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Comment by Kaoru yesterday

Hi h.meisam, welcome to anime group ^_^

This morning my father went to a mountain and took "udo", a wild vegetable, home. My mother peeled the skin and boiled it in a deep pan . We eat it with a Japanese traditional dressing, "sumiso" which includes vinegar, sugar, and miso.

Here's a photo of "udo no sumiso ae" (udo with sumiso dressing) she made today.


Comment by Hardi yesterday

I only do vector graphic painting digitally. I'm bad at fine motor controlling of my hand when drawing with pencil. So vectorgraphic is best suited for me. And there I can move each part around and modify them as much as I want and make copies also. But I often forget to make copy so I need to use undo button a lot and I forget to save my work so, if the software should crash I might lose all the work.. Lately Inkscape fortunately don't crash so much like it's earlier versions did.

Also I haven't learned how to use layers properly. I sometime have dried to use separate layers for foreground and background, but.. I'm actually not good doing so complicated and detailed pictures that need layers so badly that it would help a lot.. So I somehow manage. ^_^

And today I got another idea how I could drwa a male face more easily in inkscape. Usually When I start drawing a head/face I draw a ellipse with ellipse tool and then turn it into a editable bath that I can change the shape. Add nodes and all. But Now I thought that maybe a rectangle is easier to turn into male face. I dried and somehow it really was easier. I did same with eyes. First made rectangles and then modified them to more eye shaped.. In reality I was before just too lazy to add more nodes to the path. When I turn a ellipse to path it will have 4 nodes. on top and bottom and one at each side. So I add just 2 more for cheek bones and maybe some more. But for rectangle I have to work a bit more. So the result will be better. I like to use ellipse painting tool or rectangle tool more than a line tool, because line drawing, or free hand tool adds too many nodes. I want too keep them at minimum... Beside it's really easy to make anything from a rectangle. Just drag it's border with node tool to change the curves and double click on it to add more nodes. ^_^

Comment by Aleksey yesterday

Nice to see you here, H.meisam :)

Yeah, I also can't draw what I wanted. Always it's random face. I draw 4 years. Now I'm 2d artist and I can't still draw human, what I wanted. Here you can find simple lessons how is draw face. And I'm going to tell a main secret of strong artists. All strong artists make copy :O. When they draw something new, they are separating picture to the parts. And then they are make copy of this parts from somewhere and correcting this parts for make a beautiful picture. Only the strongest artists don,t make copy, because they got all in their minds.

Comment by Hardi on Thursday

Hello h.meisam. Welcome to Anime Group. ^_^

Comment by Hardi on Thursday

Natasha, actually somehow the only bad thing that comes from Russia I could think was bad weather. At winter the coldest weather always comes from Russia and at summer often too hot weather comes from there too. But I just felt like saying that there are bad things coming from there. Because I'm a bully and I'm sure there's a lot.

So I'm sorry that I did not notice to mention you. It's hard to be unmentioned even if it's something bad, but... lol

Well I tried little bit practicing drawing face yesterday.. And yeah I still ended up with a kinda feminine looking face. First I thought I dry to draw a face of boy, but then I noticed that it would look better as a old hag I I went with the flow. Yeah that's how I always draw. I start one thing, but soon I see that what I have drawn looks more like something else and so I decide to let it become that something else. Sometime it may change several times. So it's important to finish a drawing in short time too, because otherwise it may become non matching mix ^_^Here's my practice... The one with small nose and thin eyebrows at right is first version. At left I tryied if it could become more masculine, if I change nose and eyebrows. But the reason why it's feminine is still the shape of face. Chin and cheek bones.

And I think I have difficult to draw those really nice smiling cute appealing candy like faces. Somehow a more evil face is easier to draw. Maybe it depends of my mod? Though if I'm in bad mod and I force my self to draw something cute, it would improve my mod. But also drawing a evil face improves it... I guess I pass my bad mod to the character I drew and.. yeah I'm happy when I can produce a good quality evil face. ^_^

Comment by h.meisam on Thursday

hi to all 

Comment by Natasha on Wednesday

Hi all!

Hardi, you are very perceptive :))

However, there are exceptions of bad things coming from my land. For example,we, who are in this group :P

I never could draw male faces, although I saw the difference. Every time that I gave it a try, they looked like female ones. I think everyone feels like seeing your drawings, Hardi ^_^

Comment by Hardi on Tuesday

My home town has population of approximately 100 000 people so it's relatively very small in world scale, but it's second of largest in Estonia.


Comment by Aleksey on Tuesday

I couldn,t also posted a comment during 2 days 2 weaks ago. 

Hardi, do you live in small town?

Comment by Hardi on May 16, 2015 at 17:45

Happy Sunday everyone.

Why did you say that you are not able to post your comment, Natasha. Was it that you wanted to say something improper for the eyes of the young innocent kind and cool me? And so you decided not to. :D

Yeah the traffic is dangerous. There's too many cars. Although they have reduced the deaths in traffic with in past ten years, the count of cars have increased.  The traffic incidents are still everyday thing in news. Yesterday a old woman got killed when she was walking on sidewalk. A big truck ride over. The truck came out from the yeard at oposite side of street and somehow it rode to the sidewalk on opposite side of road.. Today again there was a traffic accident where pedestrians who were waiting for green light got injured because 2 cars collided while one of them was speeding and the driver was also drunk too.. And obviously one car was bmw. It's almost sure that if there's a car accident, then probably one of the involved car is bmw and most likely the driver of bmw also is faulty. Maybe there's just too many bmw cars. :P

So yeah it's dangerous to bicycle and also to walk and drive car and etc. But bicycling is probably the most dangerous. It's good that I live pretty close to the edge of town. I only ride to country. In town I don't want to cycle. There's so many careless drivers and jerk drivers that it suck.. It's good that the fuel isn't cheap here, otherwise it would be impossible to ride at all.. Because our car drivers already are almost as stupid as American car drivers thinking how the roads should belong only to them and them alone.. only difference is that in usa the drivers don't have to bay so much for fuel. So there they are even bigger jerks. I have had some online friends from United states and most of them all hated cyclists. :P Well since I'm a kind guy I did not hate them for it. I just thought that it's so bad that I have some stupid friends. But yeah only bad things come from usa. Like microsoft and cars and... well I don't remember all. But yesterday I was thinking of all the things that come from america that I hate. I got pretty long list. And rest of bad things come from Russia of course. lol

Well actually there are good things too that came from America.. like potatoes. And I don't mean potatoe chips or other junk they invented in usa I mean the real food. :P
But really it's americans fault that there's so many cars. They started it.

Well enough of cursing the americans.. no I won't curse Russians either. That would get boring too.
I actually wanted to say something about anime.. well I forgot what.
But I liked the episode of nisekoi this weekend. It was good episode made me smile a lot.. maybe I actually laughed while watching..

Oh and I was researching how to draw male or female face. I never really understood the differences. Actually I'm really bad to draw anything preset. So now I've carefully watched the faces in anime and I think I somewhat understood what the differences are. After I master this. I start to look about differences of characters of same genre. Maybe one day I can learn how to draw a person too? Or same character from different view or smth.
I'm actually really bad at drawing something that is set front of me.. Maybe some really simple things only. But it's so boring to draw that way anyways... So even though I would like to be capable of it. I'm so lazy and unmotivated. ^_^


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