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Comment by Fizzy 8 hours ago
Yeah! Thats a good news. Thanks
Its a long way to wait (>_<) but i guess it will worth it.
I will check out some new anime as you mentioned.
Comment by Hardi 9 hours ago

I think something today or so they released haikyuu!!! movie in Japan, but it will probably take a while until u can see it somewhere, somehow. I think there will be one more movie of it also in autumn.. if my information is correct. And then the hsaikyuu second season anime start at autumn also.

And there will still be some ova episode or episodes of Kuroko coming too.

I think I liked haikyuu a bit more than Kuroko. So I hope I like it, but if it's too much of the sport.. their competitive games with tossing that ball over net there... I might get annoyed, bored and stop watching it. ^_^

Well, some of summer animes have already started, but not the ones I have been waiting.

I watched both, "Gangsta" and "Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace", They are good, but they are both bloody, contain brutal murdering.. And the gangsta has also all other kinds of mafia and criminal things.. So I'm not sure how much I like them.. They actually might be really good. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy 16 hours ago

now i am waiting for haikyuu!!!  manga episodes so good and they on final games..

waiting for new season....  pls... <(>_<)

Happy Friday guys & girls  (^_^)d

Comment by Hardi yesterday

I'm just that happy. ^_^

Actually I little liked the last episode, because they showed little Kuroko's dog.
I don't want to watch them playing baseball and making such faces there.. I want to see happy faces, but there wasn't happy faces while they were playing basket ball. So it was bad anime for me. :)

Comment by Kaoru on Wednesday

Hey, Hardi! Why are you putting such a big smile on your face?!
I caaaaan't believe it :(

Let's the fight begin! Hahahaha..... :P

Comment by Hardi on Wednesday

Yes!!!! Kuroko no Basuke ended at last! :D :D

Comment by Fizzy on Wednesday

end of kuroko na basuke  TT_TT

Comment by Hardi on Monday

Yes I can vaguely remember "Hourou Musuko" but it was so long ago I have forgot it.. I watched a short scene of it. Yes it was good anime..

I don't remember the story well.. Maybe the story was too deep to me to understand everything fully too... Or maybe I just undervalue my capability of understand this kind of stories.. in Japanese animes. :P

But the clip I watched today.
It was good. Good piano and as background.. yeah drawing style was nice too. A bit different from most common anime faces, I think..

But I'm not sure if this was also true gender bender anime. Although the guy was cross-dressing.. I don't know. One thing I have understood, is that I actually don't know the true categories of.. these animes.. the genres and themes and.. well.. it's so complicated actually. I understand that. Some anime just features gender-bender.. that's when some supporting character bends his gender..

But it seems that not always is cross-dressing gender-bending.. Or maybe it is.. I guess it must bend expected gender roles enough strongly... So I guess a, if it's a transsexual, then it's not truly gender bending. Also gays are not really gender bender.. Because those actually don't bend the gender... probably. They just are that way.

But if one disguises him self as another sex, then that's a bending. It will cause all kind of difficult situations to stay undiscovered and. Yeah that's how this genre story can become funny and exciting. Will she/he get discovered. How will she/he manage some situations..

Comment by Aleksey on Monday

I ve remembered name of gender-bender anime with beautiful drawing style - "Hourou Musuko" 

Comment by Hardi on Saturday

There was something weird in the beginning of last episode of "Plastic Memories" The sun was rising and was illuminating the person, but the shadow was moving from below to upward.. I mean first it was illuminating the does of person and then crawling up until it illuminated also face. Is this ever possible... Well after re watching that part I noticed.. that it seems like maybe the sun was actually reflecting from the window of another building. but is it even then possible? Maybe if another building's windows were actually also opening slowly, tilting.. But I'm not sure. Maybe it actually wasn't reflecting from the window of other building.

Did the animators make a silly mistake, or I'm stupid? Well I know I'm stupid, but..



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