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I do want to be able to speak English well, but it's still very hard for me to reach it. I have used many ways to get it but until now I am still not satisfied yet. Maybe, one of the reasons is because i've never used English in my daily life. Actually, I want to practice my English everyday but i don,t have friends to do that.Sometimes I speak English with myself, but it's like crazy people, right. I don't care! I still do it until now. I hope sometimes I will be able to speak and listen English well. Anyone wants to help me, please?

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me too. I watch English TV evryday. I think it is a good way for us.
Yes me too, I watch English TV everyday and also chats with friends.
Hi... i also do what u do, I also practise with myself coz i dont have patner to practise at home, I usually speak in front of my mirror or with my pilow. it's like crazy people. I hope u wan be my friend in practising english, we can learn together.
Hi, in fact we have the same problem, right? I think if we share and learn together we can increase our ability.
@Agus syaefulloh...of course I wanna be ur friend.That's why i am here. we can tell about everything to make our English better. I am so happy because there are so many friends here.
all of your problems are mine, too. Basically , despite many attempts to learn English by many ways, i still can't find the best way to improve my English efficiently. Sometime, i feel like that i did enter the English world, i was very eager to practice english all day. however, i couldn't keep this enthusiastic in learning regularly;somehow i let some things attracted me, i lost my focus on learning; gradually, i became afraid of studying English.... Finally, i myself find that it's a regular practicing which is the best way to keep English in your mind durably.
the most difficulty thing for me is not having confident enough to communicate with people in English. I'm afraid I'm wrong so I don't dare to talk much. I know, it is not good but I'm very embarassed. Can anybody help me??
Hi there,
Yes, I agree with you.
Last time I tried to learn five new words per day.But this just happened in a short time.(I think everything's happen as my schedule for the first two weeks.).After that, everything seem be very bad because i don't like to learn more.Till now, i just get a little words and not enough for daily use.
u realy practicing english in daily life is the real way to speedly improve your langauge, also i have the same problem ,i am fro egypt and our first language is arabic so normaly we don't use english more in our daily life
I find that you already have good advice. Also, from what you write, you command of the english language is pretty good.
Listening to the english language will help you, but the best way is to speak it. For those who have a chance, the best is to travel to a country where english is spoken. And travel alone, so you will have to use the language. In my opinion the key to making it, is to turn your mindset into english. Start thinking in english, do not think in your native language and then try to translate before speaking.
Myself I spent a month in Ireland and the UK not long after I graduated from high school. I learned more in that month than in all the years I had it in school. But at the same time, without the basic knowledge from school, I would not have learned that much.
And keep learning words, don't bother so much with grammar. I still don't know much about formal grammar, generally speak or write what I feel is right.
In my opinion the key to making it, is to turn your mindset into english. Start thinking in english, do not think in your native language and try to translate before speaking. When I came home after one month I was so well into the world of english that I even orderd food in english, in my own country, without even thinking about it.
Also keep in mind that in almost all cases, your english is way better than the other persons knowledge of your native language :)

Good luck
hello my name is nadira. motivation to converse fluently is brave of you. thanks to EC we are able to mingle make freinds and improve our english along the way.
writing chatting reading will overcome the fears . all the best to you.
Hi guys

It is a consistent problem for all...for this reason we joined this group , but still I don't see how we can speak English!!! but only writing here.... but speaking should have Audio tools , so lets all of us join Skype , then set a fix but flexible schedule to talk to each other one hour a Skype ID is jimmy584570....let's start from next Wednesday ...first session at noon-1pm...second session 2-3 pm....etc...your suggestions will be appreciated..(-5 GMT)
you write and read daily, chat and speak in the sky pe , you will get better rezult. would u like skeak with me I will be happy, do you like connect to me on sky pe , javaidiqbal5


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