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Comment by Fizzy 17 hours ago
Yes a little disappointed on Charlotte , i only watch half way through. . ^^
Comment by Hardi 20 hours ago

I would not be impudent enough, to recommend you that anime, where the "The Blue in the Snow Field" was doing all those impudent acts.

But since it seems that you actually already saw it. I assume you are not in the fraction who believes that "A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist" deserves to be defended. I can recommend that anime too...

[spoiler start]

Although the end part of episode.. where all the students were gathered and were shown that video of flies docking.. I think that was a bit too much... Well maybe it was actually not so embarrassing to those students, because they were so ignorant, not understanding what's happening with them, but... Such mass arousal.. it might cross the border of good taste.

[/spoiler end]

"chatlotte" wasn't really what you hopped isn't?

[more spoiler start] :P

I did not like because although that guy, did bad things.. Those other kids with supernatural ability are actually not better. They just are stronger, because they act as team and, they are not as full of them selves.. not so pigheaded, arrogant.. well I don't know the right word. :D Anyways, if they were better, they could teach manners to that guy, but they just want to control him and his power.. it seems. So I dislike them even more than the bad deeds that guy did..

[/more spoiler end]

okay.... sorry not good spoiler on this from me, because I've forgot all the names and stuff.. such confusing... well whatever. Just wanted to say I hoped it to be better.. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy yesterday
Ushio and tora (^_^)d
Comment by Fizzy yesterday
Its not blue is black.. lol. I will check it out
Comment by Hardi yesterday

I'm not sure, but maybe you would want to check also "Ushio to Tora" out, Fizzy. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy yesterday
I am waiting for chatlotte..
Comment by Fizzy yesterday
I watched it.. interesting so i might watch it too..

I ssaw gangsta too so violence but remind me of blue lagoon anime..
Comment by Hardi yesterday

That gender bender.. "Aoharu x Kikanjuu" reminds "Ouran highschool" a bit. Not that the similarity would be really high, but if I had to compare with something then the other "gender bender" that is closest to it. Is probably "Ouran highschool hst club" I think... Well I don't remember, whether I actually watched Ouran highschool all episodes.. I think I got bored soon. It was more girls anime.. Andwas not so interesting for me.

So I don't know if I will enjoy "Aoharu x Kikanjuu", but I hope it's more of my liking.. But I sure don't like that guy.. sorry don't remember his name.. but if You saw the episode u probably know which guy I'm talking about.. he's the male protagonist... Or I think, I can call him that.. the male protagonist of episode. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on Friday
Yeah! Thats a good news. Thanks
Its a long way to wait (>_<) but i guess it will worth it.
I will check out some new anime as you mentioned.
Comment by Hardi on Friday

I think something today or so they released haikyuu!!! movie in Japan, but it will probably take a while until u can see it somewhere, somehow. I think there will be one more movie of it also in autumn.. if my information is correct. And then the hsaikyuu second season anime start at autumn also.

And there will still be some ova episode or episodes of Kuroko coming too.

I think I liked haikyuu a bit more than Kuroko. So I hope I like it, but if it's too much of the sport.. their competitive games with tossing that ball over net there... I might get annoyed, bored and stop watching it. ^_^

Well, some of summer animes have already started, but not the ones I have been waiting.

I watched both, "Gangsta" and "Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace", They are good, but they are both bloody, contain brutal murdering.. And the gangsta has also all other kinds of mafia and criminal things.. So I'm not sure how much I like them.. They actually might be really good. ^_^


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