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Comment by Fizzy on Friday
Maybe i shud watch others anime this weekend.. maybe there is one for me..

Happy weekend minna ^^
Comment by Hardi on Friday

Well, I would have liked to know about Kuroko more too, but the way they telling the story.. and as you also said it's scary too. So I can't pear.. I want to know now, if it gets scary or not. So I can't enjoy it. I hate such suspending dragging animes.

In anime world it only takes maybe 2 or 3 hours for them to listen his story, since for them most likely, the time freeze for between episodes, They usually don't even know that in 3D world a week passed.. but to me it's week. So it's too slow.
Well it's still better than Naruto, where so few happened in some episode.. nothing was processing at all. Just one long fight broken apart to several episodes.. And more scary too.

Yeah.. "Kekkai Sensen" seems not very interesting.. But at least it's new. So it might be amusing for me a while. But there are better animes this season that I like more. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on Friday
What!! Noooo~~~~~ kuroko is good eventhough passed this weeks too much episode when he so young, its okay because i want to know more about kuroko and the miracle team but akachi kinda cruel tho

I guess when kuroko said he did wrong to his friend when he joined super team and won national game.. demo~~~~ i am afraid if he change too much later episode. .who knew.. things might getting scary (>_<)

well on the other hand, i watched kekkai sensen <~~ cant remember the exact title.
Seems a good cause lots of fighting but after watching episode 3 i got confused and started to snooze when watching it..

If only natsume is here....
Comment by Hardi on Friday

I've been thinking about dropping Kuroko no Basuke. It was not so interesting for me already a while, and now they kinda suspending it with that side story.. I would have enjoyed it maybe, but the way they tell the side story was bad.. suspending. Or maybe I missed something..

It started with Kuroko saying that he did something bad to his friend.. and then started to talk some long blabber.. he never said anything what happened. I could not enjoy his story like this.. So go to hell stupid Kuroko. I'm not going to listen your long yarn of the past.

Yeah I guess Kuroko is just for girls anyways.. and to sport freaks.

I don't know, maybe Free had some yaoi aura... but it's still better than Kuroko.

Comment by Fizzy on Thursday
Totally kaoru, i feels sad too no wonder kuroko left that school.

I watched it yesterday hardi free ova, somehow the yaoi aura is there lol =P

Happy Friday!!!
Comment by Hardi on Thursday

Alesey, I like both in variation. It probably could be something else too, instead of anime and bicycling, but It just happens to be those 2 things I'm involved most.. I guess.

Actually there is one thing that I would like more, but I know it's impossible. I wish some really cool and strong person from aime would praise me for being such a good boy... Caress my head and say that I did well for watching this anime episode, or well if I did something else than watching anime then too... But yeah it's impossible, because I'm actually quite lazy and unworthy for that... Probably all these cool anime caracters would be displeased with me and hate me..

I like tractors too. I would like to own a cool excavator maybe. But I hate cars. If I had a excavator I would have more variations.. But then again. I do love nature, while excavator is kinda enemy of nature so... I'm not sure. But I think I would love digging some ditches and ponds with it. :P

Comment by Aleksey on Thursday

Happy birthday Inga!

Thank you guys, thank you Kaoru. I'm happy ^^

Haha, Hardi what do you like more either anime or bike?

Comment by Hardi on Thursday

Hi Fizzy, There will be also a movie "High☆Speed!: Free! Starting Days" in December.!:Free!StartingDays


Comment by Kaoru on Thursday

Recently, I'm kind of sad after watching "Kuroko". Kurokkochi, and other members of the team (Kiseki no Sedai) look so unhappy~ (T T)

Feel like a million bucks, everyone! ^_^

Thanks, Fizzy (^o^)/

Happy Birthday Inga!

Comment by Fizzy on Wednesday
Nope not yet hardi T_T.

*wave hi kaoru

Nice drawing aleksey

Happy Birthday Inga!!

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