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SUPERSTITIONS differ from one place to another and from one point of view to the other.Many people believe in superstition and believe that it has a agreat impact on us.Do you agree with them?

Do you believe that if you see a black cat crossing, in your way, you will have a bad luck the entire day?Or do you believe that a broken miror can cause death or at least cause you the bad luck?

Perssonally,I do not believe in superstition.For instance the black cat is a very cute creature that can not cause any harm to any body.Also the miror could be broken for any reason just by accident or even intentionally and result to nothing.

 People in my country believe strongly in devil's eye .I sometimes believe in devil's eye.what about you?what do people believe in your country .What do you believe?Do you have any other examples for superstition?Do you have any opposed opinions?

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Well, I don't think superstitions can make a huge impact to our lives.. maybe for those who believe deeply in it, because it's suppose to them to change a entire situation because of something they believe..
Despite I don't consider myself superstitious, I don't like going under a ladder..

Of course it changes a lot among cultures, religion and each person. But this kind of thing brings a taste to our lives and schedule. I don't worry about cats and mirros, but I guess I have other things to think over, not for fear but for a custom..
See you!
Hi Iman, I DO NOT believe in superstition because it has no place in my religion and faith. It does not exist in the Bible. If you dwell too much on it, it can ruin your life completely and have a negative impact on you which is not too good. It create fears in you and if care is not taken, even when you see insects in your house you will start reading meanings into their presence.God have not given us the spirit of fear but of power , love and a sound mind! Shallom!
Hi Tosin I completely agree with you.I think that a man who believes in superstition is a week person ,who is not able to control his life so when anything happen to him he immediately relate it to superstition.I also agree with you that believing in superstition is aganist any religion.
I am a muslim.Our religion orderd us to trust ALLAH and to have a great faith in Him ,ALSO to BELIEVE that ALLAH is the one who is able to prevent or to cause anything and not superstition.Finally thank you for your participation,and I wish you agood day.peace be upon you.
I do not believe in superstition according to our religious we shouldn't believe in because our great prophet advised when you feel it do what you want to do and you should believe in god so you have to do every thing and leave the result to our generous merciful Allah
on the other hand the devil's eye and it's bad effect are strongly beleiveble as it is mentioned in our Holly book
Well, I believe that modern people shouldn't believe in any superstitions. I don't. I have a black cat and she is my favorite one. How can cats or mirrors make our lives worse? It is we who are the masters of our lives. I will not speak about religion because I don't want to insult those who have faith. But it is the same.
First, I do not believe in superstition, neither good nor bad, but i think some superstitions are good for people, some are bad.

That's better if those people who believe would choose the good one.
Superstition as I defined is an old sayings and beliefs from the ancestors that was passed for generations and so on. It has no scientific evidence or reasons .

In the Philippines, there are a lot of superstitions that up to now some Filipinos still believe and practice even without knowing the explanation why. A few example are: do not sleep when your hair is still wet because it will make you blind if you do, do not take a bath when you have a menstruation for the reason that you might become crazy or loose your mind, and do not cut your nails during night because it will bring you a bad luck. Those are just some of the example in the Philippines.

as in my opinion, i do not believe in superstition, because it has no scientific explanation. it is not proven yet until today all the negative outcome when you disobey or ignore it.
thank you every body and let me introduce myself iam nourddine from morocco . according to myself i don't believe in superstition but sometimes i see some kind of magic like the one we have here in morocco in marakesh . there are some kind of people who drink the very hot water , bit himself by knif and eat the glasses ... and they still normale . i think that those people are mixed with jinn wich mean the invisible being because it is impossible to be natural and made like them . and there is a big problem : our famillies have some stereotypes of superstition wich are fixed in their mind . so the question how can we persuade our familly to don't believe in superstition?
Hi Iman, I don't believe in superstitions because they are not real. For my point of you, most people who believe in superstitions in my country are old and not educated. They believe everything bad or good.
" If you didn't finish your food in the judgment day the food will run after you" My grandmother said this to me alot when I was a child. I believed her but nowI think she used this to make me finish my food nothing else.
What do you mean with the devil's eye? would you explaine to me, I want to know more.
Hello All,

Seems most of you don't believe in superstition. Right? And even aren't inclined to see anything worthy for considering. I wouldn't say I myself believe in any and every one of them. But... I read once a biography of one of our great scientists (Russian). He mastered many scientific fields. He was geologist, paleontologist, biologist, writer, just to name a few. Worked in mid 19xx. He was a captain of a geology parties in the desolate regions of Russia (former Soviet Union) and wrote much about this. These plunges into uninhabited regions were dangerous in those times. Just image a few man in taiga in Siberia or in a desert in Mongolia, alone, without any means of communication, no help, no medicine, for many hundreds of miles around. The smallest mistake of the leader (he was a leader) would mean death for all of them. And he (the academician, the renowned scientist world wide known mind you!) says. "You who live in the cities, who have phones, ambulance ready, shops with food, weather forecasts, warm houses and public transport may laugh at us who believe in superstition as you care to call them. But we, whose life depends only on us and our our decisions would not throw away none of the bits of knowledge which would allow us to survive." I guess the meaning is clear. Can anyone say he knows everything about a particular superstition? Why people have got a custom to believe in it? Can we be sure that there's no hidden meaning in it, still unknown to the science? If not and under the dangerous circumstances we'd better think twice.
I believe that exist a base data in each country with a meanings, that prevents the people of calamities, for example went you lights a sailing and it ends fast is because something will have to spend. Other example when a person dream dirty water is because the person will get sick.
When I was a child I liked the story by Nikolai Nosov about a boy who was afraid of a black cat crossing. He changed his way and had a lot of problems because of his belief in superstition. This is a funny story for children but since that time I haven't believe in superstitions)
I ussually have a season of broken cups when I take my exams at the University. In my country people say that broken things are to happiness. It's better to me to believe in this superstition than declare my excitement)
I ussually get wet. I can't miss any rain and often come home wet. My mum says that I will be rich because rain is to wealth. It's possitive to think on such way)) But I know that I ussually get wet because I have never take an umbrella.


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