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You know life is very short. What things do you suggest everyone should/must do in lifetime?

As we know our life is very short. Everyone of us try to spend one's life in the best possible way. But there are many cool things in our life that we sometimes miss to do or we may not know about at all.

For instance, we like to travel to particular new and historical places, make friends and have fun with them in different ways, learn about new things especially some special things, playing particular games, and much more.

Would you like to share your opinion about anything you enjoyed or you think should be done at least once in lifetime.

Thanks in Advance!

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 I suggest for a person to try to realize the easy dreams as first then the diffcult after that the impossible ones .

Dear Nighthawk, the things I enjoyed most in my life first was reading some books and among the books that I enjoyed the most I can name, "Dady long legs", "Thornbirds", "falling in love with scarecrow", they all have movie version too. Then, the movies I watched and enjoyed a lot, "Road to Avonlea","Anne Greengables", "Pay it forward", "The pianist", "Great dictator", "Bridget Jones Diary", "Dawson's creek", I still can name but I think it's enough. hehehehe...

Then, I think "Being yourself" and "express yourself" is the best thing one can do.

Thanks a lot for your nice topic. Have fun!

It's my pleasure. Thank you so much for posting the topic. 

Amen to this! Great point! Thanks!

Everyone should learn to accept and love themselves. If they cannot do that early in life, they will spend the rest of their lives miserable thinking they aren't good enough, smart enough, attractive enough. Before you can love someone else, you have to learn to love yourself.

I think a person should seek for his true meaning why he was born in this world. If he was able to find it, the next thing he must do, is to accomplish it. By this means a person will find happiness in his life.

Hi nighthawk,thanks for your interesting question.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE!It is a general rulewe live for a shot time,so we should do what we love,i enjoy reading books especially novels like catcher in the rye or Adieu Gary cooper,i really enjoy listening to music or watching a good movie.poem!don,t forget poem.anoyher thing is travel,seeing new places or meeting new people is a pleasure experience 

helping each other!when we help someone we feel happy!


hi Nighthawk ,,, live is really very short so my suggestions is to do the good and help who need you and and never give up keep hope to reach your goals try to be good enough for people then they will remember you forever ,, and keep smile there are people around you who want to see you happy

Hello Nighthawk

first of all let me say thank you so much,for this good topic.

I always think about such these things and keep telling myself,hey do somethings life is going it's too short,but nothing happen I do nothing........BUT sometimes I think that there are many lovely nice interesting...things around us that we forget about them or maybe they become ordinary and we never think about them 'till we lose them and this is the time we know that there is no way to have them again,so in my opinion,let be grateful let be appreciative about all the things around us.

if we do so we can have a better life and then think about enjoyable amazing interesting other things to do and surely we enjoy our lives twice as much as before.

now we can think about nice things to do...yeah I have many things to do for example I have a lot of unread book,novel and etc,which I want to read before my death ;)

,watch movies,learning English,play a sport....and then I really really love to travel to see other countries other cities other people other culture and etc.

but if we just think about them and do nothing maybe we can't...just when we want.

I think everyone has many good suggestion but let start...because LIFE IS TOO SHORT :))).

sorry maybe I'm opening out my heart...but I think so..I hope that there was no negative idea in my opinion to worried you.

and I have to say it was this good topic that made me write,because it's around 2 or 3 years that I've written about a topic in thank you so much.

and by the way sorry because of my very very very bad English will be good soon..I hope so.

Best wishes

I don`t think that i can add a lot of things but i`ll try to share small tiny things that bring happiness to your mood as : 
1-Eating ice-cream at the moment of the extreme of the cold weather 
2-reading an interesting novel 
3-falling in love :) 
4-try to bring happiness to others :) specially the poor people 
5-having a dream and walk in the path of achieving it 

Only one small thing can extend life. Love. Without love, time is meaningless! The new day will dawn, and everyone will deal with it.

Nice opinion Nighthwk. Life is not short but our thoughts will be like that, so we should give freedom to our thoughts then enjoy of life.I can listen your opinion but if am i going to change my activity, it will hit me. do whatever you like,find which will be joyful to you then do it with a good manner for this society.

Thanks to everyone


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