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Here is Spring flowers from my garden :)

I'd love to see some of flowers from your garden:D

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We have still -15 C cold at night. It will take a while before real spring, I think..

The second photo with tree flower is nicest. ^_^


Very beautiful specially this one:


Please let me add one of my plants too:

It is close to spring and I have started gardening again. I took that photo yesterday :)

Ahhhh.  It's cold here again today, but we have 3 to 12 degrees still.  Your place is impossible :P

Yeah, the second one is the best because after the flower the fruits will come :D  Thanks for dropping by, Hardi!!

Hello, Sahar!!

How have you been?

What's this little green leaves?  I hope to see it again when it blooms.  Thanks for your kind comment!!

Some more flowers from my garden on March 15th, 2013


Wonderful pics of flower. I have enjoyed all these. Wish you all the best.

Happy to hear that, M. Hakim!!  Thanks for the response :)


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