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Let's play a game and enrich our vocabulary!

Ask me questions and I will give you the clues. Finally, you have to Guess My Word and win the game"


In this game, A HOST will provide the game in a discussion by giving the first clue; e.g. IT IS A JOB. Then, the other participants will ask questions and guess the word. The one who can guess the word correctly for the first time is the winner and will be the next host. In case the winner is not able to be a host, s/he would better find the substitute. :)

Welcome to the Game! ^_^

NB: This GROUP is dedicated to all members who are interested in playing ‘GUESS MY WORD’. Thanks a lot to the PIONEER of the Game:



No one is perfect to be always online here, so here are two other MODERATORs in this Group. :))

 Mishaikh &  Evangelina

Thanks a million. ^_^

Members: 106
Latest Activity: Jul 18


1) You can ask ONLY A question in each comment, usually YES/NO Question.
2) Wait for the HOST to answer, then you can ask again.
3) You can guess any time you feel knowing the answer.
4) We will FINISH ONE discussion, then MAKE A NEW discussion with a NEW HOST.
5) We'd better PAUSE the game at least 24 hours after finishing one discussion. 


No COMPULSION here, you can participate any time you visit MyEC.

I hope this group will not be too busy today nor will it be empty someday.

Just relax, enjoy, and have fun! :)


To join the game, visit the latest discussion. Here are the words we guessed...

Err - Colander - Flip flops - Freeloader - Flexibility - Hypnagogic - Aesthetic- Natatorium - Cryptozoologist - Willow

Hallucination - Heehaw - Under the table - Neanderthal - Distillation - Dulcinea - Zephyr - Kahisophobia - Petrichor - Extremophiles

Paranymph - Smirk - Erudite - Olympics Mascot Vinicius - Titivate - Anastasia Nikolaevna - Itinerant - Gormandize - Lassitude - Homilophobia

Scholaticism - Lackdaisical - Pescatarian - Superciliousness - Natation - Rendezvous - Phrrhic - Tryst -  Panacea - Eminence

Mavourneen - Despot - Inundate - Connubial - Ambivert - Chauffeur - Weather - Craquelure - Presenteeism -Misanthrope

Check the details of these words in pages of this group!

~~~~~ ***** ~~~~~

List of the top scorers. ^_^
(The winners who guessed the word right and how many times they won)

  1. Mishaikh : IIIII IIIII I
  2. Noaslpls : IIIII 
  3. Onee-chan : IIII
  4. Lady Noor : IIII
  5. Luci : IIII
  6. Hayah : III
  7. Danny Clark : III
  8. Saba : II
  9. Oporazita : II
  10. MARY : II
  11. Serene : II 
  12. Risty Aven :II
  13. ELF Noor : II
  14. Gabriel Sowrian : I
  15. Nida : I
  16. Agilulfo : I
  17. Estanis : I
  18. Coral : I
  19. Tanya : I
  20. Muskan: I

For the 53 first rounds.

CONGRATULATIONS, Mishaikh! You're the top scorer so far. :)

Discussion Forum

Round 56: It is an adjective

Started by Rose. Last reply by Onee-chan May 30. 50 Replies

I won the last round quite unexpected. I ask you for an adjective, please start your questions. ( Please be a little patient with me when I don't answer immediately.)Hints:1. it starts with a vowel2. It starts with "U"3. It's an abstract…Continue

guess a word

Started by Tu. Last reply by Danny Clark May 26. 2 Replies

hI DannyDoes it start with "h",and does it finish with "h"Am i right Danny?Continue

Round 55: It is an adjective again

Started by Danny Clark. Last reply by Rose May 27. 72 Replies

Hi, everyone! As I unintentionally won the prevous round I will be your next host whether you like it or not! Hahaha!So, my word is an adjective. Please, start asking me your YES/NO questions.Hints.1. It starts with a consonant.2. It may be the…Continue

Round 54: It is an ADJECTIVE

Started by Onee-chan. Last reply by Danny Clark May 23. 38 Replies

Hi dear all players,,Don't you miss this game?? :D I'm sorry for resting a bit long.... :pNow, now, let's start again this game with me. ^^I have a word to guess here. ARE YOU READY?? :))) Here it is...Hints:1) It is an adjective2) It relates to…Continue

Guess MY Word.. It is Noun

Started by ELF-Noor. Last reply by Muskan Apr 27. 68 Replies

After long long time, I have won last round  again hosted by Mishaikh Sir.. So I am the Host of this round...  I hope, You all will enjoy this Round...My word is really easy.. easy to Guess... ^_^So be ready to Win ....:)Hints:It is Noun.A…Continue

Round 52 IT'S A VERB

Started by Mishaikh. Last reply by Mishaikh Apr 17. 41 Replies

Since the last winner didn't turn up for long, and the show must go on, I am volunteering myself to ask A VERB in the next round.HINTS1) It is a VERB, (used without object).2) It is only 4 lettered word.3) By this action the relationship between two…Continue

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Comment by Onee-chan on July 18, 2017 at 3:40

Mishaikh and Estanis....  I appreciate your participation and contribution so much. You both are our precious players.... :)) Still,, where are you GIRLS....?? Wanna hear your voice....  :(( :D

Comment by Estanis on July 17, 2017 at 15:44
I join Mishaikh's words and try to participate to the extent possible.
Comment by Mishaikh on July 17, 2017 at 11:39


Go ahead, you start the next round.  I will be too pleased to participate once again.

Comment by Onee-chan on July 17, 2017 at 11:29

Dear friends and all pioneer players... :))))

Is it the time for us to play this game again??? I'll be waiting for your good mood in playing... :D Please come and comment and we'll decide later.... 

I miss to see you in this game. See you....!  ^_^

Comment by Danny Clark on May 28, 2017 at 15:39

Dear friends, we are playing Round 56. It is time to join us!

Comment by Mishaikh on May 25, 2017 at 13:54

Night Sky you are most welcome to the group.  There is a game currently going on in this group hosted by our most respected teacher Danny.  Please visit and participate in the game.  You will surely enjoy it as well as learn the language.

Comment by Night Sky on May 25, 2017 at 13:52

hello, I am newbie here , a book wormer and an eager beaver to upgrade English skills  

Comment by Rose on May 24, 2017 at 20:13

Thanks for your welcome, Mishaikh. I appreciate your kind mind.

Comment by Mishaikh on May 24, 2017 at 19:54
Rose my just greeting is for you.
Comment by Mishaikh on May 24, 2017 at 19:52
You are most welcome to the group. Currently game is going on hosted by Danny. Please play. You will enjoy.

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