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Countries are differ from one country to another.Many people can not bear to visit foreign countries,because they have no time or they have no money.If you have the opportunity to visit a foreign country which country would like to visit?why?

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Netherland , spain & usa
Netherland , spain & usa

Turkey , Spain , Saudi Arabia (for religion reason ) and Thailand

Wow Good Hossein ba:

You mentioned great countries but what is the reason?


Hello Rana:



Saudi Arabia


Great choices I hope you achieve your dream ,thank you rana.

Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, USA, France 

What a great countries? Wow nighthawk






Great countries but I hope that you mention the reason.

Hello Deepa:

You are right USA beauty and beautiful people who lived in:

USA People:

Dear Mohamed brother, this is very nice discussion and my lovely topic...of course, every country has own beauty, but there are some countries I would like to travel mostly..firstly, I would like to travel Edinburg for my education, then of course Saudia Arabia for visiting to Makkah..After for taking pleasure, I would like to travel Turkey, Russia, and etc..Thanks Mohamed for nice discussion)

Hello Konul:

Edinburgh is very beautiful town and famous university in 2010 I lost a chance to get Ph.D from Edinburgh university as a fellowship between leader preparation institute and Edinburgh university.

Saudi Arabia




I hope you do what you want Konul thank you.

I've been to many foreign countries, but still want to visit the Philippines, Thailand and also return to China. I visited Shanghai for only a day, so I'd like to visit for longer and have a look at various cities and famous sites eg, the Great Wall of China.

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