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some times we met some people influenced in our life and don't forget him \ his Do you met a person who has influenced your life ?

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thanks for this topic . for me i met all of people who have influenced in my life . and for example there was a teacher in the middle she was amazing. active and full of new ideas . she could make u alive and thoughtful person. she respect her students and they respect her too she just gave me hope and make me beleive that there are good people in this world.
Yes there were people who have influenced my live... but strangely my school teachers didn't have any influence. They are people I must find them in my family... one of them is my female cousin, who is 10 years older than me. She has been to make me start another career when everything seemed to be over. Now I am a professional... thanks my cousin!
A few people influence my life, i mean the people who make me a better person not the opposite. I always admire and want to thank them. Mostly, they are the people with whom i spent lot of time together. My parents are the example.

What a nice topic. I'm just new in this club, I find it so perfect!

Yes, I met someone who really influenced my life. And I want to share it with you all guys. Well, let me start this way. I was brought up in a christian way of living but, when I had a family and kids I used to worry a lot for my life and for my kids. Not until, i came here in VietNam to look for a job as an English Teacher. I met them by searching on the net a christian church. I can't really explained how they changed my views towards life and christianity. That's the only time I pretty understood the real meaning of Christianity and what LOVE is. Loving your brethen, whoever he/she is, whatever his/her race is and whereever he/she came from, they showed me true and real love and how to have a 100% trust and FAITH in the Lord.

I really cannot forget those people. I will treasure them for the rest of my life. 





Hello.For me, the people who influenced my life are my parents and my elder sister. They have set a good example for me....

Hi, I am new here.

First, thise is a very nice topic to talk about.Thanks.
There are many people in my life who made a big changes in my life, but the most influenced person is my biology teacher. The story is that one day I went with my friend to her, but I didn't know what my friend want. Then I found out that my friend want to ask the teacher something in the subject which I know. The teacher said: how you come to me and you have scientist as "Sama" she meant me!.So this phrase makes me take the responsibility, be more serious and attentive in the class and have a plan to be a big scientist.

very nice topic.......... yes i m having special person i met in my life... very nice to speak and having gud leadership and having special respect in front of all the team leads... nice person and missed the nice days and time to work with him .... i had a coffee with him at the last moments.. i dont know tats the last moment in my life i met him there........... and he advised to join in a very big mng and maintain ur self respect wherever u go...............
Honestly, my wife, santa, had influenced my life. She had introduced many things to me especially about love. What is the meaning of love? Before I knew my wife, I am a man who has a bad habit and attitude. I often speak harshly to people. Since we have a special relationship (love each other), she taught me how to speak more polite and then my life had changed.

It was a man...he is a painter and when I saw his  paint...There was something .Now ,I love painting it's my hobby ! I don't know how explain.Drawing is all my life ,I get down my feelings on the paper ...

hi aliaaa

for me.i 've many people who influenced in me .first of them is my friend . she a;ways push me to be better .she learned me how to smile.also my teacher of Qur'an. he helps me to be patient and love Qur'an more than i love it. also my mother has a big role of forming my personality. she is too kind


hi there!

it is a good question cuz almost everybody has an idealized person in mind that has

met sometime in his life!

4 me it was my french course professor in the university who was vary hardworking and

dagged though she has lots of problems in her life!

and the second one is a familiy friend who has achieved her goals by

her deciesive mind!i can say that she has changed the life of herself and her family!

i love her because she is a succesful person in every dimension of life!

i wanna be like her!


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