want to try something new, you are more than welcome to join this group.…

  • Purpose of life

    50 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    In this group we will talk about a purpose of a life why we are here and what will happen with us after death

  • English-Speaking-Room

    36 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    SPEAKING is the best way , to improve your english level !
    if you belevie in this , then join us in the english-speaking-room


    106 members Latest Activity: Jun 25

    Hi everyone. Ive created this thread with the objective of bringing all those people on a single forum who are preparing for IELTS. I hope this…

  • Readers' Corner

    159 members Latest Activity: Apr 3


    Even though this group is created by me, but in actual fact it is a concerted effort and discussions between…

  • American English & Culture

    46 members Latest Activity: Jun 16

    A group for anyone interested in culture or education in the USA. Music, movies, idioms, and more!

  • EnglishClub Thailand

    157 members Latest Activity: Jun 16

  • MyEC Essential Words

    288 members Latest Activity: Jun 24

    To speak English well we have to learn essential words. So this group is help for beginners. I hope experts in English will write essential words,…

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