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Why do we attain knowledge?

A). To argue

B). To correct actions

C). To recognize Creator

D). To gain higher status in society

E). To ascertain right and wrong.

You can choose more than one option and answer in the comment box, but a brief explanation if possible for you.

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To recognise the Creator, you need not only to attain knowledge but to be very keen observant also. Thank for the reply.

MARY said:

Some of these options are very funny interesting, but my fav one is "To recognize the Creator". Yeah! Otherwise I could mix God with Superman XD


Yes, by correcting actions you may live better life or without knowing right or wrong you may not live better life.

Thank for the reply, my dearest sis :)

Onee-chan said:

To know how to live better. 

If we don't know anything (including not learning experiences), people will easily deceive us,  we will easily get sick,  we can only work a few kinds of works, people around will underestimate us.... etc. 

Thanks for your nice topic,  my bro. 


Well, my sis like friend knowledge is a road to success, but practice is a car on the road, knowledge without practice is meaningless, similarly practice without knowledge is dangerous like driving a car without knowing trafic rules and the destination, right ?

You are like a leader who know how to infuse spirit and enthusiasm in an ordinary person like me.

Thank for the reply.

sewar said:

         My friend, knowledge is the secret soled key to open, every day, new doors in our life, to make our dreams true ,our life more comfortable, our experiences more meaningful and our future brighter. What do we want more?!!!

         Well done my friend, keep going. God bless you. Sorry, I have forgotten to mention that; in addition to what knowledge gives us, it also gave us a friend like you!!!!! We don't want more of that!!!!


Yes, people attain knowledge from their own perspective to ascertain right and wrong, but
the knowledge of right and wrong, after having putting it into practice, is proven by its outcome.

Thank for the reply.

Diah said:

In my opinion, the main reason why we attain knowledge is to ascertain right and wrong. after we know whether it's right or wrong we can do some actions to perceive some issues around. But the knowledge itself sometimes not pure, means it's mixed of people's perspective. So, even though people get the same knowledge, they don't have the same perspective which cause they give the different actions to perceive the right or wrong issues. That's it.

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