it is my pleasure to visit me on skype , to practice english language

id -  roonacy

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my skybe ID alisawi_855

Hey!  How r u all,I'm looking forward for someone who is really interested to  improve Spoken English in order to get perfect fluency,Coherence,Structure,build confidence.So do add me i'm very passionate about English Language,My id on  Skype is  luckyali747

from where u r


I also like serious people , I am an English language teacher  and want to make friendships from all over the world to learn and pracice this language together. I would be pleased to meet you at skype and this is my id : honestwith.u  

It is my pleasure to be a friends . my skype account is mtayel91

hi.. I really want to imporve my spoken english ..
Need to practice to speak in english everyday. but it's not easy..
please accept the my skype id(hyperdh)

hi, nice to meet u.

i'm Ngan. I'm glad to talk with u.

my skype  ID is small_pigtn

hi guys

my name is khaled and i want to improve my english langauge

my skype is khaled-k3

see you in my skype

this is me : inabelladipa

hello Inabella,

my skype name is: Samuel.michael84

i am from Egypt. i like to Skype in English to improve my spoken skill 

hi everyone,i'm new here,and i want to improve my spoken english too,but to be honest,my oral speaking is very poor,so i need your help.
id: sixmorekk

alisawi mahamed muftah said:
my skybe ID alisawi_855
i am crystal from china, my spype ID is crystalsun36


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