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The latest anime you saw.

Started by Hardi. Last reply by Hardi Sep 16, 2015. 63 Replies

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Comment by Hardi on October 13, 2016 at 16:00

Not much autumn foliage here too. It was too windy and a bit rain last week. So that some trees that change first got stripped to bare already.. others have lost some leaves and some looked quite greenish too.

Well I'm not believing that superstition too. We had a black cat a long time ago. She was good cat. Catching mice and rats. Even some white weasel.. few times. Only thing, is that she brought them to my bed.. Ate there and left the buttock part and guts to there.. Well we managed to teach her not to do so.. I think, but sometime I still found some at my bed.. The creepiest was when I woke up at morning and I guess it was winter the room was really cold at morning.. I was looking for my wool socks that had to be somewhere in bed.. then I found them.. gray colored. Felt so smooth soft on my hand, warm too since they were got into the cap between two beds that were side by side and I guess I had slept on top of them.. Then when I was putting them on.. looking for the opening to stick my feet into. I realized it's not sock that I'm holding in my hand.. It's a dead rat. Well I guess that woke me really up.

But it turns out, that there was 2 black cat crossing my way yesterday.. 2 times. So if one cat can't do anything, then may 2 can? I think it's very common cats crossing your way. That's why such silly superstition.

But I can't find reason why my front wheel got lose. It's very disturbing. I checked everything but it looked all okay.. I could only think 2 reasons. I had put crease to the thread of the axle.. To prevent corrosion and wear. I guess that was wrong of me. And also bad shaking road. And maybe the temperature fast drop too, when bringing bicycle out from warm room.. ^_^
Or maybe the wheel wasn't seated properly.. and then when it went into correct place it became lose..

Comment by Kaoru on October 13, 2016 at 12:38

There has been a lot of rainy days in my place, so I'm afraid that autumn foliage this year might not be as beautiful as usual.... 

Hope you guys have a chance to enjoy beautiful foliage! (^_^)v

Comment by yoh on October 13, 2016 at 10:36

It was 15C this morning at my place and I felt pretty chilly. It was 31C last Saturday, so temperature dropped quite rapidly. Large up and down in the temperature is said to show us beautiful foliage. I look forward to it ^_^

Oh what a weird experience Hardi. Black cat crossing is nothing to worry about in my country. Never mind! ^_^

Comment by Hardi on October 12, 2016 at 17:54

Here it was +6C too. But it was not cold. No wind and sunny. I bicycled 60Km. There was a black cat crossing my way also, but actually technically he did not. Because first he was walking by the road kinda middle of road too. But when I cot closer he went to roadside.. crossed my way.. I did not think about it.. If I had thought. I could have pass it from the far left so that my path would not cross with his, but I realized it later... That it was black cat crossing my way. Well I don't believe to super.. somethings, but I decided to be careful anyways. The sun was also showing against me from low on my way back. Sometime it was so difficult to see.. the wind or the sun made eyes teary too.

And yeah I had already forgot the black cat and then, I heard noise.. something rattling. Something had cot lose on my bike.. At front Was trying various things with hand.. mudguard, bottle cage. Then I decided to stop, to check properly.. Mudguard looked like it was ok. One of the reflector on front wheel maybe was a bit lose.. Lifted bike up and let it land to its wheels.. could not find anything out..  Then for some hunch.. I though I should check the front wheels quick-release. It was closed visually, but When I tried with hand. It was lose.. It was unscrewed by 3 turns or so.. It has the thru axle quickrelease bolt at front. And it's stupidly made. It unscrews on same direction as the wheel turns. Isn't that silly? I'm sure it was properly closed before I left home. How did it got lose?

I think it may be temperature difference. Maybe the hub of the front wheel cooled faster than the axle and shrank and then it could start unsecrew? Also maybe the discbrakes can heat and the warm the hub up.. But that should not make it lose.. it would tighten it up even more. The bike has carbon fork and.. I think at least at one side.. where there's no threaded nut. The tropout is carbong too.. I wonder can carbon shrink more than aluminum alloy? That would explain it..

Yeah yesterday I had similar experience. I took my old bike for a little ride in town. That's that bike that has sidemirror. After a while the mirror started to.. kove. I had to set it back.. then hold it with hand.. and later I got pored of this nuisance and left it to, be.. And I remembered that's how it always had been with that mirror on cold weather.. This time I did not have screwdriver too.. So I think the plastic shrink in cold and makes the joints of the mirrors arm lose.. If they are tightened in warm room. I have to re-tighten them after it has cooled at outside..

I hate bicycle industry. They only ask a lot of money for their products. But.. I wonder if cars have such problems too. That if you keep your car in your warm bedroom and then go to drive in cold weather, it will fall apart.. Somehow I don't believe that.

Comment by Kaoru on October 12, 2016 at 13:04

It's cold, 6C outside. I'm in my room, not outside, but feel very cold.... (x.x)

Comment by Fizzy on October 12, 2016 at 10:28


Comment by Kaoru on October 4, 2016 at 10:30

The laureate said that it was important to put more weight on basic research in science field than research that becoming a fad. Yeah, people tend to focus on something that brings money and fame and forget the importance of unglamorous work. So it is really a pleasure that he helped us remember that. 

Today, gust of wind blew away umbrellas and other stuff that mom had placed right outside the front door. We had to run after and catch them.... hahahaha :P

Comment by yoh on October 4, 2016 at 9:26

I listened to that Nobel laureate's lecture 2 years ago. He was really a man of modesty. I'm very happy with him as all his efforts bore the great fruit.  

Tomorrow a Typhoon is going to hit my place, maybe not Kaoru's place. Hope it won't cause any damages ^_^

Comment by Kaoru on October 4, 2016 at 8:39

Yeah, I heard the news, too (^_^) It's a very good news for Japanese people. Thank you, Natasha! 

Hahahahaha.... That would be sooo lucky for me that the bear sitting beside me was such a lovely mischievous one. Thanks Hardi, your story put a BIG SMILE on my face (^O^)

Comment by Hardi on October 4, 2016 at 7:56

I saw the news about that Japanese scientist too, but I wonder, does he watch anime at all. He looks a kind of guy who would devote fully to something that he does and likes to do. But by google picture search, there was no image of him, where he would pose with anime figures.. just usual stuff of some laboratory, or bookshelf. Also no picture showing him riding a bicycle. ^_^

I'm sure he at least rides bicycle sometime.

Kaoru, I don't think bears are so different from us. Also you may only dream that bears are hibernating. Maybe in reality you hibernate too without knowing it and then see bears hibernating. While in reality bears don't. Maybe you are hibernating, somewhere in forest just right now and there's a bear siting beside you and drawing stuff to your face while fighting with urge to burst into laugh.


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