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Part 1

What do you say when you answer the phone in English... after

Hello, _______________________

Let's co-create a list of phrases to use whenever we answer the telephone in English. What comes after the word Hello?

In what sorts of situations?

Part 2
Let's continue the conversation!

The speaker says:

Hi Achan, I'd like to speak to Barack Obama.


What comes next?

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I would have said "Pera's (my real name) speakin' "
That's right... and then what comes next? :-)
Next would be "How may I help you?"

(sounds like an airhostest or sweet call center answering). :P
At the Academy

Hello, Speech Academy may I help you?
Hello, Who is speaking?
or who's that? could I use this one if I want it to be some prolite?
Hello, Assalamu'alaikum. This is Achan speaking. Who's there?
Hi ya everyone -


Hello or Hi

it's always good to follow up with

the name of your company (if in business)
and then your own name (all)
+ "speaking."

(e.g. Hello, Kalinago English, Karenne speaking)

Next you want to know how you can help the caller

How may I help you? How can I help you? (informal)
★★Pera & Nadira

or What can I do for you today?

Then if you would like to know who is calling you then you should ask

May/Can I ask who's calling please?

Be careful about saying
☹ Who's there?
☹ Who is speaking?
☹ Who's that?
because as Pera asked, it's not very polite!
Let's continue the conversation!

The speaker says:

Hi Achan, I'd like to speak to Barack Obama.

What comes next?
:-))) from a call-center in India - definitely! They've been trained well :-)
Have you ever been to India, what did u do there?
He is not here, now he is washing my cars.


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