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What's the name of your monetary unit? What can you buy with one unit?

Chinese Yuan, American Dollar, Japanese Yen, European Euro, British Pound... What's the name of your monetary unit? What can you buy with one unit? In China, you can buy one bottle of mineral water with 1 Yuan; if you have 1 yuan, you can take a bus [big city 2 yuan or more].

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Pakistan 1 Rupee. 

We can't buy much with 1 Rupee, however, mineral water bottle can be bought with about 35 Rupees or more. Bus ticket also costs minimum 10 to 20 Rupees etc.

Australian dollar ($) (Note there is one vertical line through the S, not two, which distinguishes it from the US dollar).

You can't buy much with a dollar. A local newspaper on Tuesday, today, costs $1.10.

Here's an image of the obverse side of a dollar coin:

hmmm..the my monetary of unit is RIAL and we can buy anything with it :P and we cant even see 1 Rial in the bazaar :)" 

Guess what? Rupee, translated into Chinese is 卢比, kinda like Russian rouble 卢布. Giggling~ 

Thanks for your kindness, Night! ;-)

Hi there

The currency in Poland is zloty which has 100 groszy....for one zloty we can buy three small rolls,  a small bottle of mineral water, 8 match boxes, pay to use public toilet [pee only], a packet of tissue hankies, one pencil, two small rubbers....guess not much more....

You are most welcome, shabeen!

Oh, your monetary unit is the same with Pakistani.

Thanks for your imformation! ;-)

In Malaysia, the notes are called "Ringgit Malaysia"; the symbol is RM, and for the coins we call them "sen".

The smallest value of a coin is 1 sen but we seldom use it. The most common smallest value for coin is 5 sen.

The smallest value for notes is RM1.00.

You can buy some bottled water, some local dishes with RM1.00, but you can't buy anything much with 5 sen.

Robinoz, thanks a ton for your comment! Especially the reminder!

Australian coin is cute! I wonder why there is a huger roo than all the others... Koala is lovely too, why not...?

oh~ Thanks!

sis Sima, first of all, thanks for your answer!

Rial, now I remember it! [because of you]

Vietnam: Vietnamese dong (đồng) sign: đ, code : VND 

 Because the value of the Vietnamese currency is so small, You cannot buy anything with 1 đồng. 

The lowest value of bill is 100 đồng. But you also cannot buy anything with 100 đồng ( grinning). We have coins but they aren't popular to use. 

You can buy one bubblegum with 1000 VND. You can buy one bottle of mineral water with at least 3000 VND ( depends on what kind of bottled water brands you want to buy). You can take a bus with at least 5000 VND. 

( I will attach illustrations later, net is quite slow now)

Wow! Thanks, dear Viet for your nice and detailed answer!

The largest denomination of Chinese RMB is 100 yuan. How about yours?

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