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Round 41 - 50 (with the meaning)

Here are games from round 41 to 50. I tried giving a little information about those words. I visited your discussions again and looked into dictionary. So, it's just like a mini-dictionary. Hope it will be useful. :)


Round 41: MAVOURNEEN ---> (n) a vocative means 'my darling', Irish English.

Hosted by Mishaikh and won by Luci.

Round 42: DESPOT ---> (n) A ruler or other person who holds absolute power, typically one who exercises it in a cruel or oppressive way.

Hosted by Luci and won by Noaslpls.

Round 43: INUNDATE ---> (v, with object) too much - to give someone so much work or so many things that they cannot deal with it all; to flood an area with water; to overwhelm.

Hosted by Noaslpls and won by Mishaikh.

Round 44: CONNUBIAL ---> (adj) relating to marriage or the relationship between a married couple; conjugal.

Hosted by Mishaikh and won by Risty Aven.

Round 45: AMBIVERT ---> (n) a person who has a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality.

Hosted by Risty Aven and won by Luci.

Round 46: CHAUFFEUR ---> (n) a person employed to drive a private or hired car; (v, with object) drive (a car or a passenger in a car), typically as part of one's job.

Hosted by Onee-chan and won by Noaslpls.

Round 47: WEATHER ---> (n) the state of the atmosphere at a particular place and time as regards heat, cloudiness, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc; (v, with object) wear away or change the appearance or texture of (something) by long exposure to the atmosphere.

Hosted by Noaslpls and won by Mishaikh.

Round 48: CRAQUELURE ---> (n) a pattern of dense cracking on the surface of a picture or ceramics or maybe even a sculpture made of such material that can crack.

Hosted by Mishaikh and won by Danny Clark.

Round 49: PRESENTEEISM ---> (n) the practice of persistently working longer hours, working being sick and taking fewer holidays than the terms of one's employment demand, especially as a result of fear of losing one's job.

Hosted by Danny Clark and won by Luci.

Round 50: MISANTHROPE ---> (n) a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.

Hosted by Luci and won by Risty Aven.


Thank you so much for participating. Those are the results of our game. And special thanks to Teacher Tanya and Danny who guided us when we are lost in this English game word. :))))

Happy weekend, all! ^_^

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