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Comment by Hardi yesterday

Oh thank's Fizzy, so good and warm. That's really ni.. Auch! auch! Too burning hot! It's too hot! I don't like hot. It burns me...! T_T

Comment by Fizzy yesterday

Sun beam~~~~~~~~~~~ at Hardi

Comment by Hardi on Wednesday

It's rainy today. I did not want such weather! I don't want the autumn to come! I want more summer! I don't want to start wear warm clothes! I want summer! T_T :(

Comment by Fizzy on Monday

I think the avatar already good but i guess its to pale on the about darker at the back and clear color in front but the guy who hold my friday is perfect ^^

Comment by Hardi on Monday

Cinderella? Perhaps you mean that wicked stepmother from that story? :P

I'm not really satisfied with this avatar Fizzy. The only good part is that your Friday is there kept away from you. But the colors aren't right. I think I need to change the skin color.. and some other colors maybe too. Skin might be a bit too green there.. and your Friday maybe don't have right color too.. Well maybe I will change it again some time, if I'm not getting too lazy again. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on Sunday

Hey you changed your avatar hardi.. my friday has been taking away again.. now its monday blues (>_<)

like natasha, i am glad too dont have lifts. sometimes ppl dont responsible enough right.. hardi you should give him a talk if you found him again but make sure you prepare with some weapon in-case he become violent hehe.

unknow cat has been peed infront my house and if saw that cat, i might give a good scolding.. i notice few new cats at my areas.. probably try to scout new territory. my mum is on alert mode because of that hehe if she saw strange cat hanging around, she will "shoo-shoo" the cat.

this morning my mum saw nicky (our neighbour cat) chasing another cat away..

such a tough territory @ my house lol

natasha, my friends rent some house in japan and some stay at the hotel. 

Comment by Natasha on Sunday

Hi all!

Yes, you can see some castles in my place, but most of them have fallen  in the state of dilapidation. So even if I wanted to live in one of them, I couldn't. I'm rather Cinderella than someone from your list : ))

Fizzy, I miss you too. At least, we can chat over here and somewhere else. Where did your friends stay when they visited Japan? 

Hardi, from now on I'm starting to think I'm lucky not having a lift in my house. To be honest, I'm afraid of riding the lifts without any companions :))

Cows have been disappeared from the countryside around me. The owners don't have any green grass spots any more. What is going to disappear next?

Comment by Hardi on August 22, 2015 at 18:02

Today when I was waiting lift when going cycling, my neighbour was coming up.. no actually it's the friend of the neighbour who lives next door of my apartment. He was rustling with his pants fly when came out from lift.. And yeah when I entered to lift I noticed the floor is wet and the smell was there too. Damn I wished it would rain a bit that my bicycle tire would get washed.. but I was cycling on gravel road anyways. The sand cleaned my bike well enough. When I came back to home.. I first thought to carry my bike up from stairs, but then.. I thoug to check if the floor of lift is still wet.. it looked like it had dried away.. But to be sure I did not spin the bike to lift on it's back wheel as usual. I carried it over the spot.. Although I tried to step on safer places I think the floor was still feeling sticky.. And the smell has got stronger too.. I suppose I wash my bike shoes latter..

I did not want to believe it.. but I guess it's really true that he peed in lift...
I might have not noticed, or thought anything, but since he looked kind of guilty while fiddling with his pants and did not look at me.. So I'm sure he peed there.
I would probably not  looked down to floor and would know nothing of this.. But the way he was acting, rosed my suspicion.. "did he pee to there?" It's kinda dark light in there and small room.. so you won't notice it easy if the floor is wet.
That neighbour from next door, is drunkard and that peeing friend of him, is his drinking buddy... They're not very old men, but I think they are pensioners already. But I suppose that, if you drink that much all the time, then it's no surprising you start to leak even if you aren't very old yet...

But some nice things too. I saw some cows or maybe I should say beefs. Since they were sleeping at the paddock. Maybe they were young bulls, or calf or heifer.. Don't know what they call a beef that's not calf anymore but also not heifer in English.. Maybe they don't even have a word for this..
Anyways. It was nice thing for me since just other day I was thinking that there's so few cows.. so few farming and few cows. There used to be more such country houses that had one or two cows. There used to be 2 cows close to down.. some years ago, but now there's less.. So it's kinda sad for me to see. But today I saw 9 or 10 beefs sleeping in the shade.. Still a bit bigger cattle, but not very big. Seems that having just one or two cows has become difficult for some reason.. But I think having 10 might be even more difficult.. Because where to you sell the milk. Milk factory don't want to bother with few cow farms. They only make contract with those that can supply them with full load of a car..
If you have one or two cows u can share milk with neighbors.. make butter and cheese.. But when you have 10 cows.. I don't know.

Anyways. I was happy to see there's still some life in country too. Because I think that our politicians don't care of agriculture and country people.. They probably just think that farmers duplicate the supermarket.. And it seems silly to them. They know that milk and all other food products come from supermarket. So then why to burden the nation with agriculture.. We only need just supermarkets and shopping centers. And those we really get a lot.. They build more a nd more of those. But I don't know who really needs them. Stupid people..

Oh and I almost forgot. When I was almost back to home then at the very border of the town.. across of the road that pass behind hypermarket. I saw some goats.. I would not noticed them but they were making noises.. there was hedge between road and meadow.. but I could see them through of trees.

Comment by Hardi on August 21, 2015 at 12:07

But I think that count Dracula's castle is not in Natasha's country.. But well it doe's not matter, since they both are somewhere at south from Latvia. My geographical knowledge of Europe is just that at South is Latvia and then after that, the rest of Europe.. so it's all right.. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on August 21, 2015 at 4:07

This is count dracula's castle


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