hi im keji [pronounced k-g] and im from milwaukee, WI, U.S

i'm starting college in a few months and i'll be an education major concentrating on ESL teaching so if u wanna improve ur english just add me on skype and we can chat and i'll correct u if u say something wrong until u improve ur english 

my skype is almosttriplek


talk to u soon


p.s i am NOT an esl teacher (yet) a lot of people misunderstood my post. 

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i like your idea


can i add you as a friend?

hi keji. I am a part time esl teacher. I need someone to talk to,preferably native speaker of the english language. you can also ask me about some teaching techniques. here is my skype id: galatea1011
oh thanks , is very good idea,, I would like add you as a friend???
go ahead! i love meeting new people!
Hi, Keji. It's reaaly nice of you. I would like to be your friend.

Hi Keji,

      It is really a very good indeed. Thank you a great deal for this proposition. I'll add you. Accept me my skype id is cateauxwendy

Hi keji

how are you . I am Munjed from Palestine i add you on my Skipe to improve my English and i will thank you if you acept my friend request so thank you if you for you cooperative withe learner english people



Hj keji. I've just added you to my skp. Mine is: nguyenhuynhvn.

Hope to talk to you soon. Thank you very much !

ok keji, thank you for your information, i'll add you soon and please confirm me...:)))))
Hi Keji. I added your skp id, but never seen you online. I just wondering what time are you usally online?

sorry i've been soooooooooooooooooooo busy u cant even begin to imagine

but now its summer time 2 month of being free!

Oh That's a great chance for us K G , but i do not think that you will continue in this manner loooooool i've added you, i hope this plan works .

by the way My English is very beautiful hahahahahaha


Talk to You sooooooon insha'a ALLAH


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