my skipe adress is : drdan1974

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my skype is   caligoxiao,i  from china, so my english level is very terrible.


you can improve it. don't worry

my skype ID: btmania2009

hi all .. i want to improve my english by talking to someone in english.. i am intermediate ...

my skype is boudyramzy

I'm a newer here,and didn't use Skype before.

Who guys can tell me how to use it ?

i am here to help you..

first go to Skype website, sing up there then download Skype software ( it's like yahoo messenger and MSN)

mu skype is danny-zmh   ,let's help each other!

i would love to talk with anyone ))) my skype is : x91ali 

feel free completely

to speak english with each other.and kindly expecting id:skypearthurchiang

i would love to talk with anyone my skype is : kgmganesh

brilliant It's amazing idea  my Skype is please feel free to add me


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