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The latest anime you saw.

Started by Hardi. Last reply by Hardi Sep 16, 2015. 63 Replies

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Comment by Hardi 9 hours ago
Kaoru, Here's a video from my bicycle camera. You can see that although some trees are still green, then some have already started to change.

But I agree that my summer is a lot better than your's or Yoh's... Maybe only the one that Natasha has there is comparable.. But I doupt of that.

Don't bay attention for the sand dirt and other such things on the promenade where I bicycle. That street isn't officially opened yet. It will be officially opened tomorrow with.. some events like.. town's mayor will have speech and all such things.. They had to reconstruct that street because it will connect the downtown with the new National museum building.. which will be opened soon too.. at 1th October.

Comment by Hardi 12 hours ago

And PS. yeah summer can be bad too. If it's above 23C then it's too hot for me.. But I still dislike winter more.... for it's darkness.

Comment by Hardi 12 hours ago

I see. I learn so much from you two here. Now I know that in Japan, food is always better in somewhere else.. (Some other region of Japan). So I guess Japanese have to travel a lot then.. In the search of ultimate taste..

Now I know, why there's so many cooking animes.

Here the leaves have started to change colors too, but now there has been some few warm days. Yesterday it was even about 18 C hot.. Although most of people where wearing coats and long pants. I went out with shorts and T shirt yesterday. It wasn't cold at all.. I was happy that I decided to leave my hoodie kind thing to home.
Today was little chillier because clouds.. But it was fine weather for bicycling today too. But tomorrow we may get rain and wind also will rise.. And then, don't know, when we will have good weather again.

But yeah we can sometime have soft and warm winter here in Estonia. It all depends what wether the wind brings to us. If it blows from west and south it's mild and warmer. But if it's from east or north. It may be very cold.

Comment by yoh 14 hours ago

Hi Kaoru, no no, food in Hokkaido is definitely better than that in Osaka.  Indeed any kinds of food in Japan are available in Osaka, but the freshness is somewhat sacrificed (´・ω・`)

Summer in Osaka is cruel - it's too hot and humid. Last month, I traveled to Wisconsin. That's where I used to live, joined this anime group, and started watching anime again!  I stayed there for a week, but for some reason, I could not see my favorite geese, which made me sad. But I was able to see sandhill cranes walking ^_^

Comment by Kaoru 15 hours ago

Food in Osaka is better than that in Hokkaido!? Wow, that's really intriguing....especially Japan has a lot of fruits and vegetables whose best season is autumn! ^_^

Yeah, I like summer best, even though I sweat a lot. Here in Hokkaido, summer is only 3 months, from June to August. Too short. I guess in Hardi's place, summer is longer than 3 months. Leaves are changing their colors in Hokkaido :P

Comment by Hardi 18 hours ago

It's just summer that's too short. Even though there's more good animes among of winter and autumn animes. I like summer and spring more..

Well autumn can be beautiful too, when weather is nice, but that's too short period when it's beautiful. It will get dark wet and cold too fast.

Just a while ago it was still bright at nice at 20:00, but now it has been pitch black dark night at that time already some week. And then when they change the time from daylight saving time to winter time.. I will hate winter even more.

Comment by yoh yesterday

Thank you, Kaoru!  The view was from Abeno-Harukas, a 300-meter tall building.

You should come to Osaka. Takoyaki shops are everywhere. Okonomiyaki and Kushikatu are good too. But, I'm sure food in general is better in Hokkaido ^_^

Comment by Kaoru yesterday

Happy Birthday, yoh! ^_^

Waaaaa, thank you for the beautiful picture. I have never been to Osaka. I would love to eat takoyaki in Osaka... :P

Comment by yoh yesterday

Comment by yoh yesterday

Hi Natasha, thank you for celebrating my birthday! 

Yes, Hardi, it's my birthday again! ^_^

One thing is that as we get old, we feel time goes by faster.

But, the important thing is that we should come here more often! Cheers to everybody!

Here is a night view of Osaka, where I currently live. I really miss woods and lakes though ^_^


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