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The latest anime you saw.

Started by Hardi. Last reply by Hardi Sep 16, 2015. 63 Replies

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Comment by Ricardo Concepción on July 13, 2014 at 15:59

Hey Everybody,

I am new on the group. 

I like anime that is why I add to this group.

I hope we can discuss about some animes.

Comment by Hardi on July 11, 2014 at 8:37

Probably it's same for me. That don't have anything better to do.. Or well, maybe I just compensating the need of communication to someone here. :)

Gou would prbably not like me. I have no no abs or chest muscles, even biceps is almost not existing. Just only little quads and glutes from bicycling. But she's just too young. :P Well I don't know who's that david beckman you mentioned, but I think I'm better looking. :P I don't have any ugly tattoos. It's impossible to anyone who has tattoo to be good looking. If they were good looking they would not think about making tattoo.

Happy week end for you too, Fizzy. I painted my rooms wall this summer, but I painted it white. I actually painted only two walls and ceiling. The wall with window and another wall to half way.. I only painted to half way because below I had a wooden something.. something that I did not want to hidde under paint.
I dared to paint it white because I knew there will be shelve on that wall and also because that wooden part below.  I like it now. Maybe if I knew some good artist who could paint chibi characters well, then maybe I would paint more walls to white and then let to paint chibies to there, but..... well I have furniture almost everywhere on walls.. not enough empty space for that maybe.

Well I think if I asked my nephew he could find someone who could do it or he could do it. He learned in art colleague, but I don't think there are anyone who satisfies me. Most of estonian art students work that I've seen doesn't look like my taste, even if it's some anime characters. I guess the artschools suck here. They don't teach them how to draw cute characters. Just some classical art probably.

For some reason I felt little dizzy yesterday and today too. Probably some light summer virus. Had throat little bit sore this morning, but not sure if it was that.. But my nephew had it a little ago so.. I probably need to be more careful and not go to bicycling or jogging or something today too. Then maybe tomorrow can go to bicycle or smth. Actually I should do something to improve my uper body otherwise gou-chan wont look at me, but... well even if I could enter to 2D world I would stilll be apearing there as some grandpa even if in muscles. So I don't care.. :P

Comment by Fizzy on July 11, 2014 at 0:40

yes i wonder why i am still here.. lol probably with nothing to do nor any activities that might caught my interest soOoooo here i am.. =P

oh i will watch it tonight.. thanks.. happy Friday and happy weekend.. i am planning to sleep more on weekend but as near to festive season, my mum already nagging about cleaning the house (T_T) luckily she dont ask me to do house painting. it would be tiring.. (>_<) well probably next year because i found interesting colour of paint lol

gou probably weird girl.. not much of meat in them.. =P   girls like us dont like much of buffy guy with too much muscles lol..  david beckham muscles pretty hahaha 

oyasumi hardi and good morning..  (^_^)/

Comment by Hardi on July 10, 2014 at 8:01

I substitute for everyone else too. Well, I don't know if it's weird. I'm used already with that. Probably they all ran from me.. Ah but then it's really weird, since you are still here. :P

I haven't read natsume manga at all. Only anime. But there's still no info about Natsume anime's new episodes. Since it's so popular, it would be weird if they did not make more episodes.

PS. Don't forget to watch Free. Thge episode 2 came out already. ^_^

I hadn't paid much attention to muscles in Free before, but this time I paused the anime just to see what is that Gou chan likes about them so much. Well.. it's weird. Arent those guys too skinny. Okay, I know the excess fat is not appealing, but these characters in Free they don't have any fat at all. And their hip bones stuck out so much. Kinda anorexia like. Well I'm sorry if I offense all the female fans of those muscles. I'm just wondering, that is that how girls like it? Well okay it's 2d World. The real world laws of nature won't apply there. In real 3d world that kind of extreme belly line would be not normal for a male.. I think. And wouldn't it give more drag when swimming? Or maybe it would not.. I remember I read some science article, about some researchers who researched the shape of fish. Dolphins and some. And they found that a cylindrical smooth object had more water resistance than an object that had small waves like contour on surface.. or something.

Well anyways, just a observation, that the guys in Free had sticking out hip bones.. or maybe it's more like just very thin belly, since they do have muscles, so it really doesn't look like bones are sticking out..

Well anyways.. Good morning Fizzy. Maybe I go back to sleep now, or watch some anime. Don't know yet. But today it's nice day. Not too hot anymore.

Comment by Fizzy on July 10, 2014 at 0:28

so busy eh.. hehe =P  

dont you think its kinda weird when not many anime fans here.. so few.. its like we are rare species or something.. haha

and now left only us (T_T)   seems like the beginning all over again.. (^_^)?

natsume new chapter released.. yeah.. finally be able to read natsume manga.. i have waited for few months already fufufufu

matta ne~ hardi

Comment by Hardi on July 9, 2014 at 23:34

"Love Stage" is not like I hoped. When I saw the promotion video and read the short description. I thought that: "well even though it's a yaoi, I might like it, since it's comedy and maybe the story is interesting" and something..
Probably they had too low bucket to make it better.. Not enough animation. The extra, or non important characters, or how they are called.. the guys on background, They weren't colored or drawn out detailed. And so, seeing mostly only those sickening yaoi faces.. They actually aren't the common typical yaoi faces too. It's just creepy to me. Well, maybe it's really just a yaoi for certain females and gays.
That's bad. I hoped for a more lively comedy that could make me laugh.
But well there was other good comedies. So yeah. Maybe I still try to watch next episode too, of this.. depends of my schedules if I don't have anything to do, then maybe can watch it as well. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on July 9, 2014 at 0:34

well if the anime is so interesting, somehow i WILL manage my schedule.. haha =P well i mostly will watch on weekend only if you remind me that anime is already release then i will watch during night before off to bed (^_^)v

i dont think i will watch ao haru ride because that girl seems so poor liking someone who give her cold shoulder.. hehe

he~~~~~~ really.. i already drop watching hunter x hunter.. i guess i will start to re-watch it again. Gon's dad not a good dad because even gon was sick and need help, he totally ingore it..

buubuu (>_<#)

Comment by Hardi on July 8, 2014 at 22:35

Hunter x Hunter has got more interesting.. Because I think Gon's dad will now have more appearance.. probably. ^_^

Comment by Hardi on July 8, 2014 at 8:14

How many new animes can you manage, Fizzy? Your schedule will get tight. I hope, that there won't be too many good animes for you, because I don't want you to get tardy. :D

"Hanayamata" is good too.

"Ao Haru Ride" was also not too bad.  Well, It's "shojo" anime, therefore I won't criticize it too much. Because it's not made for me.
But I can say, that for me it was a bit boring, compared to "Kimi ni Todoke". Well, I compared it with "Kimi ni Todoke" Because that's only Shojo anime with highschool setings and romance, that I could remember now.. Well Kimi ni Tpodoke I liked a lot. This one.. I'm not sure. It's probably somewhere 50/50. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on July 8, 2014 at 0:33

I really enjoyed watching gekkan... yesterday. (^_^)d

so new 3 anime on my watchlist.. wee~~~~~~~~ \(^_^)/ 


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